Preview of 35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days in Welsh with English subtitles. On in the UK on S4C Channel Sundays @ 9pm and Tuesdays @ 10pm. This is channel number 166 on Virgin Media TV. S4C channel is also available on line-see link below.

See link below for S4C Channel-35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days Series Two.

35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days 

Preview of Series Two.

Some notes and details.
35 Diwrnod is in spoken Welsh.

Welsh is also known as:
Cymraeg or y Gymraeg.

Welsh and English subtitles are available.
There is a signed version.

According to the S4C website link above-this series is only available to watch in the UK.

However there is an “International” Section on the main website with other Welsh programmes.

Episode One-a preview.
So we see a prologue in which the dramatic event occurs.  Then we see: 35 days earlier comes on screen.

As in the series One-I notice that when people swear they do it in English!

The second scene after the (TV) Advertisement is 34 days earlier.

So I only checked in on about ten to twenty minutes of 35 Diwrnod.  Not sure really.  Maybe half an hour-max/maximum.

Certainly the prologue is both dramatic and mysterious.  As with the first series, 35 Diwrnod Series Two is a stultifyingly slow study of a crime.

The examination of that crime is framed as described: a brief scene of the crime followed by a countdown in time over the previous 35 days.   Leading up to a certain person’s demise..

I should probably say no more.  I did write about Series One of 35 Days in a one-off review. Episodes one (through) to five.  I believe there were ten episodes.

Series one was a bit of a marathon to watch.  Since it was a story about a group of people all living on a well tended Close.  Or cul-de sac.

However if you can make it to episode five in series one I would say it was worth watching. Although there is not quite the dramatic pay off as expected..

I really enjoyed hearing spoken Welsh. Plus I enjoyed writing about 35 Diwrnod Series One.

There were some seriously sinister scenes in the first series of 35 Diwrnod.  At least one scene where the kindly seeming Grandmother lays the table for tea-is forever etched on my brain..



35 Diwrnod is Welsh-noir.

One series of 35 Diwrnod is enough for me.  You do need a bucket load of patience to watch it..
Well that’s Noir for you.

I saw that there is a competition on the S4C website (and a prize) to guess who did it?
ie. killed the person at the beginning..

35 Days is set in Cardiff, South Wales.

A Cul-de-sac means a  road that loops around at its end in a circle.  Thus it is a dead end..


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