Hemlock Grove Series Three. Episodes One, Two, Three and Four-notes and dialogue with short review notes. Minor spoilers only. A Netflix Original Production.

Hemlock Grove Series Three

First few episodes-
Nb. All episode notes are done in the chronological order of watching the episodes.

Episode One.
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Olivia is cheerfully chatting self-help positive psychobabble at herself.  Or you think she is.  Until you realise she is chatting to someone else.
When she opens the curtain.


Episode Two
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Olivia to Shelley:
“Don’t worry darling, mother’s here…”

Nb.  I like the use of Latin in Hemlock Grove.
(for example) Doctor Pryce:
“Carthago endem est”.
 (or summat)


Episode Three
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Doctor Pryce:
“Autopsy time..”  Great stuff.

So I’ve been in the zone since series two.  The music..the opening credits..

Oh no..  Just as I was about to say-I’m getting a bit worried about Doctor Pryce, who is now just scarfing from the bottle.  I was gonna mention it’s getting a bit Alien.  Then it happens.

Not quite sure about Annie.  She is a bit too good to be true.

Roman to some people:
“Do you all live nearby?”

Absolutely brilliant stuff.

Dr. Pryce ends his speech…(to Olivia)
“That’s why I’m drumming, it engages my left brain..”
“It helped me to find my own shadow!”

Roman’s new friend:
“It’s the metallic taste on the down notes..”

So things got super weird there.

Then something really terrible happens.

Roman and Annie are stirring the soup.  Yum.

Man to Shelley:
“God, that has to be the most chaotic face I have ever seen!”
“The upper right quadrant..”
he continues:
“I gotta say, I find your whole gestalt cool and unexpected!”
“My names’s Antico Quain (or summat)

Roman’s New Friend:
“An Eleventh century manuscript from Norway..”
Roman’s new friend:
“Great, as if the bogeyman being real wasn’t bad enough!”

Aitor Quantico:
“Did you know that hippopotami were the nearest thing to whales..”
“So that is how fat Moe was the first to lead his pod..”
“Right out to the ocean, out of their mud-caked existence”
“Right to the ocean, where there was never a rainy day..”

The crowd applaud/ applause.

So Hemlock Grove has been packing a punch for a while now.
As a proper fully fledged film.

Doctor Pryce is wearing a blue kerchief in his suit pocket now.

Dr. Pryce to Olivia:
“I do recommend drumming lessons..”
“I wouldn’t have got in touch with my shadow without it!”

Roman is an amazingly acted and engaging character.

Oh no..

Hemlock Grove is so beautifully shot.

I agree with Antico about Shelley’s eyes.

Antico is cool and reminds me of a young Kevin Costner.

Dr. Pryce is looking through his microscope.  In the lab.


Episode Four
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Me I love it when Doctor Pryce talks all medical.

Oh I said I wasn’t going to write any more episode notes.  I’ll just stick the to the occasional quote.

“Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul”
“And sings the tunes without the words and never stop at all”
(Emily Dickenson)

Nb. I like the music in Hemlock Grove which is varied.

“From Zion, perfect in beauty”
“From the rising of the sun to where it sets..”

Olivia to Doctor Blinsky:
“A master stroke!

Ugh.  More ugh.

Uh oh.  It’s never good in dramas -as in a good outlook-when they are watching a wild life show on TV.
Cue-the voice-over:
The gazelle..

Review notes
So there are several story-lines going on at the same times.  Each one is powerful, dark and dramatic. Each story-line is like a film in itself.

“I tried to link a tender thing..”
“That any I had seen..”

You gotta love Antico.

Doctor Pryce has a vision.  (piano music playing)

Dr. Pryce:
“A quaint archaic trick, they thought that if they made everything really small,”
“No one would find it!”

Oh no.  So things get very dark in one of the story-lines this episode.


Notes for Review.
Each episode is like a film.  It’s like watching several fully fledged films at once.  Stunningly shot: in incredible beauty.


to be continued..



