Skinwalkers-The Navajo Mysteries. Netflix in the UK. Some notes and dialogue for episodes One and Two with a Review at the end. Minor spoilers only.

Netflix Series Description:
“Navajo shape-shifters, old west outlaws. Grave robbers. On the reservation murder cases are anything but ordinary.”

Episode One.
Netflix Description:
“A Veteran Cop returns to his childhood reservation, where his urban investigation methods sometimes clash with his partner’s traditional ones”.
Skinwalkers-The Navajo Mysteries
Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

I’m mainly watching this because of the desert. Plus it sounds interesting. And I feel like watching something in sunlight. Rather than the dark.

Anyway, here comes the veteran Cop, kind of grizzled, ornery and wise looking all at once. He’s driving down the road. Wait. This isn’t the Cop/Policeman I don’t think. It’s the first murder victim..

Based on the novel by Tony Hillerman.

Then we are inside a hut. Watching a ceremony.
And, now here is our veteran Cop.

The handsome young man is a Policeman too.

So the young Policeman is called officer Jimmy Chee.

Being averse to pan pipes as I am, plus feeling the same way about officially ethnic music in dramas- I will find it tiresome if they keep playing pan pipes. I know.

Joe Leaphorn is the Detective.

So. All quite corny and generic so far. Plus the drama looks like it’s set in the 90’s judging by the TV.

However the veteran Detective is very good I think. It’s looking like the classic Cop from the city with his city ways: clashes with the officially spiritual or so it appears-medicine man. Officer Chee. Who is the Detective’s Police partner.

Veteran Cop to Officer Chee:
“OK we’ve got a dead sheep and some graffiti..”

Winston Sam to Jimmy Chee:
“Wrong Jim, wrong as ringworm..”
“Cop, medicine man, garbage man, whoever you are..”
“No matter who you are, the dark wind blows on everyone..”

Officer Jimmy Chee lives in a caravan with a cat. right on top of a mountain. Or so it seems. In the desert.

Wait. Wooshing noise. The cat is miaowing..

Oh and the desert is beautiful. As I’d hoped.

Mrs. Leaphorn to Leaphorn:
“Since moving here,..”
“It just feels so right,”
“Can’t you feel it?”

Wilson Sam to the rats:
“Sorry boys..”
“I’m home..”
” Party’s over..”

Uh oh..
Wind wooshing again..

I like how the story is progressing. Although the pan pipes do return sometimes..

Wilson Sam to Jimmy Chee:
“Remember, the dark winds blow on everyone..”
“You just have to push your way through it..”

I think I know who did it. A while back now..

The Detective is very cool.


Episode Two.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So Skinwalkers is growing on me. Certainly I liked the scene in the petrol station at night. With the petrol pumps looking like sweet alien robots with upside-down rectangular heads.

Atois Basie:
“Before there were books about lives..”
“There were rivers, stones and rocks..”
“And I knew all their names.”

Jimmy Chee to the Vietnamese teacher:
“What are fractals?”

So before you know it the buttoned up Detective is wearing loud and crazy Hawaiian shirts. But being so utterly cool he carries them off-with aloof aplomb. Popping his gigantic Rayban style sunglasses on intermittently.

It must be pretty hot in a black leather jacket in Arizona. But Leaphorn wears one to work..

Ah ha. Just as I was saying that, the Detective has looped his finger into his jacket and thrown it casually over his shoulder. Nobody does that anymore.

So the women characters in Skinwalkers are annoyingly saccharine. They are prone to offering wise words of wisdom and encouragement. Such described moments tend to bring out/ back the pan pipes again.

Special music plays for a Vietnamese character too.

The scenery (in the desert) is simply spectacular though. At one point Officer Jimmy Chee drives through a tunnel carved out of mountain.

Jimmy has a bit of a lisp when he talks.

So I am detecting a pattern: in the bad guys. Or maybe not.

Veteran Cop to Jimmy Chee:
“Sometimes I think we don’t solve a thing, we just move the mystery around.”

Officially meaningful music plays . Possibly this is worse than the pipe pipes.

Elderly man:
“The whiskey blows a dark wind on my soul..”

