From Dusk Till Dawn. A Netflix Original. An American Horror Series. Some notes and dialogue from episodes: Four, Five and Six. Minor spoilers only.

Sunday, 29 May 2016
From Dusk Till Dawn.
Netflix description:
“Bank robbing brothers encounter vengeful lawmen and hungry demons south of the border in this original series.

Series One.
Episode Four:
“Let’s Get Ramblin.”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Radio Voice: (you think at first)
“The road is long, the path uncertain”..
“For so many of us, the journey is one of solitude..”
“Some of us travel this journey alone..”
“Some of us will have angels..”

“I should have listened to Eddie.”
“Guys like us are always talking about getting out”..
“Living in paradise”..
“We talk about it all day long..”
“But we never do it.”

The young girl in the Winnebago to her brother:
“The nearest place is called the Dew Drop Inn..”
“Sounds cute, we’ll stop there”.

So the family in the Winnebago is called the Fuller family.

Nb. Screenplay by Tarantino.

Frederico is on a mission.
Frederico to his Boss:
“By the hand of God, I promised Earl I’m gonna get these bastards”

Richard to the (Fuller family) father :
“You know I love actors, I study them..
“McQueen, Pacino, Brandon.. ”
“I love ’em”.

Richard to the girl:
“I saw you floating in the pool, you looked like you were bleeding..”
Girl to Richard:
“My name is Kate”.

So it’s a flashback to Frederico and Earl.
I do love a man in a cowboy hat.
Frederico has a white one.
Earl has one with a jewelled band around it.
(I wonder if the colours mean anything)

Weird shit is happening to Frederico now.
And it’s all to do with you know what..

Sheriff to Frederico:
“My man spotted him..”
“Then this tall drink of water showed up..”

Richard: (to the Fuller family)
“Everyone should have their hero button switched off”..
“Simple as Sesame Street”.

Richard to Seth:
“I’m tuned into something and it’s showing me the way..”

Did I mention that Earl is a dead-shot. Frederico and Earl are Rangers.

Earl to Fredrico:
“You ain’t gonna quit..”
“‘Cause you got the soul of a Ranger”..
“The last line of defence between chaos and order”.

C’mon Frederico, Earl is right.

This is a brilliant scene set-up. I’m not surprised to find out that Tarantino did the screenplay.

Now Fredrico is being bothered. It’s all a bit (the series) Hemlock Grove. With knobs on.

This shit is unreal.

Seth to Richard:
“Did I call it or did I call it?”
“You called it.”
“Are we back brother?”
“We’re back!”

So From Dusk Till Dawn is based on the film by Robert Rodriguez.


Episode Five:
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“Monica Geller the bank teller”..
Another flashback..

Seth to Richard:
“Hey Ritchie, park it somewhere, relax, it’s plain sailing from here”.

Carlos to Seth:
“You got an el rinche on your tail”
“An el rinche is like a rabid dog..”
“He won’t stop”.

Earl to Frederico:
“Never go against another Ranger..”

The flashback continues..
Jacob Fuller:
“The Lord will show us the way..”

Richard to Seth:
“You got your balls screwed on?”
“Screwed on tight..”
“Old Testament!”

So the Rangers are seperate from the Police, or Sheriffs as they are called. The Sheriffs don’t like the Rangers.

Oh no. Some freaky deaky shit going down now..

Frederico to Captain Holbrook:
“Good Detective work..”

Frederico has really upped his game. He is the original Lone Ranger.

Seth to Richard:
“How you feeling brother?”
“Never better..”


Episode Six:
“Place Of Dead Roads.”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

A bit unclear what’s going on here.

I never noticed before the similarity between a snake’s fangs and a vampire..

But there is never a dull moment with Tarantino. I guarantee.

Ritchie to Seth:
“We made it brother, welcome to paradise..”

So not quite the paradise Seth was describing so eloquently a few episodes back.

Nb. Never a good sign in a bar when the bartender is distinctly unfriendly..

Ahah. Here comes Frederico. Walking in the desert. Having hallucinations. Or is he.

So it depends on whether you have seen the original film as to whether you have an idea of what’s gonna happen in the bar..

Seth to Richard:
“I don’t like the way the bar is looking at me..”

Seth to Mr. Fuller:
“C’mon, we’re a band of brothers”..
“Like Omar Sharif in the desert”.
Mr Fuller:
“As I recall, Omar Sharif killed a man for drinking out of the wrong well!”

Thing is I’m wondering how there can be another season if this is the denouement.

Seth drinks a toast with the family.
“It’s like angels pissing on my heart”.

Earl and Frederico.
“People need to know there ain’t no rinches, only Rangers.”
” Sometimes even the worst kind of brutality has its place.”
“What place is that?”
“The place of dead roads..”
“Last stop before hell..”

Seth to a guy:
“I didn’t break you nose did I?”
“Well I’m gonna have to break the rest of your face!”

A man to Seth:
“You’re a long way from Kansas, Mister Gecko”..

OMG. Told you.
Things just got very gory.

And Frederico gets on a multicoloured motorbike.

