Blindspot. A one-off Review of Episode One. Some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor Spoilers Only. On in the UK on Sky Living Channel- number 111 on Virgin Media TV for HD. Tuesdays @ 9pm. First aired on 24th November 2015. Please note-Preview of Blindspot with Series and Episode One description was posted on 11th December 2015.


Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So the bag is lying in Times Square.  Which is stunningly beautiful.
“Whose bag is this?”
 asks the eponymous Cop.
The bag seems much too small for a person.

So Kurt Weller from the FBI is in Kentucky..

Shame there is no subtitles.

Amazingly, Jane Doe has full make-up on.
(But that seems to be a kinda rule for women in American dramas)

So Kurt is proper hunky.

It’s all a bit Nikita.

Poor girl.  She doesn’t know shit.  They leave her in a safe house for the night.

Before you know it she (Jane Doe) is talking Chinese and is part of the investigation.  Into some writing of Chinese behind her ear.

Snappy dialogue.
Hunky FBI Agent: (Kurt Weller)
“It was under our noses the whole time!”
Other FBI Agent:
“Behind her ear actually..”

And then, whaddya know? she can..
Nope.  I’m not gonna tell..

Blindspot is getting to be great stuff.
I’m getting that Jessica Jones feeling.

Jane Doe to seriously hunky and smouldering Kurt Weller:
“Is that why they chose me?”
“Because of what I can do?”
“I don’t know”.
(smoulder smoulder)

So Blindspot is beautifully filmed and shot.

Lovely to see New York City in all its technicolour glory.

Inner city.  Subway.
So now Kurt is running down the tunnel..

Kurt’s (FBI Agent) partner is equally hunky.  Just more smooth.

The scenery, the sets, the lighting (all of it gorgeous I was gonna say until) woops-a flashback.  In black and white.  Great.



So I wasn’t going to write a review of Blindspot.  Just leave it at the write-up above.  As a taster and short one-off review.  Possibly I will come back to Blindspot later.  Possibly not.

Thing is- beautifully filmed and wonderful to look at as Blindspot is: it is all a wee bit generic for me. We can kind of see how this is going to play out: a puzzle (tattoo based most likely) leading to an investigation and much mad-cap fights.  Each week.

There are a lot of these kind of series about at the moment.  Not that I’m complaining-no.  I like the fun fresh and different yet still retro feel to such dramas.  They are basically all The Man From Uncle-updated.  Indeed there is a new Man From Uncle series I note.

Thing is, I’ve kind of been there, done that whole Nikita thing.  Much as it’s fun to see women doing some Martial Arts expert style ass kicking  (or is is kick-ass) supreme.

I do personally possess an antipathy to the centering of a gigantic computer screen as the sole focus point of the drama.  Or is it a loci.  Still.

You know, when the ongoing investigation is both being trailed and directed by this bunch of various whizz kids or kid: back at the station.  Or super cool FBI/ Federal Bureau of Investigation centre. Yawn.  That’s what I say anyway.

Yes, the interjection, at various intervals (if you really must) of the computer screen before our eyes: is interesting and adds to the plot.

However when the (giant) computer screen becomes crashingly, ceaselessly, consistent throughout: I say enough already.

Ya know we all dragged ourselves away from just staring at the computer to watch this.  Give us a break.

Yes- I know plenty people watch TV on the computer.  Guess they are staring too.  But drama is more than just staring.

But still, the whole computer overload in dramas is just too much computer.  Plus all such technology shown dramatically: dates horribly.  Horribly fast.

It could be that I  am projecting all the presumptions about Blindspot as described above.  I have only seen one episode after all.

Blindspot could turn out to be really unusual and intense.  The drama was looking a little (or a lot) like both of those things already.



If I wasn’t watching Grimm then I would probably be watching Blindspot.  Over the televisual Christmas desert period. However I am currently mainlining Grimm pretty much..


Jane Doe must be the female equivalent of the name (in America) for an unidentified person or body: John Doe.


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