Silent Witness Series Nineteen In Plain Sight Part One

Silent Witness Series Nineteen

In Plain Sight Part One

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Gripping Stuff. Everything has gone horribly wrong.
Music ensues.
Testator Silens…

So. All seriously gruesome.

“Single gunshot wound to the head..”
“Deep entry wound..”
“There’s something…”
“You gonna clean out the eye?”
(uh huh)
Yep. And Lo and Behold-there’s a hole.
Right through. The head.
In a flash they have found the bullet hole. Int he wall. By shining a torch through-but I have already said too much.

You just know all this is going to be horribly depressing.

(there is) The usual pre-requisite over-accented Cockney Detective.

The side-story of the armed Police Response Unit.
A woman armed response Unit memeber:
“Are you sure it’s not too soon Sarge?”
“Well he passed all the tests, Ben should know..”
“How he’ll/ he will ever get back in the game?”

“Spiced choking..”
“Mouth is sealed, chilli, then water…”
He continues:
“Achilles tendon is severed”
“A methodical job..”
“The killer was sadistic, but measured..”
“He had total control of the scene”
No shit Sherlock.

“Phillipa Sharpe..
“From the IPCC..” (Internal Affairs or something)”
“I need you to help me prove that it’s not true..”

In the blink of an eye Jack is teamed up p with Phillipa.

Jack to the officially excitable Polish family.
Who do not have Polish accents.
“Forensic evidence trumps witness testimony every time!2

So it’s all quite intense.
Another armed operation..the same guy and his boss (geddit) are both there. I think we know where this is going.
Uh oh. That guy is kissing his gun. This can’t be good.
Armed Response Policeman:
“Show me your hands”!

So now Jack appears to be operating solo. Or is he..

Did anyone even call for Forensics? I mean do they always have forensics on a place the Police have just entered to get someone? where nothing happened as in murder or anything?

Jack phones Clarissa.
“Charred wooden fibres..
“What’s brought this on?”
He was going solo.

Niki takes photos of the bad guy..

Niki and the Cockney Detective in the interview.
Niki:(to the bad guy)
“The similarities don’t end there…”

Jack is shouting at the Cockney Detective.
But I have had my suspicions for a while now.

Jack is seriously compromised.
Kind of like he’s defected.

The side story of the Armed Response Unit.
Oops. I lost interest there.

Meanwhile: Clarissa is on a roll.

Armed officer to his wife:
“I need a second chance”
An officially emotional scene.

Jack is in his other sort of life.

So every one of the Policemen has a tally as long as their arm. Of course they do.

Now Phillipa Sharpe form the IPCC is ranting at Niki and everybody at the Lyle Laboratories.

There is a somewhat weird poster that the firearms men shoot into. Looks like a badly stencilled black and white picture of Elvis with sunglasses on. In Las Vegas.

So the Chief firearms unit guy went all monsterish with rage. The sterotypically evil policeman.

Special music plays for the Polish family.
Oh great. Another armed response. It’s like one every five minutes.
Now what..

End of episode.


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