Silent Witness Series Nineteen-After The Fall-Part One and Part Two. Some notes and dialogue only. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on BBC One. Series Nineteen first aired on 4th January 2016 in the UK.

Silent Witness

TV Description of Silent Witness:
“Forensic Pathologist Doctor Niki Alexander solves crimes based on silent testimony offered by the dead”.

Nb. Each seperate story in the Silent Witness series of (approx) ten episodes: is made up of two consecutive episodes which are shown in the UK on Monday and Tuesday nights.

TV Description of-After The Fall:
“Niki arrives at a murder scene to find it’s the carbon copy of a case in her past.  she soon fears the killings are personal to her  but who will believe her and who can she trust”.


Series Nineteen
After The Fall Part One.
(Episode one)

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

TV Voice-over:
“This programme contains some scenes some viewers might find upsetting”..

Niki and Detective Constable Inspector/ D.C.I.  Porter are at the hospital (room) door.  Why?
I mean why is she there?  She’s a Pathologist.  And the patient is still alive.  No matter.  Niki is always there with the Police.

(So) A distressing Prologue.
10 Years Later
So Niki bumps into an old flame.  Who is really rather nice.  Which probably means she will never see him again.  Or he will die.

First Crime scene-ugh.
“This was no cry for help, you’ve got to cut through the tendons to get to the arteries..”

The Autopsy:
“The same L-shaped incision is present on the other..”
Ugh.  Still eating dinner.  Unfortunate.

Mr. Smooth/ Thomas:
“Some adhesive substance stuck to the armpit”
“Other armpit’s clean”..
Oh no, they’re  going for one of those mouth openings checks now, with a pair of tweezers.

They (the Lyle Laboratories team) discuss: (the case)
“What, and this?”
“Does he want the hands to bisect the watch?”
“Does time mean something to him?”

So the Parole Officer is somewhat weird in attitude.  But it’s a bit unclear what the guy’s crime was.

Clarissa to Niki:
“Traces of Lignocaine in his armpit”.

Second Autopsy.
(electric razor whirrs)
Niki runs out of the autopsy room.  Opening the door with her gloves on!  Tut tut Niki.

(she breathes frantically)
Bleep.  Bleep.  Nice car.

Niki returns to her flat. (thud) (thud)
Women always close up the window and or door of their flat with the mad murderer inside.  Don’t they.

But Niki then goes down to the basement.  To check the fuses…
Me I’m starting to wonder about the ex..

Niki looks up at the clock.  Du na da na.  (my sound description of a dramatic moment)

Here comes Jack:
“He (the killer) instead of feeling sorry, he feels merciful”..

Wonderful scene there with Clarissa- just silently poised with her hand over the phone.  For several minutes.  Just expressing everything with her face and stance.

Niki goes to meet Belinda- an ex-Pathologist.  Something tells me that Belinda isn’t coming back. She only popped out for a minute..


After The Fall Part Two
(episode two)
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

” Evidence of blunt force trauma to the head..”
“Crescent shaped wounds”..

Niki: (her torch)
“It’s missing!”
“Someone’s trying to frame me!”
I know, I’ve seen (the series) Secrets and Lies.

Clarissa to Niki:
“I want to hear it all, war stories..”
“I’ve only been in fifteen minutes, I’m hardly Papillon!”

Mr. Smooth (Thomas-the Lyle Laboratory Boss)
“All I’ve got is two bald patches on Carmichael’s chest”.

Yey.  Medical clues.  Much more enjoyable than the rest of the story.

I think I know who did it.

Niki has dispensed with her floppy feathered hair style and is in her avenging angel mode.  White forensic suit on.

Niki doesn’t seem to notice that a suspect is dressed in a serial killer black hooded outfit.

Niki to her ex: (boyfriend)
“Even people I love..”
Ah, but I preferred him as a serial killer.


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