See last write-up on Hemlock Grove for further discussion and possible explanation of the phrase:
“Carthago endem est”.

Hemlock Grove-Series Two-Some notes and dialogue for episodes with two short reviews. Minor spoilers only. A Netflix Original Production.

Hemlock Grove

Series Two
The first few episodes of Series Two.
First Review.

So I’m on series two now and I would say Hemlock Grove is a serious grower in horror terms.  And as a story.  Let’s call it dark rather than cheerful.  Or not cheerful but dark.

Oh no.  Things just took a turn for the worse.  Well for that particular person. And that’s the understatement of the year.

Things are getting every kind of serious as the story-line comes together.  And then we had our first horror comedy moment.  Yey!  Things are getting more ugh by the moment.

Me I’m mostly worrying about the horse..

I know exactly which incident I am holding against Peter.  Although he did cry when he did it I suppose..

You can’t help still liking Roman and Peter.  They are still heroes. With at least one of them the classically flawed hero perhaps. We have to accept them/ we accept them.  In spite of certain incidents in series one.

Me I didn’t look in one of those scenes.  I’m thinking there might be a fair bit of not looking from me in the watching of Hemlock Grove..

I’m also thinking that certain scene was when Hemlock Grove turned it up a notch.   Set out its stall. The getting-to-be-horror stall.

It’s New Age Halloween-come and get your horror here.


Further Episodes-
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.
(written in the chronological order of watching the episodes)

I like how the sound description says:
(eerie melodramatic theme music playing)

Episode Three is the killer episode I felt.  If you’ll pardon the pun..

“This town is weird, weird shit is going down..”
“I need to get out of this town”..
(Yes, you probably should)

There are some stunningly shot scenes in Hemlock Grove.  A Close-up of a ploughed muddy field in the moonlight.

Doctor Pryce: (to Olivia)
“There are anomalies..”
“Your empathy..”

Olivia sings karaoke:
Creature with the atom brain
Why is he acting strange..
Do you think he is one of them..
He threw the dog right down”.
Creature with the atom brain..

Dr. Pryce to Olivia:
“I preferred your venomous disposition..”
“When your heart was as small as a caraway seed..”

A little boy reads:
“A little boy, his name is Fred”
“His pride and joy, a shiny sled”.

Hemlock Grove is not for the squeamish.  But you knew that.

Words you don’t often hear in a drama:
“My ear!”
“Thick yellow pus is coming out of my ear!
(holding a towel)
“Thick yellow pus is coming out of my ear!”

More random dialogue:
“The impeded stream is the one who sings..”
“Dark is the inside of love..”

“Te absolvo..”


Further episodes.
(written in chronological order)
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Loving the different shots of the Godrey tower.

That was a truly terrible West Indian accent.

Olivia and the Russian Scientist.
“I’ve been strolling the grounds..”
“The birch trees are lovely this time of year..”

The Scientist/ Doctor: (after reapplying her blood red lipstick)
“Yes, birch trees are beautiful in the winter..”
“Naked, white..”

Doctor Pryce:
“And so we’ll laugh, at gilded butterflies”
Ah.  Sad.
(computer beeps)

So sometimes Hemlock Grove is a whodunnit. I was going to say over each episode but it is more like a series.  The whodunnit takes place over a series.

Nb. Hemlock Grove is written by Peter Blake.

There are some funny bits in Hemlock Grove.  OK, briefly..

So I’m not quite sure about Doctor Spivak.
Nb. I think Dr. Spivak is an elderly and excellent well known American actor.

Roman to Norman:
“Look, I don’t have the bandwith for this”..

Doctor Pryce grew on me.

I love how they have a sign for Parisitology along with the sign for Oncology.  In the clinic at the white tower.

(A) Beautiful Shakespearean-like speech:
A man to Peter:
“A gaze, blank and pitiless like the sun”..
“While all about it the darkness drops again”..
“But I know, that twenty centuries of sleep were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle..”
“Of what rough beast..”

The Godfrey tower, we see it in the day time, at night, in sunlight and snow.  One time it looked like Art-Deco.

