Hemlock Grove-Series Two-Some notes and dialogue for episodes with two short reviews. Minor spoilers only. A Netflix Original Production.

Hemlock Grove

Series Two
The first few episodes of Series Two.
First Review.

So I’m on series two now and I would say Hemlock Grove is a serious grower in horror terms.  And as a story.  Let’s call it dark rather than cheerful.  Or not cheerful but dark.

Oh no.  Things just took a turn for the worse.  Well for that particular person. And that’s the understatement of the year.

Things are getting every kind of serious as the story-line comes together.  And then we had our first horror comedy moment.  Yey!  Things are getting more ugh by the moment.

Me I’m mostly worrying about the horse..

I know exactly which incident I am holding against Peter.  Although he did cry when he did it I suppose..

You can’t help still liking Roman and Peter.  They are still heroes. With at least one of them the classically flawed hero perhaps. We have to accept them/ we accept them.  In spite of certain incidents in series one.

Me I didn’t look in one of those scenes.  I’m thinking there might be a fair bit of not looking from me in the watching of Hemlock Grove..

I’m also thinking that certain scene was when Hemlock Grove turned it up a notch.   Set out its stall. The getting-to-be-horror stall.

It’s New Age Halloween-come and get your horror here.


Further Episodes-
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.
(written in the chronological order of watching the episodes)

I like how the sound description says:
(eerie melodramatic theme music playing)

Episode Three is the killer episode I felt.  If you’ll pardon the pun..

“This town is weird, weird shit is going down..”
“I need to get out of this town”..
(Yes, you probably should)

There are some stunningly shot scenes in Hemlock Grove.  A Close-up of a ploughed muddy field in the moonlight.

Doctor Pryce: (to Olivia)
“There are anomalies..”
“Your empathy..”

Olivia sings karaoke:
Creature with the atom brain
Why is he acting strange..
Do you think he is one of them..
He threw the dog right down”.
Creature with the atom brain..

Dr. Pryce to Olivia:
“I preferred your venomous disposition..”
“When your heart was as small as a caraway seed..”

A little boy reads:
“A little boy, his name is Fred”
“His pride and joy, a shiny sled”.

Hemlock Grove is not for the squeamish.  But you knew that.

Words you don’t often hear in a drama:
“My ear!”
“Thick yellow pus is coming out of my ear!
(holding a towel)
“Thick yellow pus is coming out of my ear!”

More random dialogue:
“The impeded stream is the one who sings..”
“Dark is the inside of love..”

“Te absolvo..”


Further episodes.
(written in chronological order)
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Loving the different shots of the Godrey tower.

That was a truly terrible West Indian accent.

Olivia and the Russian Scientist.
“I’ve been strolling the grounds..”
“The birch trees are lovely this time of year..”

The Scientist/ Doctor: (after reapplying her blood red lipstick)
“Yes, birch trees are beautiful in the winter..”
“Naked, white..”

Doctor Pryce:
“And so we’ll laugh, at gilded butterflies”
Ah.  Sad.
(computer beeps)

So sometimes Hemlock Grove is a whodunnit. I was going to say over each episode but it is more like a series.  The whodunnit takes place over a series.

Nb. Hemlock Grove is written by Peter Blake.

There are some funny bits in Hemlock Grove.  OK, briefly..

So I’m not quite sure about Doctor Spivak.
Nb. I think Dr. Spivak is an elderly and excellent well known American actor.

Roman to Norman:
“Look, I don’t have the bandwith for this”..

Doctor Pryce grew on me.

I love how they have a sign for Parisitology along with the sign for Oncology.  In the clinic at the white tower.

(A) Beautiful Shakespearean-like speech:
A man to Peter:
“A gaze, blank and pitiless like the sun”..
“While all about it the darkness drops again”..
“But I know, that twenty centuries of sleep were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle..”
“Of what rough beast..”

The Godfrey tower, we see it in the day time, at night, in sunlight and snow.  One time it looked like Art-Deco.

Olivia sings:
“Let no harm or darkness find you”..
“And your dream be one of joy”..
“Mother will always be with you..”
“La la la la la”..

“Oh my”..
Now that’s an understatement.


Next Episode-
Last episode of Series Two.
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Doctor Pryce to Roman: (speaks Arabic)
“Which loosely translated means bad news in sensible shoes”

Olivia to Roman:
Look, I can sing love songs now!”
Turns on the TV with a video of her singing on it.

Olivia to Norman:
“I will live out my life with love and compassion with you, as my guiding light at my side!”

(door opens, door closes)

Olivia to herself: (looking evil)
(Fuck me…fuck you!)

Uh oh.  Here comes Doctor Spivak.
He’s just too damn nice.  And for some reason I don’t believe he’s ever been to Norway, Trondheim.

Dr. Pryce gets out his phone.  Bach plays..

Doctor Spivak to his receptionist, Pearl:
“You’re looking beautiful as always”.
“This is damn fine coffee by the way!”
(Twin Peaks!)

Dr. Spivak to Pearl:
“This is how you treat me?”
“How many flu seasons have we been through together?!”

Bach’s Prelude in C Major is playing..
I can’t look..
(door opens, door closes)
Like I said-dark not cheerful.

Doctor Pryce to Norman:
“She said she loved you..”
“She said it without a hint of irony or malice”..

So Hemlock Grove just gets better and better.  More tragic too.  And wonderful to watch.

Um, just as I was saying  that: Oh no!…

I do like how the orchestral music is actually playing the traditional: du na da na nan..

So: all truly horrific wonderful and interesting.

What.  The.  Hell.  Just happened.
I’m officially ending the notes.

The penultimate scene of this episode was on the top of the Godfrey building.

Back to the TV with Olivia singing in the video:
Bye bye love..
By me, my love..
Your father will not know..
Love don’t cry..
I don’t lie..
Bye bye, my love..

Olivia smiles, on the film, sweetly and coquettishly.

This film must be from her Karaoke night.


Final Review of Series Two.

So I was glad that I stuck with Hemlock Grove after series one.  Of course I liked Hemlock Grove.  I had just watched a whole series of it in about three to four episode chunks.  You lose count. Each episode slips seamlessly into the other.

As mentioned in the notes somewhere, the story lines really come together in series two.  Or those story-lines could be said to have already collided: in series one.

Series two is a different story from series one. The characters Roman and Peter our two heroes (classically flawed or whatever) are at different stages of their lives now.  Along with many others in their lives.

Plus the ever inscrutable and enigmatic Doctor Pryce..

Lets’ just say that series two takes the Peter, Roman, Shelly and Olivia story lines: to a whole new level.


Latin translation of:
Te absolovo or absolvo te- is I forgive you.  I think.


The Shakespearean-like speech is a poem by W.B. Yeats called The Second Coming.  Written in 1919 and first printed in 1920.