Extanct-Series Two-A one-off Review. Episodes One, Two, Three and Four. Some notes and dialogue and a First and Second Review. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on SyFy Channel numbers 135/ 165 HD on Virgin Media TV- Wednesdays @ 9pm. First aired 13th January 2016. Nb.Extanct Series One Episode One to Five was posted on 18th February 2015 with final episodes posted on 26th April 2015.

TV Description of
Episode One:
“Molly escapes from a psychiatric hospital to investigate bizarre deaths that mirror those she saw in space; Molly meets J.D. Richter, a Cop assigned to the case”.



Series Two
Episode One
“Change Scenario”

Molly’s voice-over:
“We adopted a prototype called Ethan..”
“I didn’t come back alone..”
“The child was dangerous..”

“Change scenario!”
“Molly Woods, your virtual reality session is terminated..!”

6 Months earlier.
Nice couple from a car: (to a child)
“Can we give you a lift, it’s cold out there”
Uh oh..
It’s not looking good for the cute baby..”
Woman screams..

The Senate Committee.
Senator to Molly:
“There are no more E.T.’s running around?..”
Molly pauses:

So the General is the Governor from The Walking Dead.
(Nb. David Morrisey)

Wow.  So that is some good news then.
Plus Eloise, John’s assistant, is still intensely in love with John.
(Nb. John is Molly’s husband)

Molly to Diana : (her computer)
“All footage of John and Eloise..”

Ethan to man:
“Where am I?”
“Will I see my Mum and Dad again?”
“Shut up, robot.”.

Nb.  It’s Julie not Eloise.

6 Months later..

So before you know it Halle Berry as Molly is teamed up with an extremely hunky be-grizzled Detective with twinkling eyes and the requisite battered leather jacket.  Detective Richter.


Episode Two.
Some notes.

There are some good actors and actresses in Extanct.  As always.  Which raises it above the ordinary.

You just know it’s all going to go horribly wrong.  With the new creation..

Nb. It’s a bit underwhelming when there is a chase scene.  As most people are in driver-less cars.  And the car won’t go past the speed limit.

So Extanct is all very or rather terribly silly really but enjoyable nonetheless.


First Review

So Extanct is all supremely silly.  But beautifully filmed.  But with some excellent actors and actresses in it.  and some wonderful futuristic styling and technology.  Plus of course, the Humanix. Pronounced with a c not an x.

Me, I don’t get why the new Humanix already has nail polish on her toe nails.

Well things are getting a little sinister in some of the story-lines.  But then Ethan always was a little sinister.  Sinister but sweet.


Episode Three 
“Empathy For The Devil”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

David Morrisey is the actor playing the sort of General.

Charlie and Louise.
“Well I have an ethical self-adaptor too and the alarm keeps going off as we continue to make ethically ambiguous decisions.”

Lucy (the new Humanix) to Charlie: (looking incredible in her 3-D printed white dress)
“What does it all mean?”
Holds his hand.

There are some believable story-lines in Extanct along with all the madness..

Handsome young man to Molly:
“Hello, Mother..”

Uh oh.  There are a lot of unusually staring cute small children about the place.
Oh no.
Now what..

There is an exponentially increasing incidence in the appearance of attractive men.  Or I might be getting mixed up with the series Shadow Hunters.  Shadow Hunters.  Now that’s a whole different story..


Episode Four.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“My name is Molly, I’m an astronaut:”
“My husband John designed a prototype Humanix..”
“We adopted him, Ethan..”
“Everything changed when I went to space, I didn’t come back alone..”
“My baby was half child, half alien..”
“The child was dangerous..”

So it’s not entirely clear whether the prologue was real.  But it was.
David Morrisey had a bulletproof vest on.

Molly dips her hand in a kind of electronic finger bowl.
My first thought she was erasing her fingerprints..

Yey.  So Ethan has escaped on an electric scooter.  With his soldier G.I.Joe toy on the handlebars.  Now Ethan is carrying his helmet with his soldier nestling inside.

Detective Richter is an excellent character.

The Humanix Lucy to Charlie:
“Don’t change me Charlie..”



Molly’s hair seems to have grown longer.


Second Review

So Extanct is more than minorly daft.  Plus a little bit underwhelming.  Without the space station/ astronaut aspect of Series One.  Molly’s amazing spacesuit.  Like spiderwoman made it into space. Well if there was a spiderwoman.  Maybe spiderman gets married.  Who knows.

Still.  I digress.

It would take too long to explain all the goings on in series one here.  So it’s good that Molly’s voice-over in the prologue does that job nicely.  I wrote about the whole of series one here, episode by episode.

Suffice to say things have moved on a pace since the end of series one.  In fact things are looking all a bit (the film) One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.  But set in the future.

Yes, I will miss the spaceships.  Plus the insanely wonderful Director Sparks from Series one.  The whole (sort of) blob thing.  Going on.

Here the story is grounded, with Molly suffering new horrors.  This time on dry land.

The fact that Extanct is so beautifully styled makes up somewhat for being spaceship-less.

However many horrors may befall Molly-she pretty much looks the same.  And stunningly beautiful too.  She just gets increasingly starey eyed and intense at times.

I’m not sure all this internal turmoil is really believable to watch, but then mad things (indeed) are happening to Molly.

Let’s just say that Molly is most herself when she has her inexplicable astronaut jump suit on when she she goes to work.  All serious and soldier-like down at the super duper lab.  Where the smiling bearded scientist and others: have the entire human genome and more on gigantic blue screens.

Screens that trill in quick successions of sounds, small dings, as yet another vertical swathe of striped strips of genetic coding swoop by.

The operator moving and stopping this every moving succession at will.  Using two see through pointy plastic fingers worn like broken glove ends on their hands.

Molly, on her first day, gets given the screen called the DNA junkyard.  God’s junkyard as the ginger bearded scientist said.  Cool.

Yes, Molly gets this screen to play with.  So to speak.  In the quest for finding a cure..



Detective Richter can move his face and everything.  His wonderfully crinkly even dare I say- wrinkly face- makes him seem hugely warm and human compared to the rest of the cast.

Unfortunately Detective Richter is given the most syrupy scenes.  However he pretty much acts everybody else off screen.  By just barely mumbling.


Goodness only knows what is meant to be going on with Molly’s fingers.

Plus what on earth is that electronic finger bowl thing?  These and many other unanswered questions remain…
Unanswered for now.


As well as being an astronaut, Molly has a doctorate in molecular biology and genetics.



Extanct Series One-SyFy website Channel link:



Extanct Series Two Series SyFy website Channel link:



So I discover from the above link that Humanic is actually spelt with a c not an x as I had first thought.


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