Grimm. Series One. Some episode notes and dialogue on first watching: first few episodes. With a one one-off Review at the end. Minor spoilers Only. On Netflix in the UK.


Series One.  
Episode One.
Some notes on first watching.

So I’m loving Grimm.  There is too much to tell.  Let’s just say there really is a little woodcutter’s hut in the forest.  Just like in the Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Grimm seems almost soppy-in a classic 1950’s B Movie kind of way.  However there is a huge helping of horror.  Which is very believable.  Although somewhat daft at the same time.  And there are some really scary monsters in it.

Loving the team up of our hero and Bludblat.  Bludblat is hilarious.  Plus the hero’s Police partner is cool.  Like super-cool.


Episode Two onwards. 
First few episodes of Series One.
Some notes and random dialogue on first watching.

Hank Griffin and Nick Burkhardt.
“Nice house, nice cars..”
“But bad things still happen..”

Ugh.  A rat autopsy.

“Last time I had a heart it was…”

Sergeant Wu to a bartender:
“Bill, a lonely Sergeant needs a steak over here..”

Of course when a character plays violin, it’s the Danse Le Macabre.

I thought I was going to balk at the rats episode.  Well I came back to it.  But I’m kinda getting used the the rats now..

(faint house music plays)
“It’s coming from underground!”
Other teenager:
“That’s so literal!”
(ha ha)
Teenage girl:
“I don’t think we should do this..”
I think you might be right.
“This is so cool”
Teenage boy:
“Historical!” Ha ha.

At the end of this episode Sergeant Wu says:
“I guess they’ll have to face the music?”
“You had to go there?”
Sergeant Wu:
“Someone had to..”

More random dialogue
“I hate these places.”
(an artistic sort of junkyard of second hand/ old stuff)
“It’s the death of dreams..”

Man to other man:
“You killed them!”
“Ironically, no
“They killed each other”..

Just love it when Blutbad/ Monroe translates and speaks in High German.
“Bis spater”
(later in German I think) as in see you later.

Nick Burkhardt reads from a book.
Soon he was in love with the witch’s daughter..
He lived by the light of her eyes.


First and Final Review.
So I like the story at the beginning.  The Grimm’s fairy tale. I like the font. I like the moonlit night. I like the lettering of Grimm.  With something dripping off it.

Grimm really came together around episode eleven.  Yep: eleven, twelve and thirteen.

The humour is witty and self deprecating.  Grimm is weird and wonderful.

Possibly my favourite episode so far although there have been a few is the one with Hank and the chocolate chip cookies. The giant chocolate chip cookies, yum.

So I am somewhere around episode nineteen now.  They just fly by. Grimm really took off somewhere around episode eleven right on up to nineteen.

I stopped taking Grimm less seriously. Started taking it more seriously in fact.  Although I am convinced that Grimm is a sort of self aware schlock horror series.  Lovingly self-aware.  If that makes sense .

In that Grimm feels like it was written by someone who loves the schlock horror genre.  If there is such a genre.  Maybe I just made it up.

Grimm has characters: Hank for example saying things like:
“But I digress”.  You gotta love that in a series.  Well I do.

Then there are the plenteous forests in Grimm.  Amidst and amongst all the classic Grimm’s Fairy Tales and their retelling.

I could say more and I would love to describe more characters: however that would destroy the surprise that awaits..


My made-up introduction to a Grimm style Fairy Tale.  For Series One of Grimm.
As the man walked through the dark green forest at night-an owl hooted.  The bright moon beamed down.  

Suddenly, the young man heard a noise-a rustling.  Coming from behind him: he turned….


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