Quick note to my readers-the return of Luther! Series Four-BBC One in the UK.

Luther Series Four will air on Tuesday 15th December on BBC One at 9pm
A one off (two part) episode.  To be aired all in one night.

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See episode guide and previous series one, two and three episodes to catch up on before new series-i-player



The Returned/ Les Revenants Series Two. Episode Six some notes and dialogue with review at the end. In French with English subtitles. Minor spoilers Only. On in the UK on More4/ Four Channel on Fridays @ 9pm.

Les Revenants

Series Two.
Episode Six

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

The Lake Pub
(muffled music)
10 years Earlier

A girl comes tripping lightly down the steps.
Suddenly-Victor appears behind her.  As spooky as ever.
“Don’t go in there”..he says.

Now/ Present Day
So Serge is an amazing character to watch on screen.  He almost seems to have an other wordly face.  Part prehensile.  he is both evil and good.  In fact the classic handsome baddie.

Oh no.
The terribly dishy Berg is now teamed up with the intensely bearded Jerome.  And they’re in the forest…

Berg: (to Jerome)
“Are you lost?”
“No, I just didn’t think it was this far…”
Oh no  Not them.

The music is incredibly evocative.

Oh no.  Not Claire..

Better stop here.  Lots going down.  Down in weird town.

There was an issue with returning zombie etiquette.  What to do?  There are no rules.

Simon and Adele are just beautiful to watch on screen.  Sometimes they are inadvertently comical.
( I dunno why)

Toni to Serge:
“Tell her you’re sorry”..
“You must make amends.”
Uh huh.

So there are layers upon layers.  Of stories

The returned are a bit like dead revolutionaries.

More piano music.

And a voice says:
“He’s alive!””.

And a woman walks into a tunnel.

Woman to Toni:
“The little boy, where is he?”

Then it all gets a bit Pulp Fiction on us.  Or one certain scene.

Soldier to man: (I can’t say who the man is)
“Any loved ones?”
“I loved her, I lost her..”

And Sandrine make her stand.  Finally.

Oh go on, do we get a happy ending.

That piano music is back.

And we learn more about Victor.

Oh go on, please let here be a happy ending….


So The Returned has really taken off in leaps and bounds for me in these last few episodes.  Like a nimble woman picking up her skirts, rustling them aplenty: and running laughing down the hill.

If dramas were women wearing skirted layers.  Well the skirt was made of tapestry.  Metaphorically.

Not that the pace of the drama is at running speed, no.  Just that the story has become fully fledged and believable.  Plus there is an impetus, driving the story forward.

It’s hard to tell exactly who is the good guy and who are the bad guys.  Even in the humans.  Is that the right term.

Claire is going mad-or is she?  Has she too, become changed (let’s call it) in some way.  And what about Lena?  We are just not sure.

But it is plain as the nose on my face that Claire and company need to get the hell out of that place.  If not just for the decor.  Have you seen the wallpaper.  It’s no wonder that Claire looks like she does..
Or is it something else.

What is happening to everybody.  They or everything seem to be going a bit Pete Tong/ wrong.

Meanwhile I could gaze all day at people (but especially Berg & Jerome) tramping moodily yet stylishly through the ancient forest.   Where they sometimes come upon a gigantic mystery: in the ancient earth beneath their feet.


Scariest moments:

Jerome and Berg in the forest: looking down at something really rather large.

Jerome taking a fraction longer to hug someone than expected.  Because he is wondering the same as us..

Jerome and Berg emerging out into the night.  To discover…
Just what I cannot say.  Suffice it to say all my hopes for a happy ending were most cruelly dashed. But then it is only episode six.

I keep thinking that maybe someone should have a go at trying to fly.  Well just a little bit, up high- not even as high as the trees.  Well just far away enough.  Well you never know.  It’s worth a try.

There seems to be varying kinds of abilities.  But I guess that (flying) only happens in dreams.  In really serious emergencies.


Preview of 35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days in Welsh with English subtitles. On in the UK on S4C Channel Sundays @ 9pm and Tuesdays @ 10pm. This is channel number 166 on Virgin Media TV. S4C channel is also available on line-see link below.

See link below for S4C Channel-35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days Series Two.


35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days 

Preview of Series Two.

Some notes and details.
35 Diwrnod is in spoken Welsh.

Welsh is also known as:
Cymraeg or y Gymraeg.

Welsh and English subtitles are available.
There is a signed version.

