NEWSLETTER FROM LONDON NUMBER 12 August & September 2018.

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2nd February, 2021.
 United Kingdom.

MAIGRET, starring Rowan Atkinson as the cerebral pipe-smoking Detective.
Based on the Maigret books by George Simenon.

Author's note: Top left hand corner of gallery is my original artwork.
 All further print colourations are courtesy of the App, Paper Artist.
AUGUST 2018.
Recorded after a recommendation from my brother on my TIVO box. Two series, each consisting of two, two and half hour long episodes which are seperate and different stories:
Series One:
Episode 1.Maigret Sets a Trap.
Episode 2. Maigret's Dead Man.
Series Two:
Episode 1.Maigret's Night at The Crossroads.
Episode 2. Maigret at Montmartre.
So this was a rare delve back into television land for me. As in real actual television with just the retro Samsung screen with a circular base and a TiVo box sitting besides it. And a uniformly hideous new, router box. As in uniformly ugly upside down rectangular block. The monolithic blob which replaced the beautiful, curved retro modern Starship Enterprise contraption. That was there before.
The beautiful router with the Star Trek style curves and mysterious row of blinking blue lights all along the edge. I would have mentioned the name of the company. If they had let me keep the old router. Instead of enforcing the black monolith. But they didn't. The black monolith stands giant and slab-like, like some oversized misshapen metal book. With only one sickly horizontal line weakly blinking in pale green.
But I digress. yes, Maigret was me watching something from an English/ British TV channel. I haven't watched any television or television channels; for absolutely ages now. Probably it's only a few months. But it seems like much longer.
Long story short I absolutely loved Maigret. Despite the tiresome propaganda tropes annoyingly present: Maigret was set in a beautifully constructed 1955 Paris. Which almost broke my heart to see. And Rowan Atkinson as Maigret was believable and charismatically studiously mysterious: as the cerebral Detective. Maigret's realtionship with his wife, who was stunningly evocative and beautiful in her role, was believably moving. In fact their relationship was probably the most convincingly realistic aspect of Maigret for me.
Postscript added later, 30th January 2021: 

How disappointing to discover on research, that Maigret was not in fact filmed in Paris at all!
I do wish that:
a) they wouldn't do this.
b) at least admit so in the pre-credits.
c) I say this because when you are so mightily fed up of the propaganda tropes as I am, I often chose to watch such series prepared to stomach and or ignore said tropes, purely on the basis of a travelogue, to see and enjoy the country or city where the drama is supposedly set. A travelogue, if you like. 

However if we are not informed in the beginning as to the truth of the situation, ie the drama is not really set there at all, as has been the case more frequently lately, then what is the point of watching the series at all? Plus you tend to feel conned.

Some examples of this that I have come across recently was the new series of the Young Wallander, which to be fair I only managed about five minutes of: as the first few  seconds of a radio broadcast in the car of the supposedly young Wallander was enough to signal just how propagandised this series was going to be. However I later discovered whilst reading reviews on Young Wallander: that the series was not even set in Sweden, but in Lithuania!

 Nothing against Lithuania obviously, but why not let viewers know the truth at the beginning so they can make an informed choice? If they had announced it was set in Lithuania, I may then have decided, oh that's nice, I'll have a look at Lithuania then. Great stuff. 

However the drama does not give you that information. It leads you to believe that it is entirely set in Sweden. Which, I may point out, is one of the reasons many Wallander fans watch Wallander: to see and enjoy the actual location where it is meant to be set! 

The writer of Wallander, Henrik Mankel was Swedish and all his Wallander stories and hence the original series of Wallander, are set predominantly in Malmo, a Swedish town. Where his fictional Detective Kurt Wallander, lived. 

But we are not meant to point out such inconsistencies now. No doubt this goes against the We Are All One global messaging. At a guess. 
aka: We are the Borg. No one is different than the other: hence countries are all interchangeable now in dramas as are supposedly cultures and don't dare point out any differences.

