Postscript- Author’s notes on watching Turkish Television/ TV series-added later, April 9th 2022.


This Flammarion is a later colouration of the original.
Credited to an artist unknown at the time of writing.

Postscript- Author's notes on watching Turkish Television/ TV series-added later, April 9th 2022.

In order to watch some of these series at that time, I joined English speaking Facebook groups for that series, that kindly translated the episode and posted the links.

Or on

This site has fairly current Turkish series section with English subtitles and an extensive archive section.

& On various paid subscription Turkish translation sites, which have a number of free series you can watch.

For watching Love & Punishment/ Ask Ve Ceza, I watched the first series on Youtube on my ancient retro Samsung TV, via the Youtube App on my Virgin Media TV/Cable package at that time (which was a nightmare and had missing letters in the alphabet grid search) and for the second series, relied on a summary translation I came across online.

Warning-on subscription sites.
There are several Turkish series with English subtitles translation sites, where you can see all the most popular series, with a paid subscription. I would be loathe to put up these sites until it is clear it is safe to recommend them.

This is due to the fact that recently, a well known one had a duplicate site take subscriptions from people and they did not realise, because the site's name was just a little bit different in the spelling.
So I would reccomend sticking to free access sites.
Currently I use:

These are safe and free to join.
Just make sure you have a good Adblocker.
I use Adblocker Plus, a free extension.

Nb. If you wish to join a Turkish Facebook group for English subtitles, they may ask you a question in order to join.
The question is usually: "What is your favourite Turkish series?" Answer:Ezel and you will get in.

Of course this information (above) may well be out of date now, by the time of writing in 2022.

That is what it was like, when I first wrote these descriptions of watching Turkish series, back in 2016-2019 approximately, when I first discovered and found Turkish series. Beginning in roughly 2016.

Now,at the time of writing in 2022, it is far easier to find and watch Turkish TV series, as they took off like a rocket, into mainstream
online availability and on Netflix too.

No longer do you have to research, search, find odd episodes here and there on varous subscription sites, sometimes never finding one episode translated-ever!

Nor do you have to rely on finding niche Facebook groups and wait for the next weekly episode, kindly translated. And then find they just stop translating, because they became fed up. Oh dear. All that is gone now, happily.

Altho nowadays, I am so advanced in watching Turkish TV series that I am in tune with the weekly episodes: which is how they come out in Turkey and how they are uploaded onto the two sites that I now use.

So the trick is, to find enough series so that you can watch them in real time, which is kinda fun: and not run out of series to watch for every day of the week.

Nb. Watching weekly Turkish dizis, as they are called in Turkey is so popular as far as I can understand: that sometimes in a series, you will see the characters in them watching a current Turkish TV series, on TV.

You know you are addicted to Turkish series when you can identify which series they are watching..

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