The Returned/ Les Revenants Series Two. Episode Six some notes and dialogue with review at the end. In French with English subtitles. Minor spoilers Only. On in the UK on More4/ Four Channel on Fridays @ 9pm.

Les Revenants

Series Two.
Episode Six

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The Lake Pub
(muffled music)
10 years Earlier

A girl comes tripping lightly down the steps.
Suddenly-Victor appears behind her.  As spooky as ever.
“Don’t go in there”..he says.

Now/ Present Day
So Serge is an amazing character to watch on screen.  He almost seems to have an other wordly face.  Part prehensile.  he is both evil and good.  In fact the classic handsome baddie.

Oh no.
The terribly dishy Berg is now teamed up with the intensely bearded Jerome.  And they’re in the forest…

Berg: (to Jerome)
“Are you lost?”
“No, I just didn’t think it was this far…”
Oh no  Not them.

The music is incredibly evocative.

Oh no.  Not Claire..

Better stop here.  Lots going down.  Down in weird town.

There was an issue with returning zombie etiquette.  What to do?  There are no rules.

Simon and Adele are just beautiful to watch on screen.  Sometimes they are inadvertently comical.
( I dunno why)

Toni to Serge:
“Tell her you’re sorry”..
“You must make amends.”
Uh huh.

So there are layers upon layers.  Of stories

The returned are a bit like dead revolutionaries.

More piano music.

And a voice says:
“He’s alive!””.

And a woman walks into a tunnel.

Woman to Toni:
“The little boy, where is he?”

Then it all gets a bit Pulp Fiction on us.  Or one certain scene.

Soldier to man: (I can’t say who the man is)
“Any loved ones?”
“I loved her, I lost her..”

And Sandrine make her stand.  Finally.

Oh go on, do we get a happy ending.

That piano music is back.

And we learn more about Victor.

Oh go on, please let here be a happy ending….


So The Returned has really taken off in leaps and bounds for me in these last few episodes.  Like a nimble woman picking up her skirts, rustling them aplenty: and running laughing down the hill.

If dramas were women wearing skirted layers.  Well the skirt was made of tapestry.  Metaphorically.

Not that the pace of the drama is at running speed, no.  Just that the story has become fully fledged and believable.  Plus there is an impetus, driving the story forward.

It’s hard to tell exactly who is the good guy and who are the bad guys.  Even in the humans.  Is that the right term.

Claire is going mad-or is she?  Has she too, become changed (let’s call it) in some way.  And what about Lena?  We are just not sure.

But it is plain as the nose on my face that Claire and company need to get the hell out of that place.  If not just for the decor.  Have you seen the wallpaper.  It’s no wonder that Claire looks like she does..
Or is it something else.

What is happening to everybody.  They or everything seem to be going a bit Pete Tong/ wrong.

Meanwhile I could gaze all day at people (but especially Berg & Jerome) tramping moodily yet stylishly through the ancient forest.   Where they sometimes come upon a gigantic mystery: in the ancient earth beneath their feet.


Scariest moments:

Jerome and Berg in the forest: looking down at something really rather large.

Jerome taking a fraction longer to hug someone than expected.  Because he is wondering the same as us..

Jerome and Berg emerging out into the night.  To discover…
Just what I cannot say.  Suffice it to say all my hopes for a happy ending were most cruelly dashed. But then it is only episode six.

I keep thinking that maybe someone should have a go at trying to fly.  Well just a little bit, up high- not even as high as the trees.  Well just far away enough.  Well you never know.  It’s worth a try.

There seems to be varying kinds of abilities.  But I guess that (flying) only happens in dreams.  In really serious emergencies.


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