So having been drawn back into the dystopian world of television channels by watching Maigret, I discovered that Nashville had not in fact ended and there was one more final series of Nashvile. And before I knew it I had succumbed to the whole series. Of emotional mush. Although briefly moving in parts. Mostly down to the last few minutes and the stalwart efforts of ever stoical Deacon and his Dad, Gideon.

 I kept thinking Gideon might really be Willie Nelson (he definitely wasn't) but it was credited that he was playing himself. 
(I will check the name).

Anyway, hurray Deacon and his Dad is all I can say, Deacon's Dad looking a little mysteriously Santa Claus, like one of those Christmas movies, to me. Plus it was great when he played in his band. Of all elderly Blues and Country music playing men, musicians, in the garage.

That was the best piece of music in this show which sadly, used to be replete with every kind of style of Country music and alternative, to be found in Nashville. Well, imaginary Nashville, in the show. All the different characters had their own style of music. They were all phenomenol singers, showmen and musicians and had sizzlingly different styles.

Scarlett was an incredible songstress, who sang like some angel who had landed briefly on earth for a while as wEll as writing moodiy angst-ridden lyrics.  Likewise, Avery was original and alternative, writing aching odes to love and life on sometimes screeching guitar. And mixing and producing like a genius

August 11th 2018 NASHVILLE an American series set in Nashville, Tennessee. Home of Country & Western music.
& a brief mention of The Bridge/ Broen.
The Bridge is in Swedish and Danish with English subtitles.
(series Four or Five I think it was)

Please note, there are several complete reviews of Nashville as I was watching it, on this site. Just type Nashville into the search-bar.
So it has really been very odd watching The Bridge after a complete glut of Turkish drama series. Except for Maigret. And a couple of episodes of The Rain. Oh and after Maigret my TiVo box told me metaphorically: that Nashville had not ended at all. There was a final series! 

The final series I wrote about earlier/ previously: was not final at all. So on discovering this fact (and adding it to a review of Nashville recently which made no sense at all). I realised that I had been wrong in the title of my last write up on Nashville. It should be renamed the penultimate series.
Nashville in brief was sweet but laden with cliched emotion, emotional messages and far, far too many singing montages.
How sad that the music, which used to be equally as good, if not better than the drama: is now so unremittingly whiny and bland I have to turn the sound down. Sorry, but it just goes on too long. All the songs sound the same. They have all blended into each other's styles and erased them now. Into one big mush. Of porridge fare.

A strange phenomenon, both musically and personally, as all the characters became the same too. All reformed, righteous and indecipherable from each other. All eccentricities ironed out.

September 11th 2018.
Beni Boyle Sev/ Love Me As I am.
In Turkish with English and other language subtitles.
The complete set of series is on Netflix in the United Kingdom at the time of writing: Series One, Two & Three.

Postscript added later, 1st February 2021.
 Though being an aficionado of Turkish series I could tell that they probably had another one planned 
(I had already figured out at least one dark, deep secret) but as far as I know this didn't happen. 

So I'm quite sad I finished Beni Boyle Sev/ Love Me As I am, as it went on for ages. Now I can't really settle to another Turkish one yet, I am trying Deadwind.
I mean I was lining up Icerde/ Inside, as the next Turkish series, but I'm not sure I'm ready for full on gangster yet.

Postscript added later 2nd February 2021: 
Note to anyone interested in Turkish series: be careful when you research, as I have pointed out before in these Newsletters, one read of a Facebook group comment or a 'review' of a Turkish drama can completely spoil the ending or the entire series.

Reviewers and commentators are not too bothered about spoilers, that's all I will say!

Icerde was ruined for me in this way. So was another gargantuan & hugely popular Turkish series I was planning on watching: Kara Sevda. 
& That one had 90 odd episodes.


April 9th 2018.

Some notes and dialogue from Kara Para Ask/ Black Money, Love.
In Turkish with 'English and other subtitles.
On Netflix now.
Also on Youtube at time of writing.