Olivia sings:
“Let no harm or darkness find you”..
“And your dream be one of joy”..
“Mother will always be with you..”
“La la la la la”..

“Oh my”..
Now that’s an understatement.


Next Episode-
Last episode of Series Two.
Some random notes and dialogue on first watching.

Doctor Pryce to Roman: (speaks Arabic)
“Which loosely translated means bad news in sensible shoes”

Olivia to Roman:
Look, I can sing love songs now!”
Turns on the TV with a video of her singing on it.

Olivia to Norman:
“I will live out my life with love and compassion with you, as my guiding light at my side!”

(door opens, door closes)

Olivia to herself: (looking evil)
(Fuck me…fuck you!)

Uh oh.  Here comes Doctor Spivak.
He’s just too damn nice.  And for some reason I don’t believe he’s ever been to Norway, Trondheim.

Dr. Pryce gets out his phone.  Bach plays..

Doctor Spivak to his receptionist, Pearl:
“You’re looking beautiful as always”.
“This is damn fine coffee by the way!”
(Twin Peaks!)

Dr. Spivak to Pearl:
“This is how you treat me?”
“How many flu seasons have we been through together?!”

Bach’s Prelude in C Major is playing..
I can’t look..
(door opens, door closes)
Like I said-dark not cheerful.

Doctor Pryce to Norman:
“She said she loved you..”
“She said it without a hint of irony or malice”..

So Hemlock Grove just gets better and better.  More tragic too.  And wonderful to watch.

Um, just as I was saying  that: Oh no!…

I do like how the orchestral music is actually playing the traditional: du na da na nan..

So: all truly horrific wonderful and interesting.

What.  The.  Hell.  Just happened.
I’m officially ending the notes.

The penultimate scene of this episode was on the top of the Godfrey building.

Back to the TV with Olivia singing in the video:
Bye bye love..
By me, my love..
Your father will not know..
Love don’t cry..
I don’t lie..
Bye bye, my love..

Olivia smiles, on the film, sweetly and coquettishly.

This film must be from her Karaoke night.


Final Review of Series Two.

So I was glad that I stuck with Hemlock Grove after series one.  Of course I liked Hemlock Grove.  I had just watched a whole series of it in about three to four episode chunks.  You lose count. Each episode slips seamlessly into the other.

As mentioned in the notes somewhere, the story lines really come together in series two.  Or those story-lines could be said to have already collided: in series one.

Series two is a different story from series one. The characters Roman and Peter our two heroes (classically flawed or whatever) are at different stages of their lives now.  Along with many others in their lives.

Plus the ever inscrutable and enigmatic Doctor Pryce..

Lets’ just say that series two takes the Peter, Roman, Shelly and Olivia story lines: to a whole new level.


Latin translation of:
Te absolovo or absolvo te- is I forgive you.  I think.


The Shakespearean-like speech is a poem by W.B. Yeats called The Second Coming.  Written in 1919 and first printed in 1920.


Hemlock Grove-A Netflix Original Production. Some notes and dialogue on first few episodes and a review of Series One. Minor spoilers only. On Netflix in the UK.

Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove is a Netflix Original production.
Series One.

First few episodes
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
(written in chronological order of watching the episodes)

Based on the book by Brian McGreevy.
Has Bill Skasgard in it.

Hemlock Grove doesn’t really get going until the second episode.  The adults are less interesting than the teenagers are.  As characters and actors.

The two boys Roman and Peter meeting at the end of episode one is when things started to get interesting.  I felt.

Letha to Roman:
“How do you explain dancing to a person who has no legs?”
“I have legs that won’t quit”

Hemlock Grove is beautifully filmed.  My favourite scene so far is the old fashioned shot of a girl and a boy in a car driving.  with the open topped car’s window as their frame.

Peter’s Grandfather:
There are things that look like you and me but are not..”

“You could not see what we saw at night.”

“So as with the other..”
“I have no more business to marry Elgar Linton than in heaven and earth..” (Jane Austen?)

