The Bridge- Bron/ Broen-Series Three. Episodes One, Two, Three and Four some short notes and dialogue with short review at the end. Minor spoilers only. In Swedish and Danish with English subtitles. On in the UK on BBC4 on Saturdays @9pm.

The Bridge-Series Three-

Episode One
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The bridge, from overhead.
A dark grey green night.

(faint crackling) in the eponymous warehouse.  A mannequin’s hand falls to the ground.

Then we switch to CCTV/ closed circuit TV camera.  Two men come back to work.  And find-something really rather odd.
In fact very odd indeed.

Boom Boom boom, goes the drum track.

Echoes stutter across the room
Hollow talking and hollow pain..
Never said it was good, never said it..
Shadow rises when you are here..
Resonating a mask of fear..
Hollow talking and hollow gain..

Bron/ Broen

(song continues)
And everything goes back to the beginning..

Saga arrives in her pea green Porsche.

Saga’s Police Chief (who I first thought was her new Danish colleague)
“Give me two minutes..”
“To do what?”

So I like the pairing of Sag and her new partner.  Who’s not the guy I thought he was earlier.  (that was her Boss)

Every time we see a new character I wonder if one of them is the murderer.

Ah! I always knew that Saga’s boss cared about her.

Me I just love the shots of the bridge.  I was hoping to see the pilings.
(they are really very impressive)

So there are all sorts of stories going on.  As there often are in the Bridge.

Then everything goes all kinds of harsh.

So is getting interesting.

So just who is the mysterious moustachioed man..


Episode Two.
Short notes only.

Saga’s Boss to her:
“You’re not going to like this but I think you need a hug..

So I have a theory about moustachioed man’s wife.
I might be wrong..


So, strangely, I dunno what to say about The Bridge Series three, other than: it’s the Bridge.
So I’ll watch another episode..


Episode Three.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Resume/ What happened earlier/ previously.

Priests are always so cool in Scandi-noir.
Their collars looks like it’s made of paper.  But I see that it is not.

Avsnift 3/ Afsnit 3

Damn.  It’s always my favourite character isn’t it.  That gets it.
Well apart from Saga.
Oh no.

Echo stutters across the room ..
Trembling noises that come too soon
Spatial movements which seem too near..
Resonating a mask of rear..
Hollow talking and hollow gain..
Thoughts set out for the root of pain..
Never said it was good never said it was near..
Shadow rises when you are here..”
And everything comes back to the beginning.

Detective Constable/ DCI Peterson is the name of Saga’s Boss.
Henrik is the name of Saga’s new Danish partner.

A little clue in conversation was just given there which confirms my theory about Henrik’s wife.

A group of men are playing poker.  Sinister music plays.
One of them is rakishly handsome with an old fashioned moustache and one long blond thin plait.

Oh no.  I can’t look.  La la la la la..
Still can’t look.
F-ing hell.

Words you don’t always hear in a murder investigation:
“It’s a ticket to a ghost train”.

Good God.

Saga’s Boss is super-cool.

The Boss: (to Saga)
“You seem a bit unbalanced..”
“Hans expects me to find who did this?”
“Why?” because he is your friend?”
“No, because I’m the best he’s got!”

This is terrible.

Lillian to Saga:
“I don’t want to be alone right now.”
And then Lillian covers Saga’s hand with her own.
(Saga looks mortified)

Pink and orange sunset.

Henrik’s wife is so beautiful.
She is like a supervising angel.

Did I mention that the music sometimes sounds like a tuning fork.  A tuning fork someone hit.  And it was left twanging for a period of time.

Gotta go.  Many stories..

So it’s all most interesting..

Saga to her colleague:
“How many now?”
“Three more than last time..”
“One thousand eight hundred and thirty three”.

Ah ha.  A clue, urgent drumming ensues.

Careful Henrik. Oh no.  A large spider.  One of those serial killer style spiders..

Things have taken a turn into suspenseful.

I just realised what the music at the end of the episode reminds me of: bagpipes!


Episode Four.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Resume/ Previously-well all not so cheerful really.

Another story.  Of two new characters.  I do believe the disparate strands of story-line will eventually intersect.

Oh no.  Just when you thought that was an inconsequential scene.

So we are getting somewhere with the investigation.
Ah, I just love the outside scenes.  Of Sweden.

Oh no.  I knew it was a bad idea for that to happen.

So Saga is going all rogue.  As she does.

Wowee.  The bridge.  With filigree lamps on the struts in the pale blue twilight.

Man to a crowd (of women)
“In here.. ”
(he) touches his heart..
“Happiness is a choice”
Young fan:
“You forgot the battery analogy today..”
Uh oh.

So the story of the young girl and the boyfriend-you just know it’s all going to go horribly wrong.
Oops.  And as I was writing that.

Did I mention that Henrik is a clever and intuitive interviewer.  Of suspects.  He has the human/ soft side that Saga lacks.

Oh look-it’s Thomas Buch or rather the actor who played him-from the Killing/ Forbrydelsen Three.

Nb.  It (the location) is Malmo.

I’m loving the face-off between Lillian and the Police Chief Boss..

Wait, this is Denmark.

Oh dear.  This particular story-line had been horrifying for sometime.
Well phew.

But it ain’t over till the fat lady sings.  As they say.
From opera I think.

Episode Four
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

An overflying night scene.

It can’t be over as far as the investigation goes. Since this is episode four.

Henrik has a troubled past, we know.
From hints along the way.

Are the children real..  I wonder.

Henrik: (over/ about the latest body)
“There doesn’t appear to be anything missing.”

Claes is the name of the mysterious man.
His fan from the seminar is slightly in fact more than worrisome..

Saga to her Boss:
“It’s a Vlog”
“Not a Blog!”.

Oh no.  Saga’s boss is transforming into something like Saga’a mother..

Spectacular midnight blue and sepia night scene.

Young teenage boy to (a) beautiful woman:
“You’re beautiful..”
“Does Håkan ever compliment you?”

Loving Henrik’s moustache and small beard.  I think we may find out officially at some point exactly what alternate universe that Henrik is living in.

Henrik’s story is getting as fascinating as Saga’s back-story.

So why does the women at the single’s night blank Henrik.
Saga and Henrik at the singles club.
“Good luck then”
“Good luck!!”

Here’s another story that you know is going to end badly.

Saga to Henrik: (as she sticks a touch of snuff in the top gum)
“Come with me..”

So the slightly stalkerish story-line continues.

The investigation is getting somewhere.

Saga’s Boss:
“Come with me..”
Saga follows.

Saga goes to see Hans.
She tells him her childhood story.

What did I tell you about Henrik.  (I knew it)

The bridge  At night.  In velvet blue and white.
The far struts are lit up like triangular pillars of three.


Short review.

So it must be too early in the series or something: for me to review The Bridge.  Other than say: it’s The Bridge.  Perhaps I know the series too well.  And thus am prevented from coming to it anew. With fresh eyes.  I dunno.

It’s just that everything seems to be self-evident for now.  The story seems to tell itself.  It is self-sufficient somehow.  Well for now.

Plus there are many stories going on at the same time in The Bridge, separately and sometimes (eventually) these stories and characters will intersect.  I do believe.  That is how The Bridge rolls.

But where would you start, to explain the story so far.

Saga is an affecting and intensely vulnerable character.  Yet she is fearless and strong at the same time.

Henrik, Saga’s new Danish partner, has a charming and painful backstory of his own.



The drama is set in both Sweden and Denmark.


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