Grimm-Netflix-Final Updates up to and including Series Five-Episode Six. Brief updates and reviews. Minor spoilers only. These updates follow on from my first write-up on Grimm posted on 22nd December 2015. Nb. Series Five had a mid-season break after Episode Six.

Nb. Update part two has also been posted in Notes to my readers-new and returning series of 2016.
Along with details of mid-season return of Grimm Series Five.


Grimm Update part One.

Sp Grimm just gets better and better really: in my book anyway.  So I’m having a hard time dragging myself away from the series to watch anything else.  It helps or perhaps does not help: that there are so many cliffhangers.  At the end of episodes..

I am on Series Four now, which I had to transfer from TV to online to watch.  Ditto for Series five. Will have to watch online.  Shame Netflix doesn’t have them.  So Now I’m watching Grimm with head-phones on-yikes!

Grimm Update Part two.

So I’m on series Five now of Grimm.  Great Stuff.  I guess I’ll have to stop watching it soon as there are only six episodes.  Then I will have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next.

Grimm update Part Three.

So I am at episode six (in series five) which is the end of watching Grimm consecutively for now. Well closely consecutive.  Does that make sense.

Boy- what a ride it has been.  On a roller coaster of dramatically and boisterous fun.  In the watching of Grimm that is. Well for me anyway.

Horror and suspense too it must be said.  As some of the story-lines build throughout the drama.  Like some tall tower of  bricks.  With the horror increasing similarly.

Yet there is not too much horror.  Nor too much gore.  OK there is some gore…



May I say what an amazing experience it was to watch an ongoing drama of five series long.  Consecutively.  Binge watching I think they call it.

Yep.  Each series a healthy twenty plus episodes long.  A good juicy lump of drama.  That number could be around a hundred-of episodes I mean.

But Series Five is only six episodes in.

So I along with other Grimm fans will be waiting until the 29th of this month, January.  To find out what happens to Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin and Nick’s merry band of men.  And women..



Grimm will be on UK TV on 2nd February 2016 as in notes to my readers.


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