So things are a little more involved in Hemlock Grove than in (the series) Grimm..

Roman to Peter:
“You gotta be fucking kidding me!”

My feelings exactly.

Let’s just say I got the wrong end of the stick. I was slow on the uptake.  When Roman asks Peter if he can watch: I thought he meant a film..

So Hemlock Grove is coming along nicely.  It’s all quite unusual.  And interesting.  You kind of miss the presence of a Detective at first.

Your sister and me will keep your place clean
So it shines for me
So it’s clean when you come home..

Beautiful but stony faced wife to Peter:
“We don’t get many visitors round here..”

The father (of Letha) is a Psychiatrist and has this kind of inquisitor role that the Detective might have.

However it is the two boys who are going to be..
Well I had better not say. Let’s say, they will be the main characters.  And go on a quest..

Peter to Letha:
“Did you know that the wettest place on earth is a small garden in Hawaii?”

I like the ongoing e-mail being written at intervals throughout which describes the story so far.

The mother (of Roman) is super stony faced.

The Sheriff is a good character: he has a solid presence.

So I would say the the horror in Hemlock Grove is turned up a notch compared to, um Grimm.

“I cannot tell how it mounts on the wind or call through the clouds”
“Today I have seen the dragon”..

So it’s all most odd.
But not quite daft.

I like how the Godfrey building is shot.  Lit up like it was in a Gotham set piece scene.

Olivia (Roman’s mother):
“So when he wakes up he’ll feel the sun on his face..”
“Perhaps he’ll hear a bird”
“A mourning/ morning bird..”
“They’re not all gone..”

The Bishop:
“I found myself in a dark wood..”
“I could not find my way..”
(Or summat-Dante’s Inferno I think)

There is some lovely text and quotes.


Review of first few episodes of Series One.

So I’m really rather liking Hemlock Grove so far.  I think I’m up to episode seven.  The drama is a little bit flat and dead somehow.  Yet I’m aware I maybe directly comparing it with Grimm.  Which is unfair.

Hemlock Grove is interestingly like-able.  I am aware I maybe finding the drama slow after the fairly break-neck pace of Grimm.

I am not sure that all of the story-lines sometimes work.  For example I find the scenes with Olivia and Norman to be turgid and trite.  Sometimes.

Olivia’s face barely moves.  She is playing that sort of character: a Revenge (series) style matriarch impossibly perfect in appearance.  Yet problematic as her blank face is: she is still spellbinding to watch.

Plus at one point when she is standing right next to someone: Olivia is very, very tall.  She is also seriously creepy..

Yes, not all of Hemlock Grove’s scenes work quite right some of the time. However they do work for enough of the time.  For me to keep on watching that is.

Plus there is some very fine acting going on from the two young men: Roman and Peter right from the beginning of of Hemlock Grove.  They- the two teenagers and their friends provide the focus and the beating heart of the drama so far.

Update Review On Hemlock Grove.

So I am at the end of Series One now which I would describe as stylish and fairly engaging as a drama.  However the final pay-off if you like I felt to be anti-climactic or an anti-climax.

Basically you are watching a classic who-dunnit.  You, or I anyway, keep watching to find out who did it.

However overall the experience of watching the culmination of the story felt dreary and depressing to me.  Yes, I realise it was probably optimistic to be hoping for any kind of happy ending.  In a horror.

Yet by the end  pretty much every character including the two main heroes: are or have become uniformly unlikeable.

For those of us who must, like me, need to actually like or identify with at least one character.  OK if not unlikeable they have done some rather regretful things shall we say.

Plus there is a regretful amount of psychobabble.  Spouted by Norman, the doleful and un-engagingly robotic psychiatrist.  But then that is his wont I suppose.

The several side or sub-plots, one of which involves him and the dully evocative Olivia: are more than faintly ridiculous.

At best, these strange sub-plots are like some on-going art-house film mixed with a great big dollop of action-packed B-movie.  As with the odd interludes involving Norman and Olivia: alongside the mysterious Wild Life & Fisheries Officer- Doctor Chasseur.