Tweets I made about the series at the time:
One hitman to another:
"As as far as the underground goes,
"It turns out you're the killer with the softest heart!"
Arda to Pelin:
"If I throw myself, as a rug, under your feet"..
Omer to Elif:
"I would die to save a single tear drop"
Exactly how can our heroine Elif, extricate herself from this conundrum? We shall see…meanwhile circa episode 28-20 Omer the hero's moustache is distracting me. He went to the barbers but the moustache remains untouched.
Elif to Omer:
Will my eyes go with you or will they stay?"
Elif to Omer:
"Your story is like a Turkish movie!"
Omer & Arda.
Omer: I hope I deserve your friendship"
What friendship?"
"I'm your brother"!
A lady singer (sings)
"The delicate rose of my thoughts.."
"The merry nightingale of my thoughts.."
Ali the police Chief keeps reminding me of a famous actor in a black and white Dracula movies. Especially in the dark..
The Kara Para Ask saga continues.
Ahaha The ex-girlfriend or fiancé of the hero turns up. wait, I know this one..
Levant in KPA is distracting due to his pink lips. Now he no longer has a girlfriend, this disparity is harder to write off.
That embarrassing moment in the life of a hitman when his boss, or patron, or just plain person he has been tasked in looking after and watching over: asks him to sit down and share a drink. Chill. and chat. Because the other guy is lonely.
So I'm starting to get worrried about the hitmen. Things are complicated. His ward or charge/ the man he is charged with protecting keeps getting worried that the hitmen wil kill him. (Even though he is meant to be under their protection.) He keeps running away. Things do not go well for hitmen who make mistakes.
The prisoner, because that's what he is really, keeps running away..Later, the hitman, convinced of their new relationship, attempts a joke. His charge, who now resembles Frank Zappa and Escobar combined, snarls back an insulting an angry reply. Poor hitman. I guess they weren't really friends after all.
The latest favourite hitman of the gangster is called Mumtaz. And Mumtaz is looking very worried indeed, because he has some very bad news..His head is bowed and his arms are down and crossed, along with his hands, palms flat at the bottom inwards. (as if he was praying).
Fatih to Hussain:
"With that kind of money even your grandchildren will live like Kings!
Song: (a lovelorn man/hero)
The Tandindarem song.
"…To see the face of my beloved again.."
"Aman aman, I wished to God..don't destroy this heart of mine..
for one of those eyebrows for those black eyes of yours, everything is worth it in this world..
i wasn't sdstined to live on your knees,
Aman, aman, aman
to live and look into your face
Aman aman, aman, to look into your face..
don't destroy this heart of mine
For one of your eyebrows..
those black eyes.."
Gangster to Mumtaz:
I hope you're here with good news…
otherwise you would not be here.
"do you have nuts in your head or brains!
"Good evening Commissaire…
To his hitman:
"Go do a Sukdoko so you won't be like a goldfish in a bowl!

Handy Yellow Taxis/ Taksi
Handy yellow taxis that appears at the most opportune times. The most officially convenient time for a Taksi to appear would be in Kacak, series one,. But I digress.
Tea Places.
Simply everywhere. Double teapots and concave tea glasses.
"It's only a teabag!" scoffs Omer, in Italy. In Rome. At a café. Just like an Englishman would say!

The Light House. Proper name-The Maiden Tower.
The light house in the Bosphorus bay. Ships and cruisers going back and forth. Small boat yards with dry docked boats where characters will hang out, hole up in sometimes or camp out with little fires, drink Raki/ vodka? cook, meet with other men or just sit lone, to ponder, sing, cry and drink.
The Bosporus bridge is made much of, deservedly so. Especially at night when the bridge is lit up with strings of neon light of blue and red and pink. We also see the bridge in the daytime with cars driving along it.
In Ask Ve Ceza/ Love & Punishments and possibly in other series when I didn't really understand this: these shots signify the characters driving across the bridge into Istanbul from the countryside.