To be continued.
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Saturday, 28 May 2016 Quick note to my readers on 28th May 2016. A missing episode number Twelve from my last Review of Bloodline! This final review Part THREE with notes was listed as episodes: Eight, Nine, Ten, Eleven, Twelve and Thirteen. This posting described Episode Twelve as being included-however I have recently realised it was not. So Episode Twelve has been found and is now in the write-up as described which was posted on 16th April 2015. Posted by Clarissima at 16:49

From Dusk Till Dawn-A Netflix Original. An American horror series. Episodes One, Two and Three-some notes and dialogue only. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Netflix.

Thursday, 26 May 2016


From Dusk Till Dawn

Netflix description:
“Bank robbing brothers encounter vengeful lawmen and hungry demons south of the border in this original series.
Episodes One, Two and Three.

Episode One:
“Pilot episode”.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The beginning..
A woman’s voice:
Since time began we have lived in the shadow of the moon..
In the blood of the earth..
Today we rise and the earth will be ours..
Beyond dark and light
Beyond fire and water
Beyond dusk..
..and dawn.

Two Lawmen are driving along in the hot Mexico sun.
(correction-Texan sun)

Older looking saturnine Lawman to the other:
“Holy water?”
“We gotta do that holy water shit?”
“How does that work exactly, holy water?”
His partner:
“The Priest takes the water and blesses the water..”
“Then it’s holy water.”

The young Cop is looking at some horrific homicide photos in a book.
His partner:
“You keep looking at that thing like it’s a holy book”
The young guy:
“We’re supposed to be finding these sick bastards”.

A Guy in the shop to Earl: (the older Lawman)
“Something wrong Earl?”
“Just a feeling, some days you just open your eyes and look..”
“There ain’t nothing but bad road..”

I like Earl, he is cool. Plus we see that he has snakeskin boots.
Frederico is the name of his partner.

Earl to Frederico: (I think this is a flashback now)
“You take that time..”
“Because it…fleets.”

So the two brothers appear now. They have robbed a bank. They are dressed in suits, white shirts and are brothers.
One says to the other:
“We’re the Gecko brothers”
“We did it, we made history!”

Then one of the brothers goes into the loo/ bathroom and stares at himself in the mirror. Reliving the flashback of the robbery. It appears that he is the slightly more moral brother.

Whilst the other brother is a raving psychopath..

Meanwhile Frederico is looking at his Baptism programme for his baby. Then a small picture of the Virgin Mary flies away..

The apparently psychopathic brother sees demons in people.

Earl to Fredrico:
“Promise me something, kill these bastards..”
“Even if you have to follow them to the gates of hell”.
“I swear on my daughter, I will..”

Shit. So a terrible shoot-out ensues.

The woman to the brother, Seth:
“There is something really wrong with your brother”.

Episode Two:
“Blood Runs Thick.”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Man in a car to Frederico:
“Who we chasing?”

And we meet a family travelling to Mexico in a Winnebago camping van.

Seth to Ritchie:
“Hey, Ritchie, here’s to getting rich and fat”.
“And dying in the arms of a beautiful woman”.


Episode Three:
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Seth and Richard/ Ritchie are the names of the two brothers.

Richard looks like he is spreading the good news of the Lord. But he’s not.

“Ten 0′ clock tonight we cross..”
“Eternity and bliss drenched in the nectar of the noble blue Algarve..”
“That sounds like a fucking Buňuel movie”!

I’m liking the character of the father in the Winnebago. I recognise him from his excellent turn in (the series) The Unit. As the taciturn Commander of The Unit.

I keep getting deja vu about the family in the Winnebago. I reckon this is because of the original film-Dusk To Dawn.

So I’m getting worried about the family. Particularly as now they are broken down and the bar might really be the gateway to hell.

From Dusk Till Dawn is in the most beautiful shades of sunlight, soft red bar interiors and stylish sets.

Seth: (to the bank teller)
“You know I’m not just some dipshit trigger man, who screams at bank tellers to open their drawers..”
“I’m a scientist, a Master tactician.”
“I’m a lock artist!”

So the Professor seems a little shady. He seems a little to keen on the murders to me..

The bank teller woman-Monica Geller:
“My little Gordita, he’s an old soul”
“He complains about the weather..”
“I mean what kid complains about the weather?”

Seth’s girlfriend to Seth:
“Five carrot cakes I baked for you..”
“Real cream cheese frosting..”
“Five candles..”
“I blew them out!”.

Richard continues to have intermittent visions.

So the helpful stranger at the bar is looking shady to me too.

Vanessa is the name of Seth’s girlfriend.

Vanessa to Seth:
“That bar you wanted in the Florida Keys..”
“All they want is a million five..”

The Professor to Frederico:
“She was beautiful..”
“The most powerful Demigoddess..”

Jolly musak plays as the inscrutable Carlos walks along the corridor.

Professor to Ferederico: (about the murders)
“He’s trying to see the other side..!

Oh no the side story of Carlos is decidedly creepy..
Carlos makes Richard look almost sweet.

So Richard’s visions are pretty out there.

The Professor to Frederico:
“You know the story about the brothers?”
“On the trip to the Underworld..”
“They trick the gods..”
“Beat them at their own game..”

