The Bridge/ Bron/ Broen. Series Three. Episodes Seven and Eight-some short notes and dialogue on first watching with final review at the end. Please note- this is my final review of this series. Episodes Nine and Ten will be left unwritten. Minor spoilers only. In Swedish and Danish with English subtitles. On in the UK on BBC Four on Saturdays @ 9pm.

Bron/ Broen.

Series Three.
Episode Seven.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Previously/ Resume
A lot.

Oh no.  I realise now how Saga’s evil mother has set her up..

“Contains scenes some viewers might find disturbing”
Great.  That’s Me.  Usually.

So it’s some kind of burglary in progress until..

The/ that song.
Which I cannot be bothered to write down again.
And everything….
Goes back to the beginning..

Henrik and Saga.
Henrik looks around his house.
Something has happened.
He throws the pills in the glove compartment.

Well golly gosh.  Now that was a sight for sore eyes.

The ardent fan to the seminar man (Claes):
“Smile now”
“Happiness is a choice, right?”

Frederik Holst’s house on the sea is absolutely fantastic.

Saga and the Pathologist.
“See for yourself”
“I think it’s from an alphabet”..
“How many alphabets are there?”
“Around forty, some are obsolete..”

Clouds float overhead in another outside stunning, scene.

Saga’s Boss is seriously messing with her head.
Like I said: seriously creepy.

I like the story of the photographer.

Henrik is missing his pills.  Or maybe he’s just pacing.

So now things are getting really rather interesting.

It is a slight drawback for Saga and Henrik having to drive to another country when it’s all going down..

“A yellow car..”

Saga and Henrik are on a car chase- great stuff.

Saga looks to her left at Henrik inside the car.

Ah, the overflying shots.

Now I’m wondering if he is the murderer..

Saga and Henrik understand each other better than they know.

Oh no-This is all terrible.  Truly terrible.

And Henrik comes home.
Henrik is a wonderful character to watch.

Henrik and Saga.
“Where are you going?”
“To the toilet”
“I thought you were leaving”
“Do you want me to go?”

And there is some sad news.


Episode Eight
Short notes only.

You gotta love Scandinavian light fittings.

Cloudy fog in blue skies as a woman sings songs in her car and drives along.

The sun shines down on the city.

So Saga’s colleague at work taps the table next to him when he wants Henrik to sit.

So the suspect is not there.  However I was earlier wondering, as we all were, about a certain spade.

Henirik to Saga:
“I never bought all that best thing that ever happened to me stuff.”

So let’s just say that things are going down.  Down in murderers town.

Henrik and Saga.
Henrik to Saga:
“let me know if there is anything I can do.”

So really really sad this bit.

So now they are questioning the suspect.
It would be unfortunate if he really has done what we think.
And him being interviewed by the Police so soon.

The sinister story of Saga’s mother continues.

Saga to her Boss:
“He was my friend, he helped me  with things I found difficult.”

Ah.  Saga lies on a bed and weeps.
(she) Says:
“How did you know I was here?”
to Henrik.
Heart rending music plays.

We watch the bridge at night.  One tall triangular strut.

Frederik Holst to Jeanette:
“You two are the only good things in my life right now”
Then it all goes horribly wrong.

For the life of me I’ve  lost track of the plot.

Better go as all hell is breaking loose.
I had a bad feeling about that situation.

Saga and her boss.
Thing reach a head.

Now we find out just how nice Frederik Holst really is..

Oh no.
Confirmation of why the murderer passed up on a victim earlier..



Final Review.

So there was a point at which Saga and Henrik were running after a guy: that I couldn’t remember why they were chasing him.  And I swear, neither could they remember why they were chasing him either.

The Bridge is fairly mind boggling to watch.  There are multiple mad cap plots and happenings.  In fact the Bridge abounds with action and stories.

Yet there is a focus throughout on the ongoing interactions of  Saga and Henrik.  Both separately and together.  With each other.  We also see how they interact with others, for the investigation or investigations.  I may have lost count.

Both together and seperately as characters: Henrik and Saga’s story-lines focus the drama.  And we as the viewers.

The two Detectives bring intensity and depth to the drama.  Along with their excellent and focused colleagues of course.

We start to realise along the way just how similar  Henrik is to Saga: and both of them to the whizz computer expert John.  Or whatever is his proper title.  They are all similarly obsessive and focused, yet in entirely different ways.

Without all this wonderful character acting the Bridge could be in danger of running away with the story.  Or rather-multiple story-lines.

Some of these stories seem to be gathering at such a pace that they have gained an accelerated speed. Tumbling, perhaps.  One could describe it as such.

That forward, magical even, extra motion.  Like the proverbial bear falling down a hill.  Head over toes.

The Bridge does seem long. However it is jam packed with action and therefore never boring. Each episode is like a film on its own.

Each film is filmed with filmic interludes in between.  Like intermissions almost, we see the serenely stunning scenes.  Of  Denmark and Sweden.

The bridge.  The cities.  The night.


Henrik reminds me a little of the character Frederik in The Legacy/ Arvingerne for the intensity of his acting.



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