Then there is the eponymously evil Bishop, chuckling away and stealing simply every scene he’s in.



The Sheriff is called Sheriff Sworn.


Olivia is Roman’s mother. She is first referred to here in the episode notes as “the stony-faced wife”.


Grimm-Netflix-Final Updates up to and including Series Five-Episode Six. Brief updates and reviews. Minor spoilers only. These updates follow on from my first write-up on Grimm posted on 22nd December 2015. Nb. Series Five had a mid-season break after Episode Six.

Nb. Update part two has also been posted in Notes to my readers-new and returning series of 2016.
Along with details of mid-season return of Grimm Series Five.


Grimm Update part One.

Sp Grimm just gets better and better really: in my book anyway.  So I’m having a hard time dragging myself away from the series to watch anything else.  It helps or perhaps does not help: that there are so many cliffhangers.  At the end of episodes..

I am on Series Four now, which I had to transfer from TV to online to watch.  Ditto for Series five. Will have to watch online.  Shame Netflix doesn’t have them.  So Now I’m watching Grimm with head-phones on-yikes!

Grimm Update Part two.

So I’m on series Five now of Grimm.  Great Stuff.  I guess I’ll have to stop watching it soon as there are only six episodes.  Then I will have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next.

Grimm update Part Three.

So I am at episode six (in series five) which is the end of watching Grimm consecutively for now. Well closely consecutive.  Does that make sense.

Boy- what a ride it has been.  On a roller coaster of dramatically and boisterous fun.  In the watching of Grimm that is. Well for me anyway.

Horror and suspense too it must be said.  As some of the story-lines build throughout the drama.  Like some tall tower of  bricks.  With the horror increasing similarly.

Yet there is not too much horror.  Nor too much gore.  OK there is some gore…



May I say what an amazing experience it was to watch an ongoing drama of five series long.  Consecutively.  Binge watching I think they call it.

Yep.  Each series a healthy twenty plus episodes long.  A good juicy lump of drama.  That number could be around a hundred-of episodes I mean.

But Series Five is only six episodes in.

So I along with other Grimm fans will be waiting until the 29th of this month, January.  To find out what happens to Nick Burkhardt, Hank Griffin and Nick’s merry band of men.  And women..



Grimm will be on UK TV on 2nd February 2016 as in notes to my readers.


Quick note to my readers of some new and returning series in 2016 in the UK on TV and Netflix.

Grimm- Netflix.
So I’m on Series Five now of Grimm.  Great Stuff.  I guess I will have to stop watching it soon as there are only six episodes.  Then I will have to wait a whole week to find out what happens next.  Noooo..

Update on Grimm series Five.
The series mid-season break ends and episode seven will be aired on 2nd February 2016.
On Watch Channel in the UK-channel number 124 or 191HD on Virgin Media TV.

I believe the date of Episode Seven will be the 29th of January in America.

Episode Seven follows Episode Six-Wesen Nacht and will be called:
“Eve Of Destruction”.

Episode Seven description:
“Nick and the gang are still reeling from recent events but not everything is as it seems”..

Episode Eight is called:
“Reptile Dysfunction”

Episode Nine:
“Star Crossed”


Other series I have heard of coming to UK TV.

Stan Lee’s The Lucky Man
With James Nesbit.  On Sky 1.
Starts this Friday, today in fact-22nd January 2016  @ 9pm
About a London Policeman who gets lucky upon receiving (and then wearing i guess) a mysterious bracelet..

I quote from TV information from Virgin Media TV:
The Lucky Man
Episode One:
“James Nesbit stars as a troubled London Cop whose fortunes change when he is given a lucky bracelet”

This show is previewed in the Independent.


The Five
 Sky 1-coming in March 2016.
All text below quoted from Virgin Media TV leaflet:
(sourced on 21st January 2016.

“Watch this if you like..Broadchurch”
What’s it all about?
Six kids, playing in the woods.  One wanders off, vanishing forever.  Then, 16 years latter, a new clue shows up, and the five grown-ups must confront the past all over again”.