It’s weird that you keep thinking it, the drama, is a Western. because of the desert scenery, the mountain, the trees, everything.

Such is the established link between that scenery and old Western films-to me.


Review of Skinwalkers-The Navajo Mysteries.

So as I described at the beginning of these notes made whilst watching:I mainly chose this series for the sunshine. Plus Skinwalkers looked interesting and most especially: it is set in the desert.

Is desert the correct term now I am wondering: I hope so. Suffice it to say that desert is what this scenery is for me. I may well be using the word generically. To those more in the know about Arizona I guess.

I certainly don’t wish to use the word desert superficially. Is what I’m saying. ‘Cause I love the desert. Not that I’ve ever been there. But I’ve hear descriptions. Mostly stories of fast cars-being driven at speeds-down the limitless highways.

Because you don’t get to drive fast anywhere else much in America. Or so I was given to understand. I seem to remember the person telling me this tale had been driving a TR-7. But I digress.

Yes, I love deserts. Who doesn’t. That road with no side and no end, the eponymous cacti, that shimmering sky. Sigh.

Now Skinwalkers is set more in a mix of desert scrub, mountains, the Navajo Reservation and with land all around, that looks like The Grand Canyon.

I found myself pondering during the drama whether mountains was the right or correct word, for what I was describing. As often the characters were climbing orange ochre rocks. Sandstone perhaps. Surely this would be described as a rocky outcrop.

What is it that makes a mountain? I had never had these thoughts before. About mountains that is.

Succinctly put: the scenery is Skinwalkers is simply spectacular. I could watch this series/ this scenery all day long.

In fact the setting of Skinwalkers plus the very cool and charismatic Detective with a slightly comical air: is what kept me watching.



The only thing was, just as I was really getting into Skinwalkers, thinking, yes I’m up for another episode of this: whilst gazing in affixed wonder at the pink red sunset haze above the top of the sandstone mountains (I’m calling them mountains) Skinwalkers ended!

There was no more episodes. Only three. Really . Seriously. That was the series. It’s another (the series) Residue. Noooo. Only three episodes long.

Yes, Jim (Detective) Leaphorn’s wife was annoyingly saccharine as a character. She had an odd glowy sort of lighting around her face. Whenever she appeared. I felt that this effect was meant to denote that she was all wise and wonderful and all.

Likewise Jimmy (Officer) Chee’s girlfriend was sterotypically feisty and driven. As a character. But a bit bland.

I preferred the two Policemen as characters. They were both excellently played and portrayed I felt.

The interplay between the two men: the young, slightly sweet and goofy Jimmy Chee and the laconic, logical and straight talking Leaphorn, Veteran Detective is interesting to watch and excellently played.

As the rookie Cop as well as spiritual healer progresses to a point where he makes an astute deduction in a case. Proving that he is Detective material.

And the veteran hard boiled Cop has relaxed enough to shout out as they bound along a pot-holed road in the truck:
“I think you are breaking my ass!”

I discovered that Robert Redford and his son co-produced Skinwalkers-The Navajo mysteries. That might explain the whole, classic, Western feel to Skinwalkers.

I also thought that Skinwalkers was very well researched. Not that I am an expert on this subject of course.

However the interactions between some of the characters and the described taboos of the Navajo tribe reminded me of some of the Inuit customs described in the books by M.J. McGrath I had read recently.
( having become fascinated with descriptions of life in the Arctic Circle)


To my memory-there were no mobile phones or computers in Skinwalkers. Which gave it a very peaceful, relaxed feel.

At one point a character actually travels to give someone a message-in person. Which was a nice touch I felt. I wondered if this action was not just because there were no mobiles: but a reflection of an actual custom.

One of the reasons I decided to watch Skinwalkers-The Navajo Mysteries was because I liked the laconic Netflix description of the series.


Once Upon A Time-Netflix. Five seasons. Five stars. Series One- some notes and dialogue on first few episodes along with Episodes: Twelve, Thirteen, Fifteen, Sixteen, Eighteen, Twenty One and Twenty Two. Plus brief notes and dialogue from the beginning of Series Two. With a one-off review of Series One at the end. Minor spoilers only. I am dedicating this write-up to the Belgians.

