Quick note to my readers of a new series-or two? Tyrant Series Two on FOX in the UK. Please note-Possible minor spoilers in description of Episode One (if you have not seen Series One) and a note on Spiral Six.

Quick note to my readers of a new series-or two?

Tyrant Series Two
As previously previewed here in several “notes to my readers” along the way.  Series One being thoroughly written about on this blog-episode by episode at the time.

That was back when everybody hated it. Now Tyrant is suddenly getting glowing reviews I notice. Dunno quite why (as in why now) Well according to the reviews posted on the TV trailer for the new series.

Whether the reviews pertain to the old series or the new one is not clear. However the new series starts on:
Wednesday 4th November 2015.  On FOX Channel@ 9pm.  
FOX channel is numbers 157 and 199HD on Virgin Media TV.

Well I liked Tyrant-the drama really grew on me by the end of  the series.  Jamal being a particular favorite character of mine for the Shakespearean intensity he brought to his role.  Oh and I liked the scene stealing Shaykh..

Amira as Barry/ Bassam’s mother is a towering performance also. To mention just a few of the excellent cast of Tyrant including some actors and actresses from the Israeli series Prisoners of war/ Hatufim.

Hatufim is sometimes mis-spelled on this blog in my write-up on the series as: Hatifum
Gideon Raff worked on both series: Tyrant and Hatufim.

See note below TV description of Series One of Tyrant for write-up details.  There is an early episode write-up which includes all the names of the characters as a cast-list.

Tyrant Series Two TV Description:
“An unassuming American family is drawn into the working of a turbulent Middle Eastern nations.”

Tyrant Series Two-TV description of Episode One:
“The Mark Of Cain”
“The General wants Jamal to increase his counter-attacks, Jamal authorises limited chemical attacks on the neighborhood, but he also reveals to the General that he believes Barry’s ways have validity.”

Series Two obviously makes a lot more sense if you have seen series one..

Tyrant Series One-first aired on 12th September 2014.
TV Description:
“A California Pediatrician who is the second son of a Middle Eastern  dictator reluctantly agrees to return home with his American family for his nephew’s wedding..”

My first write-up on Tyrant Series One was posted on 22nd September 2015 with Pilot Episode One and Episode Two with notes and a review.

Final episode write-up on Tyrant series One was posted 21st November 2015-with Episode Ten.


Or two?
A note on Spiral Six
I hear from America that Spiral Six is due for release there “soon” ..
“On an internet channel”.
No news about it appearing over here in the UK or any confirmation of that yet on the net.


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