The Bosphurus promenade ie the walkway at the shore: often with the tiniest tea places set out on the pavement. Although of course in some sereis, like Cesur Ve gzel for examaple, that are set completely in the countryside.
So every now an then in a Turkish drama: someone will burst into a silken song. Either on the soundtrack or an actual character. Sigh. These songs sound like Elvis was Turkish and had smoked a joint and or was very happy in heaven where he somehow became addicted to Turkish dramas like me and thought he'd have a go at a song.


The gangster to Mumtaz (the hitman)
"Do you know anything about dominoes?"
"They work on setting them for days and months"
"Then when it's showtime, and idiot comes, touches one of them, and all their efforts go down the drain!"
"Idiot Emmioglu toppled all my dominoes just like that!"
(All the time the gangster is doing a giant fish jigsaw. Tropical fish).
One hitman to another:
"Sorry?" "Do you think a sorry is enough?"
"I'll show you son!"
"You and everyone else from this our life."
"Give me another opportunity."
"Put me in front of him once more."
"I'll send them to dancing heaven."
I swear!".

Gangster to his son:
You know there is evil, and so you can't turn your back on those closest to you"
"You need to protect your arse".
"This is my new motto".
The hero and heroine in KPA are prone to taking romantic interludes where they declare their love for each other. In front of all sorts of officialdom. Everywhere really. Everyone waits patiently.

Author's note. Update. 11th of November 2020.

All the rest of my notes following this are dialogue from what I called Tales Of The Hitmen from Kara Para Ask/Black Money, Love.  
These notes are later explored, or will be, along with a few accompanying drawings I did for the Tales Of The Hitman and some of their dialogue from KPA.

In what format yet, I haven't decided. Perhaps on here. I am looking into starting up a Youtube channel. Watch this space..

8TH May 2018.

So having finished KPA I am trying out Biyah Siyah Ask./ Black and White Love.
Not on Netflix. Look for it online.
I watched it on a Facebook group for English and Albanian subtitles for this show.
But these groups are few and far between now.
Some sites, tho reportedly legit (tho be careful) you have to pay.
Try Turkfans. You can signup for free there. I did. 
The Teacher, on Turkfans, is brilliant. Tho I have to catchup on that one..
Watch out for any site that may appear to be Russian & or have porn pop-ups appear. Avoid, avoid..

Biyah Siyah Ask/ Black and White Love.
In Turkish with English subtitles. 
One series.

"Leave it, the hero says.."
"I don't like being touched by anyone..
"Now there was a man in the past.."
"He saw the serpent struggling in the water, he said, why let the poor thing/ him struggle?
 and he helped it. 
But he kept getting stung again and again.."

The Hero:
"The guy who keeps his heart quiet!".

So the hero of Intersection is in it. And he rides a motorcycle. With a back leather jacket. He looks like The Terminator. Great. Plus the lawyer from Gonul.

Let's just say that Ferhat is a man of few words.?

Postscript: Author's note added later, 21st November 2020.

The rest of this notebook, is again, filled with dialogue from Siyah Biyah Ask/ Black and White Love. 
Not as much fun as what I named, the Tales Of The Hitmen dialogue, from Kara Para Ask/ Black Money, Love so I probably won't explore this dialogue further, or I will literally, be here forever!

However Siyah Biyah Ask/ Black and White Love comes highly recommended.
 Mainly for the hero, as the heroine really became boring. In my opinion anyway. 
The guy who plays Ferhat is an amazing actor. Yes, it takes a little while to warm up to him, as he barely says anything. But when he does..

Check out his scene where he describes how he feels about fatherhood whilst drinking with his mates. 
Or the one where he carefully and patiently explains to the heroine why and when he has to kill people, as a hitman..

Nb. Only the second Turkish with English subtitled series I watched, was Intersection/ Kordugum, on Netflix, with this actor as the hero. So I already knew how good he was.
Nb. Very unusually, all three series, which is the complete series, of Intersection/ Kordugum are available on Netflix. With English and other languages available, in subtitles.