Once Upon A Time

Netflix Series Description:

“Understanding life is not a fairy tale was her reality.  Finding out it was all a lie changes everything.”

“In this fantasy series, a young woman is drawn to a small Maine town and discovers it is filled with elements of the fairy tale world.”


Once Upon A Time

Netflix-Five series.


First Few Episodes.

Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

“The curse, it’s coming!”

The Queen says things like:

“Bring me my carriage!”

“I’m going to the forbidden castle!”

The Queen:

“Wolves indeed!”

So several episodes ago I seriously started getting into One Upon A time.

Here we have a rare instance of a woman kicking a door in!

Jamie McDorman is The Huntsman.

The Queen talks to her mirror.  Inside which appears to live Samuel Jackson.

The Queen has an interesting collection.

Queen to the Huntsman:

“Your life is in my hands forever!”

“Take him to my bedchamber!”…

Robert Carlyle is in Once Upon A Time.  He is brilliant and truly scarey.  As….



“Good cannot win over evil..”

“Because evil plays dirty and good never does.”

A (certain) King to his Knight:

“Careful, remember what happened to Frederik!”

“Magic always comes with a price..”

The evil queen:

“I’d/ I would have gone with gravy!”..

The queen checks on progress in her mirror.


“She’s cavorting with Dwarfs now!”

Hurray.  It’s Agent Gardiner from the series Continuum.

That is some nice motorbike.

Snow White to Emma:

“Love is the worst, I wish there would be a magic love..”


“She was a beautiful fairy..”

Genie to the King:

“Am I truly free?”

The King:

“You’re the Genie, you tell me!”

The Genie to the Evil Queen:

“I know all about feeling trapped!”


Nb. Didn’t do any episode notes after the first few episodes until I reached Episode Twelve..

Episode Twelve

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

There are a lot of (blades zing) in the fairy tale part.

There are a lot of English actors in Once Upon A time. And Jamie McDorman has a lovely Irish Accent.  Robert Carlyle of course has a lovely Scottish accent.

Belle and Rumpelstiltskin.


“Let’s take you to your room”

“Sounds so much better than dungeon..”

Isabelle to Rumpelstiltskin:

“There was clothing, small..”

Rumpelstiltskin is still holding the chipped tea cup.

Belle to Rumpelstiltskin:

“Love is layered..”



“Love is like a delicate flower,..

“Once it’s gone it’s gone forever…”

“True love’s kiss will break my curse..”

You can’t help liking Rumpelstiltskin.

Belle to Rumlestilkstin:

“You’re going to regret it..”

“You will have an empty heart and all you will have is a chipped cup..”

This may well be my favourite episode of series one.


Next episode-

Episode Thirteen.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

David is really brave and excellent on his horse.

Oh by the way you gotta love Frederik.

Kathryn to the queen:

“You know I’ve always had this fear of leaving Storybrooke”..

It’s Frederik!

Kathryn to David:

“Make haste..!”

Ha ha.  Love the Dwarf story and Leroy.

Leroy is the man.

Leroy to Astrid:

“I just know diamonds, dust and dwarfs..”



“Just dreamin..”


Nb. Didn’t do notes for Episode Fourteen.


Episode Fifteen.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Red and A.W. Booth.


“What are lemurs?”


“They’re little animals..”

“Their eyes shine at night”.

Grammy to Red:

“And another thing, you dress like a drag queen on fleet week!”


“And you dress like Norman Bates..”

“When he dresses like his mother!”

Ha ha.

Red to Snow White:

“Folks call me Red”

Snow White:


Love Red.

Grammy/ Granny to Red:

Be sure to wear your hood”..

“You know red keeps off wolves..”

The Scene setting is just gorgeous in both story-lines.

Red and Snow White at the tracks.

Snow White:

So this is a stride..”

The wallpaper in the diner is pine trees.

OK the red riding hood episode may well be another of my favourite episodes.


A silver tipped arrow will drop them”

“They’re approaching down wind so we have a chance..”

Brilliant stuff.

Red and Granny:


“I found someone in myself..”