According to the S4C website link above-this series is only available to watch in the UK.

However there is an “International” Section on the main website with other Welsh programmes.

Episode One-a preview.
So we see a prologue in which the dramatic event occurs.  Then we see: 35 days earlier comes on screen.

As in the series One-I notice that when people swear they do it in English!

The second scene after the (TV) Advertisement is 34 days earlier.

So I only checked in on about ten to twenty minutes of 35 Diwrnod.  Not sure really.  Maybe half an hour-max/maximum.

Certainly the prologue is both dramatic and mysterious.  As with the first series, 35 Diwrnod Series Two is a stultifyingly slow study of a crime.

The examination of that crime is framed as described: a brief scene of the crime followed by a countdown in time over the previous 35 days.   Leading up to a certain person’s demise..

I should probably say no more.  I did write about Series One of 35 Days in a one-off review. Episodes one (through) to five.  I believe there were ten episodes.

Series one was a bit of a marathon to watch.  Since it was a story about a group of people all living on a well tended Close.  Or cul-de sac.

However if you can make it to episode five in series one I would say it was worth watching. Although there is not quite the dramatic pay off as expected..

I really enjoyed hearing spoken Welsh. Plus I enjoyed writing about 35 Diwrnod Series One.

There were some seriously sinister scenes in the first series of 35 Diwrnod.  At least one scene where the kindly seeming Grandmother lays the table for tea-is forever etched on my brain..



35 Diwrnod is Welsh-noir.

One series of 35 Diwrnod is enough for me.  You do need a bucket load of patience to watch it..
Well that’s Noir for you.

I saw that there is a competition on the S4C website (and a prize) to guess who did it?
ie. killed the person at the beginning..

35 Days is set in Cardiff, South Wales.

A Cul-de-sac means a  road that loops around at its end in a circle.  Thus it is a dead end..


Quick note to my readers of some new series and a small note on Les Revenants Series Two. 35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days-Series Two, Jessica Jones On Netflix and The Bridge Series Three on BBC4/ Four.

Small note on Les Revenants Series Two.
What a completely stunning series.  I am seriously into it right now.

I am dedicating my Les Revenants write-ups to the French readers at this time.


Please note-35 Diwrnod Series One and Two are completely different stories and characters.
It is just the format that remains the same-35 days I guess..

35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days Series Two.
First aired on Sunday, 8th November 2015.
On Sundays @ 9pm or Tuesdays @ 10pm.

This is on S4C Channel number 166 on Virgin Media TV.  This is a Welsh channel.
English and Welsh subtitles are available-there is also a signing version.

S4C is also available to watch on the channels own i-player on line on S4C.co.uk
See link below which takes you straight to 35 Diwrnod series two on the i-player.


 Episode One on this link checked today (21st November 2015) says:
 “Episode One expires in 21 days”

35 Diwrnod Series Two 
TV Description:
“A group of friends are enjoying a barbecue on a beautiful day in high summer, but under the surface there are all kinds of tensions, because Simon is having an affair with Fran, the wife of his best friend”.

See: Preview of 35 Diwrnod Series Two posted separately from these notes on the same date-
21st November 2015.


Series One of 35 Diwrnod/ 35 Days
My one-off Review of episodes one through to and including episode five was posted on 23rd March 2014.

Series One of 35 Diwrnod first aired on 23rd of March 2014.
TV Description of Series One:
“A dead body is discovered on a living room floor, but who is responsible for Jan’s death?”

Episode One Description:
“It’s 35 days before the discovery of Jan’s body and she is about to move onto the Close.  It’s the start of the countdown to Jan’s untimely demise”.


Jessica Jones
A Netflix Original.
To be aired on Saturday, 20th November 2015 in the UK on Netflix

TV Trailer:
“Oh my God..”
“God didn’t do this, the devil did..”
“And I’m gonna get him..”
or summat.

Netflix Description of Jessica Jones
” Hell’s kitchen gets another hero.  She’s a gifted P.I. hiding a past that’s left her broken but still fighting.  Revenge may be sweet but she isn’t”

“More info”
“Haunted by a traumatic past, Jessica Jones uses her gift as a private eye to find her tormentor before he can harm anyone else in Hell’s Kitchen”..”

Well could Jessica Jones be as good as Daredevil was? We shall see..
She is another Marvel character I believe.


So there’s really not much on is there.  Oh wait.  Except for the Bridge.  Series Three..

