The Returned/ Les Revenants Series Two-Some notes on Episode Four with short review at the end and short notes on Episode Five. In French with English subtitles. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on More Four/ 4 Channel on Fridays @ 9pm.

Les Revenants

Series Two
Episode Four

Some short notes on first watching.

So that was a proper freaky prologue.  For Virgil..

So we may find out soon whether the undead can be killed.  Which I have been wondering.  Or is the situation a vampire kind of thing.

Claire and her story is fairly riveting.  The people in it.  Along with the truly creepy house and its inhabitants.

Oh yes and do people who die now come back straight away or what.


Review after episode Four

Yes, so now we  watch someone wondering.  Just like we do, whether somebody can die and become returned.  And you can’t notice the change.  Kind of like designer zombie.

So in returning to watch The Returned in spite of the menacing menace of Malin: I told myself to get in a sort of watching The Walking Dead mode.  ie. prepared for horror.  Supreme horror. Of possibly every kind.

Plus I reminded myself that I had watched The River on Netflix.  Now that sure took some cojones.

However somewhere around this episode Les Revenants really rather took off.  i feel.  It got all sort of interesting.  Just don’t talk about the hole.  The very large hole.

OK it’s a cave.  And guess what.  Things are getting weirrrd.  Down there in that hole..



Scariest moments:
Claire, as ever.  Especially when with the mysteriously smiling and beautifically bland: bald man.  In the man’s house.  With its plethora of model ship and paintings of ships too.

Exactly how old is the (kind of) charismatic man?  Or is he just returned from the Navy.  Likes old sailing ships.  Collects them.  perhaps..

All moments with Serge and Malin in them.  In fact any scene with Malin in it.  Along with multiple other characters present.

As we find out another whole dark side of life in the town and now (we are learning) small Hamlets around.  In  the dark mountains.  OK they’re not always dark.  It just sounds good.

Me I’m getting a bit of The Top Of The Lake feeling.  Whilst watching this episode.  I shall say no more.

The 35 years ago story-line and those characters from that time period are adding a whole new part to the tapestry.  A new thread.  Weaving in and out of the other story-lines somehow.

Another nomination for scariest moment(s).
When the door opens on a room full of whispering returned.  They’re trying so hard.  To be well behaved.  Not make a noise.  They seem so sweet.  Ah..


Short notes on Episode Five.

“Mrs Costa/ Madame Costa”

35 years earlier
3 months before the dam burst.

Now/ Present day.
Nurse to Julie:
“Je m’appele Opehelie”

Estaban cries.

We’re still not really sure about Lena..

So then.  Guess what happens right at the very end..


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