Episode Sixteen.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So Once Upon A time just gets better and better.

Ha ha.  So the dwarfs do an intervention.

Jimminy Cricket to Snow White:

“Snow, your anger towards the Queen is understandable but it’s not fair to take it out on your friends.”

A.W.Booth to Henry:

“I don’t think you’re going to find the answers in the bottom of that mug”.

Regina to David:

“I believe that evil is made not born.”

“Sometimes evil doesn’t look like evil”

“It’s staring you in the face”.

(blade zings) a lot.

Prince charming to Rumpelstiltskin:

“Name your price”


“Your cloak”




“It’s draughty in here!”..


Prince charming:



Prince Charming to Snow:

“I would rather die than let your heart be filled up with darkness..”






“I will always find you..”

Snow White to Grumpy:

“Let’s show that king what Snow White and seven dwarfs can really do!.”

Mr. Gold to Emma:

“Something tells me you’re more powerful than you know..”


“Who are you?”


“I hate Wonderland!”

Jefferson to the queen:

“Stay away from the walls”


“I’be a better idea, the walls can stay away from me!”


A horrible hedge.

Loving Wonderland.


“A hat without magic..”

“Is just a hat!”


Nb. Didn’t do notes for Episode Seventeen


Episode Eighteen-Series One.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Regina to snow White:

True love, is a certain kind of magic..”

Regina’s mother (the Queen) to Regina:

“Now clean yourself up, dry your tears, you’re going to be Queen!”

Snow to Emma:

“Who’s that?”


“The writer, wrapped around a typewriter, a motorcycle and some stubble..”




The Blue Fairy to Pinocchio:

“Remember Pinocchio, always be brave, truthful and unselfish..”

“Do that and you will always be a real boy..”

Love that copper and green telephone in the writer’s hotel room.

Snow White to Regina:

“I forgive you..”

Henry to Regina:

“Snow white will have her happy ending!”

An excellent performance from the actor who played Kagame in The series Continuum.  As Gepetto, I believe.

Regina to David:

“I forgot my phone, I went back..”


“It’s beautiful!”

The Blue Fairy:

“This is the last enchanted tree in the whole forest..”

Me-I love Jimminy Cricket.

A.W.Booth and Emma on his gorgeous motorbike.


“Where are you taking me?”



Jimminy Cricket to Pinocchio:

“There are many temptations in this new world..”

“Remember, as long as you’re always brave, truthful and unselfish, you will not fail!”

A.W.Booth to Emma:

“We’re going on a journey so that I can tell my story..”

A.W.Booth to Emma:

“If you won’t believe about the tree, then maybe believe this?”…



I reckon A.W.Booth made that motorbike.  That is a lovely motorbike.


The actor who plays Gepetto does an excellent Italian accent.

(He plays Kagame in Continuum I think as mentioned)


Nb. Didn’t do Episodes Nineteen or Twenty.


Episode Twenty One.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

(blade zings)

Words you don’t hear very often in a drama:

“We’re a go!”

“Fairies attack!”

A.W.Booth to Henry:

“Look at this, the unvarnished truth.”!

Regina to Snow White:

“Did you know that apples import health and wisdom?”

Oh no.

Prince charming:


Think I’m gonna stop here.


“I do hope you like apples…”

Nb.  Regina watchers her mirror like TV.

Henry to Emma:

“You’re just sad, this happens to heroes”.


Episode Twenty Two.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Jamie McDorman as the Huntsman,  Yey.  (sigh).


“It’s like, magic?”

Rumpelstiltskin to Prince Charming:

“This is the infinite forest”..

David to Rumpelstiltskin:

You knew true love?”


“It was a a brief flicker of light..”

“Amidst an ocean of darkness”,.

Mr. Gold to Emma:

“True love, the only thing strong enough to..”

(a really lot is happening)

A witch to prince Charming:


“That’s so harsh..”

“I prefer maleficent”

It’s all going down now.  In fairy-tale land and now.  (modern times).

But you shouldn’t have put down the sword.

Get the sword.

So slowly as we progress through the series the story in the fairy tale land catches up with itself.

No it cannot be…

C’mon Henry.






“You found me?”


