Limitless-Notes and dialogue on episodes One and Two with a one-off Review at the end. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on Sky 1 Channel on Wednesdays @ 9pm.

Pilot episode is on Sky 2 channel number 121 on Virgin media TV.

Episode Two is on Sky 1.

Episode One-Pilot Description:

“Brian can access his full brain capacity after taking a mysterious drug called NZT”

Drama: Science fiction.

First aired on 17th February 2016.




So Limitless opens on a chase. (then) On to a certain rather dramatic point.

Present day.

Brian:(to his family)

“It’s called The Resorbed Twin..”

So it really is Bradley cooper.  I think.

Limitless is beautifully shot.  In classic sort of smokey shades of blue and white.

So Brian’s mate proffers him a pill.  At lunch.


“I dunno.”

His mate:

“Brian, I don’t think you realise just what I’m offering you here…”

So Brian takes the pill.

The voice-over and the graphics are a bit tiresome.

Before you know it (Brian) he’s playing The Flight Of The Bumblebees on guitar in the park.

Montage ensues.

Limitless is increasingly interesting.  It’s a little bit Marvel comic book and bare in it’s painterly Kodachrome styles.

The drama is set in New York City by the way.

Then the action switches to the woman FBI Agent and her handsome curly haired partner.  And Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio  is her police chief boss.  FBI I mean.

So once the FBI woman agent meets the parents of Brian I am already hoping they will team up.  Or end up together.


Ugh.  so a fairly gory scene ensues.

OK so this guy really is Bradley cooper.

Mysterious and piercingly blue eyed man/ Bradley Cooper: (to Brian)

“I’m offering you a whole new life..”

If you tell anyone, I will kill you and the pain will be without fathom!”

Limitless is an engaging drama apart from the action..  If a bit saccharine.

Did I mention that the multiple Brians are annoying.  As a representation of him speeding out on NZT.

However being so affably handsome helps.  With the battered leather jacket and hoodie.  Of course. Plus stubble.  I keep thinking Brian is the guy from Take That.


Episode Two.

“Badge! Gun!”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.



My name is Brian Finch and a few weeks ago I was just your average twenty eight year old screw up..

Note.  I really like the FBI Agent lady’s jacket with the leather strips/ stripes.

Brian looks kind of cute in the office in a shirt, tie and cardigan for his first day at work at the FBI.

I do like the ongoing voice over  of Brian including whilst he is on his own.

The FBI Agent lady’s partner wears old school waistcoats and suits with wide collars and gorgeous silk ties, of purple and blue.    With a gold tie clip.  Cool.

Who is Stephen Fisher exactly?

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio (the FBI Chief) to Brian:

“Genghis Khan?!”

Brian is seriously upping his game as far as his workplace clothes go.

Rebecca Grifithis is the name of the FBI Agent.


Next episode:


Episode Three

The Truth about..

Nb. Didn’t do notes for this episode.



So I only watched about twenty minutes of this episode.  Whilst waiting for the second episode of Eastenders.  Yes I ditched on Limitless for Eastenders.  Oh dear.

I kind of got bored with Limitless.  The series is just a bit generic and formulaic for me.  it’s just not my particular cup of tea.

I’ve seen it all before really like I said a while back recently: all these shows are just The Man from Uncle updated.  Or any kind of current TV Cop/ Policeman show.  Same with the FBI.  This is just a different, other twist.

The drama is fairly enjoyable fluffy fun. Beautifully shot and filmed however:in a sort of muted technicolour glory.  The colours are hard to explain otherwise.  However Limitless is as feast for the eyes.

Personally I find it tiresome in a drama when we are forced to watch a character text a message. For any length of time.  Luckily in dramas whole long messages are accomplished with a couple of taps!

In Limitless they show the message on screen-in giant replication with emojis.  Brian exclaims upon the presence of the angry monkey.  Don’t ask me.

This device is just clunky to see.  I would call it a dramatic  device but there is no drama about it. Since the gigantic text message fills most of the screen.  Halting the action and stalling the whole thing.

As we all metaphorically stare: as if it was back on our own devices.  When we had actually eschewed- staring at that is: to watch a drama.

The quality of Limitless with its beautifully almost other worldly technicolour wash of colour: is impressive indeed.

There is a crisp, classic tone to the colours.  An effect which manages miraculously to exist in a world of bleached acid yellow, grey and neon green.

The styling of the characters is classically retro and modern twist.  Rebecca Griffith’s partner wears a three-piece double-lapelled suits.  With ties and a wide collar.  Silky ties.

Agent Rebecca Griffith has centre parted long hair.  tucked behind her ears.

Brian morphs from fetching cardigan shirt combinations.  with a thin flannel-like tie.  Yes he morphs-predictably I suppose into dishabille chic hoodie ensemble.  Black of course,

So Brian is saving the day whilst buzzing on NZT on a purely intellectual level.  His ex is evincing interest again purely based on the glamour of the FBI.  Now that Brian is working for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  A consultant as he explains.

Everything is going swimmingly..on the surface.  However Brian has made a Faustian pact.  As we know..

With Brian a bit like Doctor Faust.  Making Bradley Cooper’s character as the twinkly blue eyed man-the modern day Mephistopheles.


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