My top ten and or favourite drama series for the year 2015.

Please note, the drama series listed did not necessarily come out in 2015.  2015 is just the year in which I watched them. Although some series probably did come out that year.  Not all of the lists have ten nominations.

I ended up adding some older series just off the top of my head which pre-date the year 2015.

My Top Ten Foreign language/ subtitled dramas:

Spiral Series Five  (French)
The Bridge/ Bron/ Broen Series Three
(Swedish and Danish joint production)
Arvingerne/ The Legacy (Danish)
Dag Series One, Two and Three (Norwegian)
Les Revenants/ The Returned Series Two (French)
Thirty Degrees In February/ 30 Grader i Fevruari (Swedish)
1992 (Italian)

My Favourite Older Foreign language/ subtitled series:

Wallander-series One, Two, Three, Four and Five. (Swedish)
Forbrydelsen/ The Killing series One, Two and Three.  (Danish)
Maison Close (French) Series One and Two.
Spiral Series One, Two, Three and Four.
Mammon (Norwegian)
Salamander (Belgian)
Crimes Of Passion (Swedish)
Inspector De Luca (Italian)
Les Revenants Series One.
Nightshift Series One.  (Icelandic)
Inspector Montalbano (it grows on you) (Italian)
Resjeholdt Series One, Two and Three.  (it grows on you) (Danish)

Here the above list is alternatively divided up into different language/ genre series:
Wallander-series One, Two, Three, Four and Five. (Swedish)
Forbrydelsen/ The Killing series One, Two and Three.  (Danish)
Mammon (Norwegian)

Belgian Series

French series
Maison Close (French) Series One and Two.
Spiral Series One, Two, Three and Four.

Italian Series
Inspector de Luca
Inspector Montalbano (it grows on you)

Icelandic series/ Nordic-noir


My Favourite DVD foreign language/ subtitled series:

Varg Veum- a series of twelve films.  (Norwegian)
Van Veeteren- a series of nine films.
(Van Veeteren is in Swedish but set in a fictional Dutch town)
(based on the books by Håkan Nesser)
Resjeholdt/ Unit One-Series One, Two and Three. ( it grows on you) (Danish)

Top Ten Netflix drama series:

Residue Series One (a British series which is a Pilot or test series of only three episodes)
Daredevil Series One.
Jessica Jones Series One.
Bloodline Series One.
The River Series One. (The River is now discontinued)
Jericho Series One, Two and Three.
Continuum Series One, Two and Three.
Grimm Series One, Two, Three and Four.
Between Series One consists of only six episodes.
The Returned (American remake of Les Revenants)  (this series has been discontinued I believe)

My Favourite Older Netflix series:
The Killing series One, Two, Three and  Four.  (the American remake based on Forbrydelsen)

Top Ten American TV Dramas: (seen on TV in the UK)
The Walking Dead-Plus The Talking Dead chat show.
Wayward Pines (based on the novel Pines by Blake Crouch & produced by M. Night Shyamalan)
Bates Motel Series One, Two and Three.
Gotham Series One.
Extanct Series One.
Secrets and Lies (remake of the original Australian series)

My Favourite older American TV Series:
The Americans Series One and Two.
Southland Series One, Two, Three and Four
(Southland was reviewed in parts: eg. Part ONE review and so on-until the end of the series.  As I was not sure of the series numbers.


More Series

My Favourite Series from New Zealand:
Top Of the Lake Series One.

My Favourite Australian series.
The Code.
Secrets and Lies (original series)
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries  Series One and Two.
(Best watched as two whole series consecutively rather than weekly)

My Favourite Older Australian series:
Underbelly (Netflix) Series One, Two and Three: Underbelly, A Tale of Two Cities and The Golden Mile

My Favourite British Series:
BBC One.
The Missing
(mainly for James Nesbit and Inspector Jean Luc Baptiste-Retired)
Nb.  I hear there will be a series two.

BBC One- Older series.
What Remains (with David Threfall)

BBC Two.
Intruders. (with John Sims)

ITV Channel.
Prey series One (mainly for John Sims)
The Code of a Killer (with John Sims and David Threfall)

Channel Four.
(based on the Swedish original series: Äkta människor which translates to Real Humans in English)

My Favourite Israeli Series.
Hatufim/ Prisoners Of War Series One and Two.
Bei Aruba/ Hostages
(Nb. there is an American remake of Bei Aruba called Hostages)

My Favourite English/ Arabic series:
Tyrant Series One.

My Favourite Sci-fi series:
Orphan Black (BBC Three)
Continuum Series One, Two and Three.
Dark Matter

My Favourite Canadian Series:
Orphan Black
Dark Matter

My Favourite supernatural/ horror series:
The River


All of the above series mentioned have been reviewed on this Blog except for: Spiral Series one, Forbrydelsen/ The Killing Series One and The Walking Dead.

Grimm has only been reviewed briefly.  Because I love it and I didn’t want to give too much away..

Likewise-Continuum was reviewed as a two part review.  First review and then update.


There has been a second series of Prey-which is a different story with different actors in it.  Weird-I know.  The idea being that the hero is (the) prey I guess.


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