“Did you ever doubt I would?”



“This is a very special place”

“It’s waters are said to be able to return that which is lost”.


“What is that?”


“Something bad..”


“Because magic is power..”

And the clock clanks.


End of Series one.


Series Two.

Some excerpts from the first episode.


Everybody better watch out.

She gonna turn you out..

Look at the mess I’m in..

Look out for Charley’s girl..


And a dove brings a message.

Wonderful and hilarious all at once.

Me I particularly liked the palaces .  In fairy tale land.


Oh yes.  The action in each of the story-lines is playing side by side.  They blend together perfectly.


“There are many things in this shop but this is the one thing I truly cherish!”.

(swords zing)

“May you always run free..”

“Beneath the moon’s pale light”.

Ruby to David:

“You saved me!”


“You saved yourself!”.

Ruby to David:

“I’m gonna do something I haven’t done in a very long time..”

Blade zings and clanks.  ha ha.

Once Upon A time is an ABC Studios Production.  Like Wayward Pines.

Loving Milan and Aurora.

So can I believe it that there is a happy ending.

But wait, what is that on the horizon..



Review of Series One of Once Upon A Time.

Well I watched, or more correctly: began to watch this series purely on the basis of a recommendation.

In fact I would say more like a rave review.  From someone who just loved this series: Once Upon A Time.

At first I felt that Once Upon A  time was just a bit too daft: even silly.  OK- I didn’t like Rumpelstiltskin.  He was truly scary.

I had to come back to the series.  I didn’t get into it at first.  But mainly because of him-Rumpelstiltskin.

Once I overcame my initial aversion of the far too evilly real to be fair-Rumpelstiltskin.  I was away. Away into Fairy tale land..

Telling myself objectively-that Robert Carlyle is an excellent actor.  He is doing an insanely good job with that part.  And so on.

OK I will probably never get over.  Rumpelstiltskin.  With that golden glowy, snake-like skin.

Now it was probably Rumpelstiltskin, as a character, who pulls you in.  Into the story of the fairy tale land.  Along with modern day Maine.  A small town: a group of quietly happy people.

Wait- make that mostly unhappy..  A group of quietly unhappy people.

The townspeople go about their daily lives.  They are unaware of who they really are.  And that there just might be: more than one world.

More than one land.  As they would say in fairy-tale land.

The land of the Infinite Forest, Lake Nostros, the Wishing Well.

Of angular spider-like metallic sheathed palaces: that house irascible evil queens.  And fairy-tale turreted palaces: abound.


Some dialogue from end of Series Two.

Johanna to Snow White:

“Tonight, go into the forest..”

“Look for the clearest part in the sky..”

“Wish upon the blue star..”

“If your heart is true..”

“She will grant you your wish.”


Silent Witness-Series Nineteen. Episode Twenty-final episode. River’s Edge Part Two. Some notes and dialogue. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on BBC One. This episode follows on from Episode Nineteen-Part One of River’s Edge- notes and dialogue and Review posted on 17th March 2016

Silent Witness 

Series Nineteen

Episode Twenty-

Final episode of the series.

River’s Edge Part Two.

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Short notes only.  Already wrote too much.

TV Announcer:

Now on BBC One…some scenes some viewers might find upsetting..bla bla as per usual the announcer announces some plot..

Here is the Lulu meets Twiggy (curly lipped and eyelashes) the oddly accented-Detective.

Jack and Niki wonder the woods.  Previously we got to see Jack doing his whole wading thing, in his gigantic overalls with his staff.

Now Jack is conjuring up actual film reconstructions that happen in the forest- as they (Niki and Jack) both look a bit, to the left!

Oh no.  Now we are getting a flashback of another story.  I do like how Silent Witness has these dramatic twists or quirks.

Jack is like some giant elf in appearance.  You realise he’s really tall (when) inside.

Uh oh.  A wishbone..

Niki and Jack having gone rogue a while back.  Forensic rogue let’s call it.

Thumping music ensues.

(Meanwhile Jack and Niki are still in the woods)

Niki has fallen over.  As only (ever) girls do in dramas.

