The Returned/ Les Revenants Series Two. Episode Seven-Some notes and dialogue on first watching with a short review at the end. Minor spoilers only. In French with English subtitles. On in the UK on More4 Channel on Fridays @ 9pm

Les Revenants

Series Two.
Episode Seven
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.


35 years earlier

10 months after the dam burst.

Malin to another man:
“The time has come, we’ll go away..”
(or summat)

All the people from that group are standing alone in a circle in the forest..

“Let’s pray”..
So that’s what happened.
And we see a young Pierre.

Oh dear  Dearie me.
What a debacle.  (a dastardly debacle)

Now/ Present Day

Did I mention that the Returned/ Les Revenants is just stunning to look at and watch.

Sandrine to Pierre:
“A mother can tell”
Look in her eyes, you can see..”
“It’s her/ Est elle!”

(vehicle appears)  down the wet green landscape on a white asphalt gravelled road.

Camille and Louis
“Come with me..”
“I cannot..”

The returned, the more generally faded yet still stylish ones,  all slope off down that suburban road.

Camille looked more like Lena then.

“I can stay here forever, if we’re all together..”
C’mon Jerome, O intensely bearded one..

I realise now that every time I see that pathway between the privet hedges, it’s giving me flashbacks to (the series) The Prisoner.

 Lucy and Louis get lost.
“Are you lost?”
(because that happens in this forest)
“We need to climb..”

Adele to the Doctor:
Please, tell them I’m fine, I love this baby..”

Chloe to Simon:
“I want us all to be  together, all of us four/ tous les quatres”

But who is that in the morgue.  I’m confused.
Wtf.  Ah, a dream.

But wait:
Woman shrieks.

Soldier to Victor:
“We can’t leave you all alone”

Uh oh.  That soldier has got a gun.

So lots going on really.. Now Berg is alone or sort of alone, in the forest  There are wild ferns growing.  And silver birch trees.

Etienne to Berg:
“I can’t remember, my memory’s/ my memory has gone..
Berg reaches out his hand..Holds Etienne’s hand.
“Come with me”.

Adele keeps seeing someone.

And we get an answer to one of our questions.

Nurse to Julie:
“You must learn to accept help”
“Otherwise you’ll end up alone,”
“Don’t complain if you do!”

Man: ( I can’t say who) to the army investigator:
“Some people offer up their faith”
“Others receive it.”

Army Major to Jerome:
“We just need to ask a few questions. about what happened…”

And we keep hearing about Victor.  And the dam.

The Army Major and Jerome have a chat.

Pierre to Julie:
“You’ve suffered greatly, you pain could end if you join us..”
Is Pierre meant to be some kind of Svengali?
(he sure seems to fancy himself as one)

And Victor comes to see someone.

So stuff is going down.
Down in the green lit basement.

(he breathes raggedly)
Oh no.  Now that was super weird..
Great stuff though.

Well-that is a bit of good news.  For once.
And Victor walks away.
Looking all cute and elf-like.



So Les Revenants/ The Returned is now bubbling along nicely.  Like a slow cooking pot bursting into bubbles at the top.  And then more.

Everything is kind of like the morning after the night before.  The night of horrific nightmares.  All is starting to appear normal.  Or is it..


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