Secrets and Lies-The American remake of the original Australian series-final short review. Follows on from Review Part One posted on 1st October and Review Part Two-update posted 29th October 2015. Was on Watch Channel in the UK.

Secrets and Lies

some notes on the last episodes
(birds caw)

       (birds caw)

Final review.
OK that was all I wrote in the last part of this series.  Somewhere around episode five or six I believe, is where I ended the brief update review-previously posted.

I never planned to write notes after the first review.  But I did end up writing about Secrets and Lies again.  i wrote no more than birds caw.  (twice) ’cause I was so engrossed with the drama.

Because stick with it in some possibly patchy first few episodes, Secrets and Lies takes off at a pace. The drama is slowly increasingly sinister in tone.  although the action can seem almost silly at times: the atmosphere of increasing suspense remains.

The drama is surely greater than the sum of its parts.  Whilst slowly accelerating albeit at a slow burn: into a nail biting mystery which packs a punch.  With a surprising twist in the tale.  Or tail.  If a tail could punch.  I guess a kangaroo could.

There is excellent acting through by all the characters I felt.  Ben’s friend for example, being a magnetic presence on screen as a character actor.  Then there was Ben’s fearsomely beautiful wife. Oh she of the forever make-up.

Then of course there was an incandescent performance from Juliette Lewis as the driven, determined Detective Inspector Corneille.

Boy was Inspector Corneille a fearsome adversary to wrong-doers of every kind.  Although her speciality is (catching) killers.  And she knows killers very well..



Secrets and Lies was produced by ABC Studios.  Which looks familiar.  I think that Wayward Pines had the same studios name.  Plus Hans Van Dooneward directed Secrets and Lies.  So a Dutch Director. (i think)


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