Quick note to my readers-an update to previous note posted on 22nd January 2016 and a new series-Trapped-in Icelandic with English subtitles on BBC Four in the UK and some new series including the return of the Walking Dead. See below.

Quick note to my readers-new series Trapped

Updates to my previous note to readers:

The X-Files-New Series
So The X-Files has aired- on 8th February 2016  on Channel Five in the UK.


Grimm Series Five.  
Episode Seven.
“Eve Of Destruction”

Monroe to Rosalie:
“The Black Claw?!”
Love.  Grimm.

Nb. Episode Eight was:
“Reptile Dysfunction”

Onto episode nine next..


Shadow Hunters.
A Netflix Production.  Weekly Installments.

I thought this might be like Hemlock Grove-light..


The 4400
I am currently affixed to the Netflix series The 4400.
On Series Four now.   It’s a slow burner..

Stan Lee’s The Lucky Man on Sky 1 channel and new series of Silent witness on BBC One
This is whilst dipping in and out of Stan Lee’s The Lucky Man and the occasional episode from the new Silent Witness series.  (Series Nineteen)


Celebrity Apprentice U.S.A.
Currently showing late Friday nights on BBC One.

Great stuff.  At least half of the contestants are unknown to UK viewers.   Which makes it even more interesting in terms of lost nuance and status considerations linked to their celebrity in the USA. Therefore UK viewers really are judging on performance only.

This year there is George Takei, from Star trek who is recognisable to any viewer. Then there is Teresa from Housewives of New Jersey I believe.  Famous for her table-tipping episode in her reality show.  Also Tia Carrera, an internationally famous and beautiful actress.

Nb.  Teresa is being so uncharacteristically reserved and quiet here: that her fellow contestants and even Donald himself have taken to fondly remembering with nostalgia, her table-tipping days.

I say watch out for the quiet ones..Vis a vis-last year’s well deserved winner John Rich with a special mention to his team-mate,  Lil’ John.

Nb. The women and the men are divided up into seperate teams.

For reasons best known to the officially cool crew (made up of  the women who think they are creative) Tia and Teresa keep being sidelined into the “uncool van”.  As Tia describes it.

When the rest of the women are clearly travelling, as evinced (fairly gloatingly it has to be said)  by flame haired Aubrey who declares:
(no-me neither)
” We’re in the cool van!”

Oh yes and there is Lou Ferrigano, once known as The Hulk.  Who rather amusingly, always wants to get green-painted up and rip off his shirt..for every task.  I say they should let him do it: at least once. Then maybe he would get it out of his system.  So to speak.

Meanwhile at each de-briefing (and then firing) session: Donald Trump slices and dices up egos and bluster and winds-up contestants like a Master surgeon with an invisible scalpel.  He just does it with words.

This looks interesting:
New Series tonight in the UK on BBC Four but not note, on BBC Four HD.

An Icelandic drama series.

TV Description:
“A dismembered body is found in the river, sparking an investigation and a call to Reykjavik for detective reinforcements to assist the small local police force.”

First aired 13th February 2016. @9pm on BBC Four.


Limitless starts next week.
A series based on the film of the same name.  On Sky 1 Channel on Wednesday, 17th February 2016 @ 9pm.


The Walking Dead Series Six.
(this has been corrected from calling it series seven as I hear that there was a mid-season break)

So the second half of series six -The Walking Dead will air on FOX Channel in the UK on Monday, 15th February 2016 @ 9pm in the UK. The next, new episode being episode nine.

This show airs a day before the UK in America.

Episode Nine of The Walking Dead Series Six is called:
“No Way Out”

The Talking Dead 
Hosted by the ever effervescent Chris Hardwick: this is a live chat show which now directly follows on from The Walking Dead on FOX Channel at 10pm in the UK.  Witty, informative and fascinating in turns.

The Talking Dead has had the writers, directors, producers and the special effects creator for The Walking Dead on this show.  Along with the actors from The Walking Dead and the fans of the show.

There is an amusing interlude where the zombies that died that evening are remembered:
In memorium..

see link below:


SyFy Channel Mondays @ 9pm.  First aired on 25th January 2016 in the UK.
Oh yes- I spotted this series which apparently is made by the same people who produced the Canadian series Orphan Black.

TV Trailer:
Getting into deep trouble..
In deep space..

TV Description of the series:
“A fun loving, hard living trio of interplanetary bounty hunters chases deadly warrants”.

Series One: Episode One.
TV Description:
“Intergalactic bounty hunters Dutch and Johnny face a dilemma when the subject of their latest warrant is an estranged relative”.



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