Dag Series Three. Episodes Seven and Eight notes and dialogue only. In Norwegian with English subtitles. Minor Spoilers only. Was on in the UK on Sky Arts channel. Dag is currently being repeated on that channel.


Series Three.
Episode Seven
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Dag to Eva:
“I like this New Jersey version of you..”
“Better than the last one..”

Dag to his fish:
“Maybe you have the right idea..”
“Swimming all alone, you never get lonely..”

Graphic art with text:
God is everywhere he insisted and struck out loudly.

(Dag at work)
Wife to husband:
“You live your life inside your head”
It’s the actress from Arne Dahl.
Dag to her:
“Um, let me get this right..”
“You want to change the thing that fascinates you..”

Husband to wife:
“I like being lonely, but I like being with you..”
“I just can’t keep talking about things…”
he continues:
“Every little detail does not have to be shared in some insane sort of collective detail..”

Dag realises, along with us, that this husband is just like him.

Then.  Dag finally takes notice of Malin.
And he picks her up.  Ahhhhh.
Hip hip hurray.  What did I say?!

Ernst to Benedikt.
“You gave life to someone in the most coldest cynical place..”

Dag to Eva:
“Yes, she thinks it’s nineteen forty three and she’s playing Lille Carsen on repeat”
“And it isn’t even her best piece!”

So I love how I never noticed until the last episode (as we were meant to-only then) that Benedikt actually looks like Kenny Rogers.

Dag and Trine.
“The Oslo horse show”..
“I had the finest one there”..

“Trond Epseim..”
It’s Varg Veum.

Oh no.  I’m getting a bad feeling about Varg Veum..

Dag’s gift from Trine is quite something.

Ha ha ha.  Eva makes a blinding psychotherapist.

Sebastian Bergman or rather Rolf Linquist is having a right old rip roaring time playing his wonderful role.  Along with the wonderful dialogue.  Yes he chews up the part like a big blonde bearded lion, shaking his chops.


Episode Eight.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So Juanita is unwell.

Graphic art and text:
(I) Cannot say.  OK-nope.

Dag is thinking about Malin.  Ah.

(Dag at work)
Oh no.  Dag lays it on the line to a wife.
Dag ends with:
“..and Vidar chooses life!”

And Benedikt and Eva meet.

Benedikt and Dag, both are them are shown as having grown up a bit.  As they have gone along. However Dag always was an old head on young shoulders I reckon.

Plus Benedikt was always sensible and kind.  Its’ just that he had  a few problems..

Dag has a funny dream where he sings like (he was in) The Sound Of Music.

Var Veum to Dag:
“I’m a sensitive person..”
“I even made his say a line”

So the scene with Eva and Juanita is heartbreaking.

So Ernst reads the riot act to Mia, Benedikt and Mia’s boyfriend.
Ernst is a truly scary therapist.  Ernst is like Dag but on a whole ‘nother level.

Ernst: (to Mia, her boyfriend and Benedikt)
“Above you, a piece of white paper will be flying..”
“Fake it till you fucking make it! “
(in English)

Ernst to Dag:
“She’s coming here, the one you called about..”

Ernst to Juanita:
I’m Ernst, “
“You don’t look like the usual sort of people who come here..”
“No, but I love that line in Love Story..”

So I’ve been getting shades of memories of a certain other series.  That could refer to a few series I guess  But in this case it was one only.  A Swedish one. I shall say no more.


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