Quick note to my readers-update on Luther Series Four, Blindspot and Grimm.

Luther Series Four BBC One.
Update on Luther-a correction to my original post (dated 29th November 2015) on Luther Series Four to be aired on Tuesday, 15th December 2015.

This series will be only two episodes long.

However the two episodes will be on Tuesday the 15th December and on the Tuesday of the next week:  22nd December 2015.

Not both episodes all on one night as I originally posted.

Luther Series Four (Virgin Media) TV Description: 
“A Detective struggling with his own terrible demons might be as dangerous as the murderers he hunts”.

Episode One Description: (brackets are mine)
“On  a leave of absence from the Police Force, Luther is laying low in a rundown cottage on the edge of England.  A visit from his old colleagues at the Met (Metropolitan Police) brings a shocking piece of news that draws him back to London in search of the truth”.

Troubled Detectives are always hanging out in that rundown cottage in the country- aren’t they.

Nb.  There are quite a few past Luther series write-ups on this blog.


Is on Sky Living Channel (Number 111 on Virgin Media TV for HD)
First aired on 24th November 2015.  Tuesdays @ 9pm.

Kind of cool and wonderful to view. Like a Netflix original-lite.  Almost Marvell comic-like.  Seen one episode so far.   A wee bit generic but fun nonetheless.

Blindspot- TV Description:
FBI Agent Kurt Weller and his team investigate when a naked woman with amnesia is found in New York’s Time Square covered in an intricate map of tattoos, including Weller’s name”

Episode One TV description:
“A woman turns up in a bag in NYC (New York City) covered in tattoos and with no memory of her past.  Mystery crime drama with Sullivan Stapleton and Jamie Alexander”.


Grimm- Netflix. Three seasons/ series on Netflix.  

So really rather liking Grimm so far. Before I knew it- I was on episode eleven.  This, I believe, is one of those series that is more than the sum of it’s parts.  Well for me anyway.

But then I am a sucker for a good story and these are all (original) Grimm Fairy stories.  Or more correctly-tales.  The Grimm Fairy Tales.  The brothers Grimm..

This series is raised above the ordinary by the excellent character of Blutbad-in my opinion. Who single-handedly- proceeds to act everybody else off the screen.

Blutbad also provides an excellent foil to the main character of the eponymous and so far fresh-faced and innocent- Portland Homicide Detective, Nick Burkhardt.

The character of Wu is good too.  Although it is not entirely clear if he is a regular Cop/ Policeman on the beat or a Crime Scene Unit Scientist-or both.

More information on Grimm.

Series/ Season Four of Grimm is currently being hosted on Watch Channel in the UK.

Nb.  Grimm, I discover, is also on TV in the UK on Watch Channel.

Watch Channel is found on channel numbers 124HD and 191 on Virgin Media TV.
(this was the channel that hosted the American remake of the series Secrets and Lies)

New Information on Series Five of Grimm: see link below.


Nb.  I espy the name John Carpenter listed as one creators of this show.


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