Of course expert tracker hunter Jack is hiding her in the heather having self-camouflaged them both. He is the black-ops superman spiderman. Sorta.

The side story of the Wallander (series) style drama is interesting.

Crime scene.

Thomas is taking photos. At the scene.

Piano music plays.

Did I mention the character who looks like Brian blessed and Oliver Reed rolled into one.  Ah.  Here he comes now..and he is really quite sinister.

The curly lashed Detective who looks like she is from the 1970’s is growing on me.

Uh oh.  First autopsy.  Detective Inspector Butcher watches and chats, from the gallery..

First Autopsy.

Niki to DCI Butcher:

“We’re going to do them (the autopsies) seperately. to avoid cross contamination..”


“Long blond hair..”



“Her arms and legs have post-mortem scratches..”

“Branches and thorns..;”

…More stuff.  Ugh.


“There’s a strong smell of bleach, undiluted..”

Giant Jack is back.  At a crime scene at night.

The Detective Inspector is amping it up in the interview room.

Oh no.  The sad flashback in time continues.

So it’s all going down.

Get out of the car-now.

Look out behind you..

You just know that the envelope is not gonna be good.


“Cherchez the gun..”

In the interview room.

DCI Butcher: (to a suspect)

“There’s a singular pattern to the calls..”

C’mon.  No more bodies.

Then we find out how it happened.  From the beginning.

Don’t tell me.

Experimental music plays.

Jack empties the rubbish on the lab table. Clarissa and Jack are in the laboratory.  Going through the rubbish..



“”The depth and shape of the wound..”

So there’s going to be a denouement.  Great stuff.

Any time now Niki..


“One black BMW..”

Niki is on a mission.

Oh My goodness.

Well.  All in all a good one this one overall.

Piano playing now.

Terminal Two-Queen’s Terminal.  Is where it ends.



DCI Sally Butcher forgot that:

” A singular pattern to the calls” was not actually evidence.  She has been hanging out with the forensic team too long.


OK it wasn’t a wishbone..


Quick note to my readers-the return of Daredevil- Series Two of this original Netflix Production

Quick note to my readers-the return of Daredevil-

Series Two on Netflix.


Daredevil Series Two-an Original Netflix Production.

Premiers on Friday, 18th March 2016.

Netflix Description of series Two:

A boyhood accident blinded him.  But now he can “see” even better  And he doesn’t like what’s going on in Hell’s Kitchen.

Daredevil has a super-duper new stylish crime fighting outfit.  With little bat-like ears.


Daredevil was first previewed on 13th April 2015 in Quick notes to my readers.

My two write-ups on Daredevil Series One were entitled:

Daredevil-My first thoughts and some notes and dialogue on the first five episodes with a one-off review at the end.

Posted on 17th April 2015.


Daredevil-A Netflix Original.  Some notes on Episode Thirteen and a Final review at the end.

Posted on the 20th of May 2015.

Silent Witness Series Nineteen-Episode Nineteen-The River’s Edge. Part One. Some notes and dialogue with a short review at the end. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on BBC One.

Silent Witness

Series Nineteen

Episode Nineteen

Part One of:

River’s Edge

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Voice-over/ TV announcer:

In the final two part case of the series ..some scenes which some viewers might find upsetting from the the river runs deep but the mystery runs deeper!”

In silent Witness..”!


There is definitely a trend for the TV announcer to relate half the plot these days.

A very beautiful river and a bridge.  In the English countryside.  Looking like that scene could be in an old painting.

Thomas and Niki come to the (crime) scene.

Oddly accented Detective to Niki and Thomas:

“DCI/ Detective Constable Inspector Sally Butcher”..

Niki to Thomas:

“Two shots to the back of the throat..”

“So we’re looking at my usual mad gunman on the loose then..” says the oddly accented Detective.

It’s odd.  But I think it’s meant to be a Brummie/ Birmingham accent or Liverpudlian.  Odd in that an English actor is putting on another English accent.


“Single entry wound to the temple..”


“Two single entry wounds..”

Jack to DCI Sally Butcher who looks like Twiggy:

“Why in the back?”


“They didn’t stand a chance..”

