Luther-Series Four. Episode One only. Some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. There are two episodes to this series. Was on in the UK on BBC One.

“This programme contains some scenes that viewers might find upsetting..”

Luther is on top of a building.
Luther to Ripley:
“Do you ever do this?”
“Come up to a really high place..”
Luther continues:
“Do you ever have that feeling?”
“When you’re dreaming that you’re falling and then you wake up in it”..

Then we see that Luther is really standing at the edge of a cliff.

A woman is alone in an old house that she is doing up.
Her husband phones her about bringing take-away.
He is coming soon home now.
Except that..

Love is like a sin my love..

Luther lives in a cliff top cottage.
“Blimey, very close to the edge!” says the visiting Detective.
“Closer and closer every day!” replies Luther.

Much later.
Detective to Luther:
“Will have to leave the tea I’m afraid”
“Duty calls”
“Vivid misdeeds at Hackney Wick”!
Detective to Luther:
“You OK, really ?”
“Yes, everything is tickety-boo, really”..

But who is the mysterious woman?

Shencke to Detective Inspector and new Detective:
“Have you been with Luther?”

So the plot thickens.

Luther phones up his old mate Detective Constable Silver.  who is also bearded.  Everybody is bearded.
DCI Silver to Luther:
“We’re playing catch-up with some Bedlamite”!

Luther has a habit of saying:
“Wotcha” as a classic Cockney greeting.

Luther to another guy as a gun is held to his head.
“Is he havin’ a larf/ laugh?”

Cornelius Green and Luther.
Cornelius Green:
“What Police?”
The Police..”

Ahah.  I know where Luther is.

Not sure about the music.  That plays over-dramatically as Luther walks down the road.
(I half expected an unseen chorus to sing:”Shaft, he’s a bad mother…hush your mouth!”)


Footnotes to Episode One.

If I am right and Luther is living in his old flat: it is highly unlikely to have a cast iron radiator.  Being a council block.


Best thing is the snippets of poetic dialogue.  eg.  “Vivid misdeeds” “Bedlamite” and so on.

Worst thing-the more than icky murderer/s.  As always.  This one was seriously creeping me out.

This ick factor is as per usual for Luther however this time I felt that there was no balancing lightness: as in the mad pizz-azz supplied by the livelier character of Ruth Wilson.  For example.


Since when was Luther madly in love with Ruth Wilson?

Luther is a sizzling screen presence throughout.  The only problem for me was his disconnect in his interactions with other characters.

Perhaps it is harder to evince that connection on screen when you are so much taller than the other characters.  I dunno.  Luther just seemed spaced out to me. I know, he was meant to be depressed..

Like I said, the cliche’s, they just keep coming..

Is Luther more imaginary/imagined Bond than Detective?  More Skyfall than Sherlock.  Perhaps.
(I am mainly thinking about the music within this show that plays as Luther walks down the road-does Bond have that? I dunno)


Review of Episode One.

So I feel almost heretical saying this: however I just wasn’t feeling as in connecting with Luther this time.  This is only a review of episode one.  Because I just don’t feel like going back for episode two.

This situation of my reluctance to watch another episode: has remained unchanged.  Over a few weeks.  I gave the situation some time.  Thinking it might change.  But nope.  I just canna/cannot be bothered.

Just because I like Luther as a character doesn’t mean that the drama gets a free pass. I should still look at it objectively. Which is what I try to do. Well apart from expressing my personal preferences in a drama.

 It seemed to me that this series sacrificed substance for style.  They chose style over substance.

I would normally be scathing about the cliche’s in a drama.  So just because it’s Luther mooning about the impossibly artfully appointed and cavernous cottage: I will still say that the cliche’s they just keep on a calling.

Why or how is it that rundown cottages are always so fabulously appointed in dramas.  And just so huge.  But I digress.

Yes the cliche’s they pile up.  Like some metaphorical multiple (car) pile-up.  On the motorway named melodramatic.  Or Maybe just laughable.    Like Luther’s (apparent) theme tune.

The same thing happened with (the series) Wentworth Prison recently as did with Luther: suddenly they weren’t so fun anymore.  Or seemingly: as good.

Not that Luther could ever really be classified as fun: nope.  But maybe now I find it was less fun to watch and write about.

I think possibly that there are so many other good series I have seen it makes it harder for a one-off drama to shine.

Hence the individual drama may not stand up so well to comparison.  This described may be what I am experiencing with dramas lately.

Such comparison between dramas discussed above could well be unfair.  Little against large.  Or long.

Plus the number of dramas I think of in subliminal comparison to the new one: will only ever increase.

This is only two episodes long as a series. Therefore it could be argued: brush strokes must be broad and fast.  To build up the picture quickly.

At the same time this process could be said to be superficial and slick.  Slapdash even.  To watch. Yet all this described is Luther’s style.



I have only watched one episode of Luther.  So it doesn’t seem really fair to review it.  I can’t give Luther my full attention since I am seriously into (the series) Grimm.

Plus Luther’s sort of tense yet tawdry horror was just not my cuppa tea.  This time.

Bring on the schlock-horror I say..


Music footnote.

Idris Elba, the actor who plays Luther, can be found performing in a new video for a song by:

DJ Banj- Confidential-
Featuring Driis, Shadow Boxer and Idris Elba.


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