Why watch?
“Mega selling thriller novelist Harlan Coben came up with this dark thrill ride that’s packled with twists and shocks.”

Who’s in it?
Tom Cullen, Lee Ingleby, Sarah Solemani
“Coming in HD in march on Sky 1HD (Channel 109)


This sounds interesting.  Now that I think I’m all cool with supernatural horror..

FOX HD Channel
Nb.  I remember previewing Outcast in a brief note a while back now.

Quoted and sourced from Virgin media TV leaflet on 21st January 2016:

What’s it all about?
“Kyle Barnes’ hunt for redemption is held back by an unfortunate affliction-he’s possessed by a demon.  Strangely, there’s a young lad living down the road with a similar supernatural “issue”.  What are the chances?

Why watch?
It’s based on comics written by Robert Kirkman, who also created The Walking Dead.

Who’s in it?
With Patrick Fugit, Phillip Glenister, Melinda McGraw.
Coming in HD in 2016 on FOX Channel.  (Channel number 199 on Virgin)

Gotham Series Two.
Plus-Gotham is back-yey!
Series Two started on Channel Five in the UK on Monday 11th January 2016.
Channel Five.

Episode One-“The rise Of The Villains: Damned If You Do”
TV description:
“After a shake-up at the GCPD (Gotham Central Police Department?), Detective Jim Gordon’s moral compass wavers to the extent that he turns to The Penguin for help”.

The Walking Dead Series Six (?)
Starts in February 2016.

Note-the accompanying talk show that follows the showing of The Walking Dead on FX channel- The Talking Dead is brilliant.


Code 100 
Currently on Sky Atlantic Channel in the UK.
A Swedish and American Detective team up to solve a murder in Stockholm.


The Slap
Coming soon to Lifetime Channel number 209 on Virgin Media TV.
(not sure if I have this channel)
An American remake of the Australian original series-The Slap.

With Uma Thurman.  I saw the original of this which I thought was very good.  A stifling domestic drama revolving around a fateful slap one afternoon at a barbecue..


Plus the return of the X-Files! Channel Five.
TV Trailer: “Is the truth still out there?” I wonder.
The truth is out there..
“Coming soon..”

Silent Witness- Series 19
Returned on 4th January 2016 on BBC One Monday @ 9pm followed on the next day Tuesday with the second part of that story.

Description of series:
“Forensic Pathologist Dr. Niki Alexander solves crimes based on silent testimony offered by the dead”.

First two episodes are titled: After The Fall.


New Series Two of Extanct. 
First aired on Wednesday 13th January 2016.  Syfy Channel 165 HD or 135 on Virgin media TV.

Episode One:
“Molly escapes from a psychiatric hospital to investigate bizarre deaths that mirror those she saw in space; Molly meets J.D. RTichter, a Cop assigned to the case”.

With Halle Berry and Pierce Gagnon.


Also-coming soon to Sky Arts Channel-
That’s all I know as yet.  Scandi-Noir drama I believe.

OK, this show starts on Wednesday 13th January 2016 at 9pm.

From below Sky Arts link description:
“Compelling political drama inspired by best-selling Scaninavian author Jo Nesbo, following the story of a Russian invasion of Norway in order to seize its oil resources”

see link below for details and short trailer:


Netflix Original Productions.

Daredevil will return.
Update-Daredevil Series Two approximately 18th March 2016.

Jessica Jones will also have a second series.

Luke Cage
Luke Cage, the character from from Jessica Jones is to have his own series.


There are more shows to add which all come under the heading of coming soon:

Jack Irish 
new series.

-a series based on the film of the same name.  With Bradley Cooper.

Marvel’s Agent Carter.
New Series.

Deadline Gallipoli
A two part drama telling the story of the battle of Gallipoli.

Starring Sean Bean.  A new series.

If you liked 24″..

The Catch
“If you liked Scandal”..

Ash Vs Evil Dead
This has the original Director of The Evil Dead (1991) Sam Raimi directing the new show.