Then Sid James look-alike Malcolm arrives.  Who is just a bit too smiley.  And has stood moodily on the bridge before arriving on the scene.

Jack at the scene:


“It could be the shooter..”

“A lightly trod path..”

“Could be a fleeing victim..”

As usual the forensic team are like the A-Team of forensics as they show the Detective the way.

Because oddly accented Detectives in Silent Witness are always clueless.  Without the help of the avenging angels of science: the Lyle Laboratories team.

Jack is into a pair of Fisherman’s overalls and wading in the river.


“He went into the water, here..”

Jack the Master tracker with a staff.

Did I mention Malcolm is a bit suspicious.  I may be wrong.

I think we are meant to be suspicious when Sarge (Malcolm) takes the Policewoman into the forest.


“What are doing here Sarge?”


“it’s an old case”..


“Do you wanna talk about it?”


“I don’t think so DC Rules..”

“‘Cause I never got the bastard that did it!”

A woman surgeon on the phone: Bla bla.  I lost interest there.

Oh yes did I mention I am wondering whether Silent Witness is doing references to news stories.

So Jack is accompanying Detective Inspector Butcher everywhere.

Niki saves the day with the eponymously angry Dad.

So- lots going on and then it all gets very odd and (something) icky happens.  Me- I’m not looking.

So the side-story of the surgeon, Amy and this guy: it’s all very interesting and arty.

Clarissa on the phone:

“I want to check I have all evidence from the River Malt scene..

“Seems we are missing a picnic blanket..”

Niki to Clarissa:

“Bone, yellow bone..”

First autopsy.

Niki and Thomas.


“Single front shot to the temple..”


“Distinctive marks to his upper back..”

“Something with uniformed holes to it..”

“A heater perhaps?”

Second Autopsy.

Jack is on the gigantic 3-D screen now explaining.  (to DCI Butcher)


“She would have drowned in her own blood”


“Here is an obstruction void..”

DCI Butcher:

“What kind of obstruction?”


“There is red acrylic fibres under the fingernails of her hand..”

Then Clarissa comes..


“I want to tell you about some anomalies”

So the action has all got rather tiresome.  all the explanations.

So DCI Butcher and Jack are rolling (together) like Cagney and Lacey or Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.

So Malcolm is a good character.  Maybe he isn’t the mad murderer.

Niki looks up in her lovely star-spangled jumper: (and says)

“We’ll look into it.”

“That’s what you want isn’t it?”

Malcolm: (in his lovely gravelly Bob Hoskins voice)

Yeah, Yeah, it is..”

Yes, Jack and DCI Butcher are like Police partners now.

Clarissa to DCI Butcher and Jack:

“I’ve put up the picture..”

“Remarkable only for its proliferation of heaters..”

Clarissa to Niki:

“That yellow bone you gave me..”

Clarissa to Thomas:

“Leaves in her hair slide..”


“No conifers?..”


“Find the tree, find the girl”.

But he didn’t do it..

Here comes Malcolm..

Is it me or is this episode like untold hours long.


Short Review

Well blimey that went on forever.  Didn’t it.  What a lot of writing.  Bored probably.  I wrote more down in a vague way perhaps.  Because nothing really jumped out at me.

Much as I like the medical side of Silent Witness, the science in the clues so to speak: I began to find the belaboured explanation of each clue tiresome.

These explanations, interesting as they were started to take on the appearance of instructional videos.  That went on a bit too long.

Oh yes and the recipient of these show and tell interludes if you like: is the ever mute and trotting (obediently) along- Detective.  Trotting along after Jack- the all seeing all wise one.

Jack is like Gandalph on acid or Yoda on speed. Expert tracker incarnate- finder of new crime scenes.  The original forensic whisperer.  Or scientific samurai.

The Lyle Laboratory team show the metaphorically blind, unseeing Detective the way.  In a blink of an eye, OK a few tweaks of tweezers from orifices often unseen, some targeted torchlight work and the ever omnipresent footprint.

The all wondrous wise ones deduce the scene.

to be continued



On reflection DCI Butcher was probably meant to sound as if she was from that countryside area. Hence the kind of The Black Country accent met Middlesborough maybe.