Dag-Series Three Episodes Nine and Ten some notes and dialogue with reviews. Minor spoilers Only. In Norwegian with English subtitles. Was on in the UK on Sky Arts Channel. Is currently being repeated on that channel.


Series Three
Episode Nine
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Dag explains the meaning of loss.

Graphic art and text:
In places, Bravilken Bay is as deep as a wedding cake!

“It’s like Saint Exupery said, only the heart can see what is invisible to the eyes..”
“If you base your life on a volatile emotion, you will be disappointed”

(At dinner)
“I’ve jumped from vagina to vagina like a toad on waterlilies!” Ha ha.

Eva to Juanita:
“You’ve made yourself very much at home..”
Juanita to Eva:
“Wherever I lay my fake tits, that’s my home!”

OMG so Ernst rather surprises us all.

Dag to Juanita:
“I guess you haven’t known each other long?!”

Ernst, Dag and Benedikt.
“There’s another little detail..”

Ernst to Dag:
“Death, Dag, that’s what gives you perspective..”

Lots happening.  Gotta Go.  Plus Dag is really, really good.

Benedikt to Dag:
“All is good Papa!”

Dag and Eva coast down the highway in her incredibly gorgeous car.
“How do you know that this will last?”
‘Because everything else is meaningless..”

“Odd Magnus Williamson, is it really you?”
“It’s always been me..”

The Last Post plays on the bugle .  Malin finishes typing.  On her Remington typewriter.

And Benedikt sings a song to his son on the phone.

Ernst and Benedikt hug.  Me, I’m getting that worry back about Benedikt.

Oops.  That wasn’t the end.

So Dag does a Carrie (from the series Sex and The City) on Eva.  She just doesn’t realise it.
Amazingly she has accepted it.  For now.

Episode Ten.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Graphic art and text:
As long as the china was wrapped in newspaper everything was happy.  But then, the eating, the drinking, the dying..

Malin to Dag:
“The occupation is a symbol of my sickness”
“So the liberation is when I’m free of my sickness..”
she continues:
“You can take the war out of a warrior but you can’t take away the warrior..”

Dag is back at work.  Oh it’s that couple.  The one where the husband is just like Dag.

Dag: (to the husband and wife)
“I tried, I really tried..”
They say to Dag:
“Hey, don’t be sad..”
“It’s not you, it’s us!”

Ernst to Juanita:
“The birds will still sing, the buses will still run on time..”
“I’m going to follow you all the way..”
“I’ve lived so much, there’s no mystery any more..”
“You just need to hold a hand, for the first time..”

Ernst to Benedikt:
” You’re also a good man”.  Ah.
And Benedikt calls him Dad.  Another ah.

So Dag sees a bookshop window.  In the night.

So Eva has gone all Stepford Wives.  Is she on something.  I had previously wondered if she was manic-depressive.
And then.
Something you wouldn’t expect happens.
So why does she look so sad.  Like she was going to the firing squad or something.

No Dag, no, Malin is the one for you.  I’ve always known it.
Why the hell is she crying..

I knew that Dag had seriously underestimated Malin.  As a writer.

The nun walks into the night.

I keep expecting Eva to snap.  And start stabbing Dag.  At any time.  It’s all just a bit too good to be true..

Eva, who has thrived on being institutionalised, to Dag:
“The world’s locked away now”

They (the drama) have her saying this at the ending of another episode I remember.  Perhaps that line of dialogue marks the end of the series.
As was this.


Review of final episodes.
So this episode- as much of Dag (the series) was hard to keep up with for dialogue. So I don’t really know why I bothered.

Except that this is Dag.  The series that I said I wouldn’t write about further as it was a different kind of art form.  Which it, the drama, was really.

Making writing about Dag seem somehow superfluous. It always seemed that way to me.

Perhaps the presence of the graphic art with texts was part of the reason I felt like writing about Dag was redundant. The words were already there.


Final Review

Ah. That last part of the episode was sweet.

Dag has been scurrilous, scandalous and eye-popping at times.  Now I understand why they warned of certain adult themes.

Mind you, warning of sexual humour or was it language is deeply sad indeed.  I think I have been warned about being offended about just about everything now on TV.

Any day now I could be warned about possibly not liking the colour or a character’s shoes.  Red maybe.

Warning-for those of you who dislike the colour red-you may see an example of red items in this show-shoes to be more specific.  This may cause distress to some viewers.

Yep.  It might.  Please-tell me more things that could possibly offend me.

So really in this increasingly offence obsessed world of TV, where everything is so corrected. Like the perfectly polished people (for example) so politically corrected: I say bring it on.

Dag is a breath of fresh air.  The drama is thankfully raucous and rude.  Like a modern day Chaucer’s Tale.

Dag as a drama has many different levels.  Or more correctly-layers.  Nope-lets say stories.  There is the love story.

Then of course as we grow to know, there is the perhaps more important, friendship.  Between Dag and Benedikt.  Which is of course, a love story of it’s very own.

I did find myself wondering at one point whether Dag was a vehicle for the stand-up style monologues uttered by Dag.  This could be the case.  But perhaps it didn’t matter.

If I  felt this aspect was overwhelming the drama as a whole: I would have ditched.  Probably.  But I didn’t feel like it did.

Although it is possible that the drama really was a vehicle: to get those particular points across. Through the medium of comedy.  Who knows  Not me.  But the idea is a possibility.

I did feel that Dag was satirizing many things.  Some jokes fell flat.  Felt lame.  Some were simply surreal.  Sometimes gags were visual, slapstick.  In nature.  In Dag.

Just take the giant traffic Cop statue in Dag’s office for a start..

Sometimes, a seed of a joke is planted in one episode-and then completed later.  Get the comedic knife in so to speak.  I thought one particular example of that was nicely done.

Many of the actors and actresses excelled not only at surrealistic almost slapstick comedy- they did heartbreak and reality too.

At some point, or points- the craziness we are enjoying as spectacle becomes horribly real and ordinary.  The characters appear to be more naturalistic.

Reality bites.  Just like the texts.



I couldn’t decide if Dag was satirising moral relativism: or ascribing to it.  Or both I suppose.

There was zero on screen chemistry between Dag and Eva, for me.  I never really believed that Eva even liked Dag.

Indeed in spite of appearing on screen together-Dag and Eva appeared to be in different shots.  (like they had never actually met in the filming) To me.

Much as I liked Dag, by the time it  came to the final two episodes: the prospect of watching them did seem like a bit of a chore. But then I was itching to see the end of Continuum..

A special mention must go to Jon (from the Norwegian series Mammon) for his hilarious turn in the drama.  Him speeding out on Espresso was probably the funniest thing-for me.


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