The first ever Turkish series I watched was Filinta, on Netflix which I have reviewed here, on this site.

I think the third Turkish series I ever watched, is my top rated Turkish series ever, which was Ezel. 
No translation, as that is the hero's name, Ezel.
If you  only ever watch one Turkish series, watch this.

But I digress.

Here is a brief description I found in this notebook, of Ezel:
Nb. From the original novel by Alexander Dumas-with many other TV & film adaptions.
I believe there is an Argentinian remake of this series.

So Ezel is a remake of The Count Of Monte Christo. 
This Turkish series is a crime drama series in the grand Guignol style. 
Emotional. Intense. Exciting. Intricately multi-layered story-lines.

Love, loss, betrayal. Revenge..
Kenan Imargioulou gives an amazingly incandescent performance of a conflicted soul whose past self does battle.
Try and decide who is the truly bad guy in Ezel? Well apart from the obvious. Hard, isn't it? I started totting up the numbers involved..

The end of Newsletter from London Number 11, April 2018.

Author's note: postscript 27th January 2021. 
This Newsletter will be followed by Newsletter from London Number 12, August 2018.
In which I review Maigret and and the last series of Nashville that I watched. 
With a brief note about the Turkish series on Netflix, Beni Boyle, Sev/ Love Me As I am. 

27th January 2021. 
I am currently bringing this website up to date, to 2021. 
I have decided that the last review of Nashville in the next Newsletter, will be the last written review in print form, for a long while, if ever now.

Just for ease of catch up I plan to record some of the rest of my reviews, up to the present date. So look out for a video podcast appearing soon. Once and when, I figure out how to do it..
It will probably be a video.
Watch this space.

Check out my Patreon page for more artwork. It's free. 

In the meanwhile, look out for illustrations coming soon as a new thing on this website which is hopefully what will be featuring in my podcasts, as art. Tales from the Hitmen..

27th January, 2021.
United Kingdom.




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 Just for my readers and so you can check out how to use the format.

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You will then see the cover of the e book for Bitten appear in your bookshelf of your Library. 
The cover of Bitten has a moon on it..

London, United Kingdom,
21st May 2020.

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Design for Summer Smoking room- Cardiff Castle.

Watercolour by Axel Herman Haig from drawings by William Burges.
Exhibited 1870
English Wikipedia
Axel Herman Haig (1835-1921) 

Sourced from Wikipedia on 21st May 2020.
This image is in the public domain.

A short scene in Turkish from Winter Sun/ Kis Gunesi. This series is on Netflix with English subtitles.

A sweet scene from Episode/ Bolum One, in which a possible hero and heroine may just possibly meet and fall in love..
But do their eyes meet? Find out in the whole episode..

Orphanages, as I have described in my Newsletters along the way, are quite common in Turkish series. Including ones for dogs. 

Sometimes an eponymous evil character or anti hero, will be caught out visiting an orphanage and distributing gifts, by the would-be heroine. Who is going to fall in love with him, of course! But up till then, she had thought him wicked. Obviously the heroine is there because she is doing the same thing. 

It seems to be acceptable to just drop into orphanages and bring presents to the children. (Usually the hero/ anti-hero or heroine has been doing this for the orphanage over a long period of time though. So probably you cannot just walk in off the street).

Sometimes the character who does this good deed does so simply because they are good and rich at the same time. But is because they have a mysterious past: although rich now-long long ago, they too were in an orphanage. But nobody knows..
In this scene we see just how much the man who receives the gifts of food likes the would-be heroine, but not so much her fiance, oh dear!

As also previously described, graves and burials are big features in Turkish series. Often a character will go to a grave, to ponder, weep, think aloud and metaphorically speak to the deceased. They will bring flowers to lay on top, or to plant in the earth. 
There is a man at the graveyard whose job it is to tend the graves and provide water to mourners to water their flowers. Or sometimes it will be little boys who provide the pitchers of water and the mourner will give him some money.
If you listen really carefully to the interchange between the heroine and the man who works at the Dog Kennels, after a brief greeting and his reply, you will hear her say Super! 

