Hemlock Grove Series Three. Episodes One, Two, Three and Four-notes and dialogue with short review notes. Minor spoilers only. A Netflix Original Production.

Hemlock Grove Series Three

First few episodes-
Nb. All episode notes are done in the chronological order of watching the episodes.

Episode One.
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Olivia is cheerfully chatting self-help positive psychobabble at herself.  Or you think she is.  Until you realise she is chatting to someone else.
When she opens the curtain.


Episode Two
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Olivia to Shelley:
“Don’t worry darling, mother’s here…”

Nb.  I like the use of Latin in Hemlock Grove.
(for example) Doctor Pryce:
“Carthago endem est”.
 (or summat)


Episode Three
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Doctor Pryce:
“Autopsy time..”  Great stuff.

So I’ve been in the zone since series two.  The music..the opening credits..

Oh no..  Just as I was about to say-I’m getting a bit worried about Doctor Pryce, who is now just scarfing from the bottle.  I was gonna mention it’s getting a bit Alien.  Then it happens.

Not quite sure about Annie.  She is a bit too good to be true.

Roman to some people:
“Do you all live nearby?”

Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Dr. Pryce ends his speech…(to Olivia)
“That’s why I’m drumming, it engages my left brain..”
“It helped me to find my own shadow!”

Roman’s new friend:
“It’s the metallic taste on the down notes..”

So things got super weird there.

Then something really terrible happens.

Roman and Annie are stirring the soup.  Yum.

Man to Shelley:
“God, that has to be the most chaotic face I have ever seen!”
“The upper right quadrant..”
he continues:
“I gotta say, I find your whole gestalt cool and unexpected!”
“My names’s Antico Quain (or summat)

Roman’s New Friend:
“An Eleventh century manuscript from Norway..”
Roman’s new friend:
“Great, as if the bogeyman being real wasn’t bad enough!”

Aitor Quantico:
“Did you know that hippopotami were the nearest thing to whales..”
“So that is how fat Moe was the first to lead his pod..”
“Right out to the ocean, out of their mud-caked existence”
“Right to the ocean, where there was never a rainy day..”

The crowd applaud/ applause.

So Hemlock Grove has been packing a punch for a while now.
As a proper fully fledged film.

Doctor Pryce is wearing a blue kerchief in his suit pocket now.

Dr. Pryce to Olivia:
“I do recommend drumming lessons..”
“I wouldn’t have got in touch with my shadow without it!”

Roman is an amazingly acted and engaging character.

Oh no..

Hemlock Grove is so beautifully shot.

I agree with Antico about Shelley’s eyes.

Antico is cool and reminds me of a young Kevin Costner.

Dr. Pryce is looking through his microscope.  In the lab.


Episode Four
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Me I love it when Doctor Pryce talks all medical.

Oh I said I wasn’t going to write any more episode notes.  I’ll just stick the to the occasional quote.

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul”
“And sings the tunes without the words and never stop at all”
(Emily Dickenson)

Nb. I like the music in Hemlock Grove which is varied.

“From Zion, perfect in beauty”
“From the rising of the sun to where it sets..”

Olivia to Doctor Blinsky:
“A master stroke!

Ugh.  More ugh.

Uh oh.  It’s never good in dramas -as in a good outlook-when they are watching a wild life show on TV.
Cue-the voice-over:
The gazelle..

Review notes
So there are several story-lines going on at the same times.  Each one is powerful, dark and dramatic. Each story-line is like a film in itself.

“I tried to link a tender thing..”
“That any I had seen..”

You gotta love Antico.

Doctor Pryce has a vision.  (piano music playing)

Dr. Pryce:
“A quaint archaic trick, they thought that if they made everything really small,”
“No one would find it!”

Oh no.  So things get very dark in one of the story-lines this episode.


Notes for Review.
Each episode is like a film.  It’s like watching several fully fledged films at once.  Stunningly shot: in incredible beauty.


to be continued..



See last write-up on Hemlock Grove for further discussion and possible explanation of the phrase:
“Carthago endem est”.