To be continued.

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Quick note to my readers- 26th May 2016. Some new and returning series- on BBC Four and Netflix in the UK. BBC Four/ 4-The Disappearance. Bloodline Series Two-A new series description and Orphan Black new Series Four-both on Netflix in the UK.

Thursday, 26 ay 2016
The Disappearance
On BBC Four.

New BBC4 Series on in the UK- starts on Saturday 28th May 2016 @ 9pm Two episodes back to back. In French-I am presuming.

The Disappearance.
Series One episode One TV Description:
“Lea Morel celebrates her seventeenth birthday by attending the local Lyon music festival with her friends. When she has not returned the next morning her desperate parents contact the police.

Series Description:
“After a girl goes missing at a music festival, the police launch an investigation.”


Bloodline Series Two-27th May on Netflix-new Series description.

Netflix Description of Series Two of Bloodline:
“How far will the Rayburns go to guard the secrets that lurk in their family? Farther than they ever dared imagine”.

There are write-ups of Series One Of Bloodline here on this blog-episode by episode. There were thirteen I believe.
Nb. “Farther?” Farther or further? I think it’s further. But apparently these words are interchangeable.

Orphan Black-Series Four.
Orphan Black Series Four on Netflix-who knew? not me. I found this out because of scrolling through Netflix and adding random and interesting looking series to my list.

So Orphan Black was showing a message of:
“New Episode-weekly.

I initially ignored this thinking I had seen all the series. But then I checked it out..

I was going to write the last episode of series three description but it is a bit spoilery if you haven’t seen Orphan Black.

Point is-the last episode description looked familiar-the Series Four episode one description did not. So it looks like this is indeed a new series.

Plus the Netflix date of the series is 2016. There is no day as to when the next episode is due. This makes me think that Series Four has now completed-at six episodes.

Orphan Black, series one through to three, was on BBC Three in the UK. This channel has now gone online. Orphan Black is a Canadian Sci-Fi Series.

Loved Orphan Black although it did get a bit mad in the last few series. I kind of preferred the simplicity of the first few.

However Orphan Black is fairly unique, stuffed full of scientific themes and madcap adventures with portentous doom laden plots. Plus some very excellent acting-particularly by the star and main character-Sarah..

I only did one short review of the beginning of Series One here on this Blog. Because the series was just so much fun to watch. Not saying that there isn’t any gore. There be gore..
Orphan Black Series Four-Now on Netflix-a Netflix Original production.

Netflix Description of Orphan Black:
“When Sarah witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her, she assumes the deceased’s identity–and unlocks a world of secrets.”
TV-Sci-Fi and Fantasy.

Orphan Black has esoteric and unusual episode titles. Often they are scientifically related. Or summat.

Series Three- Last episode- Number Ten:
“History Yet To Be Written”

Series Four-
Episode One:
“The Collapse of Nature”.

Episode Two:
“Transgressive Border Crossing

Episode Four:
“From Indolent to Rational”

Episode Five:
“Human Raw Material”

Episode Six:
“The Scandal of Altruism”

See trailer for Series Four at the bottom of episode list..

Nb. Update-On Orphan Black Series Four on Netflix:
“New episode coming on Friday.”

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iZombie-An American horror series. Netflix. A Mini-potted review of the first ten minutes only.

Monday, 23 may 2016

A very brief review of the first ten minutes.

Netflix Description:
“A medical student-turned zombie tries to retain her humanity by eating brains at the morgue and and finds she has an uncanny gift for solving crimes”

Ditched. After about ten minutes.  Although it has to be said a ridiculous lot happens in ten minutes.

Too self-knowingly snarky and smug, superficial and slapdash for me.  Recommended for the BBC Three online generation.

Oh and you definitely do not want to be eating your dinner.  Whilst watching the beginning of iZombie.  Particularly not mince.


Quick and short note to my readers-missing bit from Z Nation review. And a mention of a few UK Netflix series I have tried: From Dusk Till Dawn, Merlin, The Ranch, I-Zombie.

Saturday, 21 May 2016


Missing few lines from my Final Z Nation Review.
So I found a missing bit to my review which I have now added to the last few paragraphs at the bottom of the review. It was these lines:

“However in spite of these few small glitches or hiccups along the way: I thought Z Nation was hugely enjoyable zany madcap fun. With a main cast of realistically likeable and charming characters.”
From Dusk Till Dawn.
Currently I am watching the Netflix Original series From Dusk till Dawn. Great stuff..

Have also recently tried:
Merlin. Groaning with anachronisms of every kind. Including the idea of the spread of infection. (not yet discovered) and the ordering of a cordon!

The Ranch.
Don’t bother. Meant to be a comedy. I had no idea. Even after watching some of it. Commits a cardinal sin of-I will not give it away..

Dire and Dreadful.

All pretty awful really. Except: From Dusk Till Dawn.

Merlin being only (barely) mildly entertaining due to the presence of Richard Wilson and Robert Head.

Not to mention the guy from Two Pints Of Lager and A Packet Of Crisps from days gone by. As an evil Knight.

However the awfulness of the anachronisms pile up. Including the language. Which is woefully modern day


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