A Man Reading (Saint Ivo?)
Workshop of Rogier van der Weyden
A Man Reading (Saint Ivo?)
about 1450
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Circa October 2018.
So I was thrilled to discover a new, I thought, Turkish drama series, somehow there on my list. Still waiting for the Protector, a brand new Netflix original, a Turkish series.

Black Heart was very promising on the basis of a great storyline, a beautiful heroine (of course) a terribly handsome and rugged hero and my favourite baddie from Filinta.
In spite of all of the above, Black Heart was just a bit bland. Perhaps it was the shortness of the episodes: a measly 45 minutes long. This is but a morsel for Turkish teleisdion series. I believe that most of the TUrkish series I've seen on Netflix and that I have seen on various sits online and YOutube: wre originally on Turkish Television.

Yes, 46 minues and episode is short compared to the usual 2:22 as in two hours and twenty two minutes long. Possibly the overall blandness, peppered with promising parts of this series was down to the shortness of the episodes. Like the Parson's egg it was good in parts but very enjoyable overall. Shame it seemed to end peremptorily, But see what you think. You would have to see the last episodes to see.

24th October 2018.
So sadly I had to say goodbye to Black Heart which obviously suffered the usual fate of Turkish series which performed badly in the ratings: and was axed.

25th October 2018.
Yes, how sad. Normally a series gets a little longer than thirteen episodes. They usually just decide not to have another series. And sort of clear the decks. I should say no more. Mind you Turkish series average about eighty odd episodes. Which themselves, the episodes that is are two hours and twenty two minutes long.On average.

However the more recent Turkish TV/Television or one off series for Nwetflix: have all been much shorter. lIkewise the episodes. You see most Turkish series go for series two, threee and even four. 

That is the trouble with watching Turkish TV or Turkish series on Netflix:because subsequent series are often missing there. Which is a right pain. Because then you are driven to tthe online search: You Tube, the dwindling and ever changing archives of subtitled Turkish dramas sources and websites come and go. 

Facebook groups seem to tbe the latest thing now with there being less series translated on You Tube.You usually have to join by answering a question: '
What is your favourite Turkish drama?

Most of them now are charging for subscriptions. One group did set up a joint group for a one-off donation for series Two of Ask Ve Ceza/ Love and Punishment.

26th October 2018.
There are also free links to Siyah Biyah Ask/ Black and White Love on an English /Albanian Facebook group. Plus there is a free facebook set of links for Icerde, the whole series. 
Authors note added later-these links were for the English subtitles.

Author's note added later 14th of July 2022. There is some slight overlap between the time periods of this Newsletter and the previous one. 

Thursday 5th December 2018

So am still a bit sad about Mrs Fazilet and her daughters/ Fazilet Hanim ve Kizlari but now watching Fi: which is vastly different as a drama. A bit of a shock really because I have got used to no shenanigans. Oh and no extreme violence or blood. It's all a bit dark. Not so much fun as the family sagas.

This Turkish drama is one consecutive series, with series one called Phi and series two called Chi.
In Turkish with English subtitles.
Watched on (see Turkey archives).
Monday 9th December 2018.
So Fi was weird and dark after watching Mrs Fazilet and her daughters. Snce Fi is not a classic style Turkish series. This is new series, 2017/2018 and is a psychological thriller. The episodes are a measly 45 minutes long, compared to the average of 2:22/ two hours twenty minutes long. 

Anyway, I stuck with Fi even though it was a bit of a downer after Mrs Fazilet & Her Daughtrs. NOt that there are not dark doings andintrigue in Mrs F: there is.  It's just that Fi does not follow the normal rules:  of no blood or extreme violence. Or no shenanigans.

So I have finished Fi now, both seasons (Fi & Chi?) so will be careful what I say.This is a new style of Turkish drama which includes blood, some minor shenanigans and some extreme violence. Well one scene mainly, although I was surprised to see a written trigger warning (just preceding) come up on screen. Me, I hid my eyes for what seemed quite some time. Boy, I wasn't expecting that.

So PHi /Chi was an odd mix of excellent moments, beautiful painterly shots and some daftness. A lot of it as reminiscent of a clasic 1990's psychological thriller. But a lot more arty. If the tone had remained like that, like Oyunzun/ Black Heart did, then Fi miight have been more fun. To watch. But it wasn't.

I am thinking it is probably a good thing that Phi wasn't better and more successful overall. Than it was. Although certainly there were moments of excellence.When everything came together: often times, other times, the plot would seem to fall apart.If it as a drama was cohesive overall, it would have been a lot, lot more creepy indeed. Can Moray is creepy for sure but wait, he is out creeped, briefly by the actor who played Murat, in Intersection. Surely one of the creepiest gangster types in Turkish TV series ever.

One of the fun things in watching Turkish TV series is spotting an actor or actress from a previous series. In the new series they are in a whole new incarnation. From sometimes being a kindly Detective in one series to an evil gangster in another. Or a blind mother in Ezel and an evil gangstress in another.

Surely my favbourite gangster in Turkish Television/ TV series was one who actually manges to be funny and menacing at the same time. Plus he has his own theme music with his catchphrase: hadika/wonderful.Hilarious.

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