The Returned/ Les Revenants Series Two-Final Episode Eight. Some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. In French with English subtitles. Was on in the UK on More4 Channel.

Les Revenants

Series Two.
Episode Eight-Final Episode.
“Les Revenants”
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

36 years earlier
Lucy comes into town.

Present day.
Alcide carries out his task.
Urgent cello music plays.

Then that tinkly musical introduction.
The beginning of Les Revenants reminds me of the series True Blood opening credits.

The Army unit.
They are battling the unknown..
Army Major to his Sergeant:
“The little boy?”
“Yes, the little boy, he’s missing.”

Think I’m gonna leave the rest of the notes unwritten.
It is the last episode after all.

The Army Major goes to see the Priest.  I like the Army Major-he is an excellent character.

Things aren’t going too well for the revenants/ the returned.

Oh no.  A super shocking scene.  I said I was gonna stop.
So things are going from bad to worse. Generally.

Adele and Simon are breathtaking together as actors and characters.
As (separate) characters and as a couple.  They sizzle with chemistry.

Oh no.  Jerome has entered a certain circle of hell.  With his family.

Morgane to Lucy:
“The others are here too”.

And Mrs. Costa lights up a roll up.

Then something miraculous happens.
Cellos play.

Celestial music plays.

Several men face outwards, looking.
In a crisp blue mountain sky.
What an incredibly shot scene.

Nb. It’s Milan, not Malin!

And two old friends meet..
Oh no.  Well that was unexpected.

And the hordes gather.
Stand and stare.  And moodily mooch about in the forest.

“Don’t worry, I won’t be alone”

That cello music is so sad..

Adele, no don’t go there…

35 years earlier-a flashback..

Victor to Julie: in another double silhouette goodbye.
He says:
“Make my dream come true, please..”
He walks away, up the mountain side.

Meanwhile( in the forest)
(leaves rustle underfoot)

But guess who is missing from the rendezvous.
I’ve been wondering about him.
The horde have gathered.  At their meeting point.

Ooeerrr.  This is looking a bit um..I cannot say.

Jerome and Clare gaze at each other with love, creaking music plays along. (which) sounds like waves crashing on a beach.

Lena looks at Camille as the car disappears around the dam.

Now..back in another unexpected place..simply spectacular in fact.  But why is she wearing that dress?

OK I’m still here, writing.

Lucy to Victor:
(she) Claps.
Victor walks along the horde like inspecting the troops.
What. The.  Hell.  Is going on.

(shuffling footsteps near)
We only see the back of the person.
No.  Not you.  No…
(he breathes heavily)
Please, No.
I can’t look.
The piano music isn’t helping.

Etienne to Victor:
“You can change things if you want, she believes in you..”
And then it happens.

Victor runs.
They hug.
Like a hug could last forever.
“Where are they?”
“They’re gone.”
“We can stay here”

We gaze up into the blue sky.
Happy, slower music plays.
The sun is shining there.


Final Review.

So Les Revenants was moving, deep and emotional at the end.  As a drama.  It didn’t really matter that none of it or maybe just some of it: didn’t make any sense.

Like: where did Adele get that dress.  Or what the hell happened in that basement with (hitherto fore) dear sweet Audrey?  What happened to Serge.  I had better stop here.

Not all of these questions above go into the don’t make sense file: possibly only the question of the dress.

I don’t want to give too much away: because this last episode was shocking, mysterious and moodily evocative.

Evoking the understanding in the viewer: of love, loss, longing.  Saying goodbye. Or not. As the case maybe. Then there are the themes of loneliness and death. And all points in between.

This all sounds so un-cheerful- I know.  Indeed there are fairly tragic and heartbreaking times and stories in Les Revenants.  Yet the ending was uplifting I felt.

Ah, Julie.  Julie,  Julie,  Julie.  So somewhere-the air is rare and the sunshine is bright.  And maybe Julie is not so heartbroken any more.

May I say that we believe in all of the above, the stories, the characters, their feelings their loves and loss: due to the incandescent acting of all involved.

Then there was the scenery, the trees, the forest.  The dam.  The bleached out palette of colour throughout: a palest wash of green, blue, white.  Ending in the crisp blue mountain air.

Oh yes then of course there was the music.  The music was part of the drama.  This was more than music adding atmosphere.

This was synergy.



The makers of Les Revenants created all this described with just a dam, a few sets and a bunch of people moodily mooching about the forest.


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