Turkish people say this English word like a posh English person would say super, except they put the stress on the second syllable: su-per!

New! Alternative playlist found for Cennet’s Tears/ Cennet’in Gözyaşları in Turkish with English subtitles, now that the Turkish Dizi You tube Channel has disappeared.

Another rip roaring binge-worthy series. It does have to be said that the heroine, called Cennet, really does cry, a lot. This series is not called Cennet's tears for nothing! 
Turkish series often have sometimes, possibly mad matriarchal figures in them. 

In one series, a sweet little old lady who seems to just spend her time grinding coffee beans on the sofa, inherits the title of head of a village clan/ Agha. She has bevies of black suited henchmen who respectfully follow her everywhere, as her heels clip clop down the corridor, her head held haughtily high as she gives orders with a delicate flick of her wrist. 

In another series a nondescript elderly Aunty whom the family haven't seen for a while, turns out to be a secret gangster!

 Cennet's Tears has one of my favourite mad matriarchs, Mrs Arzu..
Plus she is a little pocket rocket and has great pantsuits amongst other mad outfits.

Tears of Cennet/ Cennet’in Gözyaşları in Turkish with English subtitles. The full You tube playlist of the series. Update: unfortunately the Turkish Dizi You tube channel has just disappeared!Update to this post-please see April 28th post with new, alternative You tube playlist for this complete series.

However there are such sites, to be found upon searching where you can find whole lists of series and one of them you can subscribe to for free. I would recommend having a good Adblocker on and avoid any sites that ask you to turn it off. 
Word is on my Facebook group for Turkish series and movies with English is that possibly Turkish series are moving towards paid subscription sites only. I am a little loathe to put up links to other sites I know of as some of them have weird and wonderful pop-ups depending on which player you use which can do strange things to your computer. This has happened to me with an Adblocker on.
Look for the MP4 version of the series, this format does not have these sort of problems in my experience. There are still many Turkish series with English subtitles on You Tube and a few on Netflix.  
Cennet's Tears can be found elsewhere online remembering these tips.

A New Netflix series is Love 101/ Ask 101. 
On Netflix with English subtitles. Brand new series which started on the 24th April 2020.
Another rip roaring binge-worthy series. It does have to be said that the heroine, called Cennet, really does cry, a lot. This series is not called Cennet's tears for nothing! 

Nb. If the second episode does not follow on from the link, use the playlist box symbol at the top right hand corner of this video to get to the next consecutive episode. Or if that doesn't work try going to the main You Tube Channel Turkish Dizi, where you can find this series among many other Turkish series with English subtitles.

Type the Turkish or English name of the series into the search bar of Turkish Dizi channel main page if the playlist box is not visible there: and the full series will then come up.

A short scene in Turkish from Kacak/ The Fugitive also known as The Runaway or: Leak. Update, today 22nd April 2020, on checking, I find that this series is no longer on Netflix in the United Kingdom. It was when I watched it. You may have more luck with Netflix in other countries. This does happen with Turkish series, I have no idea why: they just disappear from Netflix.

This is One of my favourite scenes in which Dadaylı, a deadly fighting man is overcome by a surprise vision…
..When he is forced to go out shopping for lip-balm by the computer whizz kid of their deadly fighting group (ex-Special Forces) who are currently hiding out in their cabin in the mountains..
Yes, there are no subtitles but really no words are needed..

Nb. I can't remember now, I would have to re-watch with the subtitles: but is our love-struck hero upset at the end because he didn't get her number: or because he gave her all his shopping?!

If you look closely at Dadaylı's shopping trolley, you can see a large tray of eggs. This is because the men only know how to cook fried eggs with sliced salami in a pan, which you eat from the pan on the table, with bread, Yum. 

The one time the men decide they will have something different and get steak: just as they are cooking it, they are called off on a mission, shame!