The Bridge-Series Three.
Saturday 21st November 2015 @ 9pm.
Two Episodes back to back.
 BBC4/ Four or channel numbers 107 with 164 being HD on Virgin media TV.

Episode One Description:
“When a prominent gender campaigner is found murdered in Malmo, Swedish Detective Saga Noren is assigned a new Danish colleague, but their relationship does not get off to a good start”.


I have been checking out The 4400 on Netflix.

The Returned/ Les Revenants Series Two-Some notes on Episode Four with short review at the end and short notes on Episode Five. In French with English subtitles. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on More Four/ 4 Channel on Fridays @ 9pm.

Les Revenants

Series Two
Episode Four

Some short notes on first watching.

So that was a proper freaky prologue.  For Virgil..

So we may find out soon whether the undead can be killed.  Which I have been wondering.  Or is the situation a vampire kind of thing.

Claire and her story is fairly riveting.  The people in it.  Along with the truly creepy house and its inhabitants.

Oh yes and do people who die now come back straight away or what.


Review after episode Four

Yes, so now we  watch someone wondering.  Just like we do, whether somebody can die and become returned.  And you can’t notice the change.  Kind of like designer zombie.

So in returning to watch The Returned in spite of the menacing menace of Malin: I told myself to get in a sort of watching The Walking Dead mode.  ie. prepared for horror.  Supreme horror. Of possibly every kind.

Plus I reminded myself that I had watched The River on Netflix.  Now that sure took some cojones.

However somewhere around this episode Les Revenants really rather took off.  i feel.  It got all sort of interesting.  Just don’t talk about the hole.  The very large hole.

OK it’s a cave.  And guess what.  Things are getting weirrrd.  Down there in that hole..



Scariest moments:
Claire, as ever.  Especially when with the mysteriously smiling and beautifically bland: bald man.  In the man’s house.  With its plethora of model ship and paintings of ships too.

Exactly how old is the (kind of) charismatic man?  Or is he just returned from the Navy.  Likes old sailing ships.  Collects them.  perhaps..

All moments with Serge and Malin in them.  In fact any scene with Malin in it.  Along with multiple other characters present.

As we find out another whole dark side of life in the town and now (we are learning) small Hamlets around.  In  the dark mountains.  OK they’re not always dark.  It just sounds good.

Me I’m getting a bit of The Top Of The Lake feeling.  Whilst watching this episode.  I shall say no more.

The 35 years ago story-line and those characters from that time period are adding a whole new part to the tapestry.  A new thread.  Weaving in and out of the other story-lines somehow.

Another nomination for scariest moment(s).
When the door opens on a room full of whispering returned.  They’re trying so hard.  To be well behaved.  Not make a noise.  They seem so sweet.  Ah..


Short notes on Episode Five.

“Mrs Costa/ Madame Costa”

35 years earlier
3 months before the dam burst.

Now/ Present day.
Nurse to Julie:
“Je m’appele Opehelie”

Estaban cries.

We’re still not really sure about Lena..

So then.  Guess what happens right at the very end..


The Returned/ Les Revenants Episode Three some short notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. In French with English subtitles. On in the UK on More4 / Four channel.

Les Revenants

Series Two
Episode Three

“Now on More Four things just keep getting weirder as Adele leaves hospital and brings her baby home, suspicious songs and eerie coincidences in brand new Returned, which contains violent scenes..”

Dog barks.
(guitar intro plays)

35 years earlier
“I am  thinking of friends I used to know..”
“Stayed here and suffered, down below,”
..”gone to heaven..”

Its Lucy.  She and Morgan exit a small hut.  They are on top of a mountain.
Wow.  Super scary.
Incredible scene.
So that’s how it happened.
But this is thirty five years..

Now/ present day.
Lucy to Simon:
“I didn’t know he was dead..”
Me neither.
So things are getting mysteriouser on the side of the army story.

So the interplay between Serge and Malin is much as I expected.

Review after episode Three

Oops.  I forgot I said I wasn’t doing episode notes.  Good.  Because I reserve the right to ditch.  On The returned.  Mainly because of Malin.  Yep.  The whole Malin and Serge thing is seriously creepy.  Menacing in spades.

Like menacing was a man (well he was-Malin) then dug a big hole, called the hole menacing then sat in the hole.  Looking menacing.  That’s how menacing Malin is.

The pile of soil next to the hole would be a minor, menacing mountain. Next to Malin.  Menacing Malin.