Les Revenants/ The Returned-Series Two. Episode Two-Some notes and dialogue with short review at the end. In French with English subtitles. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Fridays @9pm on More 4/ Four channel

Les Revenants

Series Two.
Episode Two

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
“Now, flooded with mystery, the rise of the living dead…”

25 years earlier
“Milan, they’re here..”
“We have been waiting for you”
the man continues:
“Hello, Pierre, we have chose you..”

Oooo.  It’s Mr. Costa.

Now/ Present day.

So Serge finds somebody in his bed..

So it’s all very odd.  Simon and Lucy discuss people who have  been trying to escape.  To across the lake.

And Adele wakes up in hospital.  But where is the baby?

The army Major to Audrey Sabitini’s parents:
“A young girl, her age, alone in the forest, she can’t have gone far..”

So Claire serves up what appears to be black stew for dinner.

Ahah, so that is Mr. Costa.

So the food in the Returned doesn’t look great.

The new visitor to Serge’s sort of shed is scarier than Serge.  (Serge-who was a sympathetic character in the remake of The Returned).

I can’t remember exactly who killed who.  And who died.  But we are finding out.

Something tells me that Serge’s visitor has some bad habits probably a lot worse than Serge.

Amazing how The Returned can make a simple scene of a deserted suburban street so super spooky..

Man laying the table at The Helping Hands Hostel to the Sabitinis:
“You made the right choice, nothing can happen to you here..”..

I like the story of Lena and her now largely bearded father.  The story of Lena and her Dad helps tie the story together and focus it.

Did I mention that I keep half expecting some Walking Dead behaviour.  But it doesn’t happen.
(chomp chomp)

So Berg is going to investigate.  Inside the tunnel.  Inside the dam.

Then there is the story-line of Adele.

Not quite sure what’s going on with Claire..

Victor to Julie:
“I’ve grown taller because you love me..”


Short Review.

So it’s possibly best to stop here with the episode notes.  I am thinking.  As further descriptions would seem like getting too spoilery.

I think I may have to warn of spoilers if I mention the undead.  I’m really not sure.  I think so.  Since this fact has already been mentioned several times. I’m having a spoiler conundrum.  Conflict -if you like.  A conundrum conflict.  What to do?

I think what I will do is remain obtuse in my review.  About the whole returned as in The Returned, subject.  Although this decision may well feel constricting since the undead is just such a lovely word.

Damn.  I can’t banish a wonderful word.  Or can I?  Poor, banished wonderful word.
(this sounds like a graphic with text for the series Dag)

Let’s just say that currently in The Returned/ Les /Revenants is a bit like walk-in therapy for the undead.  Or should I say-the more recently undead…
OK back to being obtuse.

Since events shall we say have escalated alarmingly.  Yet slowly.  All the action and story-lines (which are multiple) in The Returned is so far- disparate.

We go from scene to scene:  story to story.  However the story as a whole that the drama is telling: is slowly coming together.

This progression in the threading together the different characters in the town is becoming a sewn tapestry.  Like in days of old.  Where a tapestry would tell of an event, or battle.  In the history of that town or place.

Indeed in the American remake there is a mural of all the townsfolk painted on the wall.

In the remake we know what caused the cataclysm, the change, the deluge, in the town.  In the original drama the cause of the catastrophe: is less clear.

Although Berg, the enigmatic and evocatively mysterious investigator: stares down into something really rather large.  To be really obtuse in the description of that scene.

Berg is an excellent character.  He looks a lot like a baddie from Les Temoins/ The Witnesses.  Then there is my particular favourite story line at present: Lena an her muchly bearded and hugely intense-father.

Then there is Claire and Camille and certain waifs and strays.  That’s all I can say.  Claire in the scene where she just runs down a neat suburban street in a quaking, hyperventilating panic:is riveting on screen.

There really is all round excellent character acting by all involved.

Then there is that all round pervading atmosphere of sinisterness, doom, other-wordliness.  The entrance to the dam by road, is a truly terrifying spectacle.  When it is just a dam.

This is because we know that the circular road on the dam that leads into town: is possibly some kind of circle from hell.

So not a lot really happens in The Returned so far.  It’s hard to be scared of the returned as they are all so impossibly stylish.  So far they are just generally mooching about. Plus finding out their own stories of their past.

Some are possibly plotting some kind of revolution.  From over in that Other Place..


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