Quick note to my readers of a new series- Deutschland 83 coming to Channel Four in the UK on 3rd January 2016. This new series is one of a collection of international drama from Walter Presents. A note on the series Spin. See details below.

So now that the televisual Christmas desert has come upon us: I am mostly watching three episodes of Grimm a night.  Great stuff.

I wonder if Grimm can keep being so good: or will it soon descend into formulaic.  I hope not.


Meanwhile-I spotted this new series on a TV trailer..

Deutschland 83
In German with English subtitles.

Coming to Channel Four on 3rd January 2016
See link below:


There is a trailer for Deutschland 83 on this link.

All4.com/ Walter presents on Channel Four Sunday 3rd January 2016 @ 9pm.
Deutschland 83
Series Description: 
(from Channel Four website link as shown above- sourced on 18th December 2015)

“Set against real events, culture wars and political realities of Germany in the 1980’s, this epic drama is a stylish coming of age story, framed with in a suspenseful cold war thriller”.

Episode One description:
“An East German soldier is taken to the West, trained as a spy and given a new identity”.

Walter Presents
See link below:


Walter Presents is a new hand-picked collection of international  series  (picked by Walter) to be shown on All4-or any of the Channel Four channels in January 2016.

All4 is the new digital and TV Channel hub for: Channel Four and More4.
That’s it I think.

On TV All4 can be found in the list of channels after clicking on search and discover.
(well in my TIVO box anyway)

I spotted this in passing on the Walter Presents site-a French series about politics. Looks interesting.   I see that the actor who plays Pierre from the Spiral Series is in Spin.


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