The Returned-Les Revenants-Series Two-First Episode some notes and dialogue with short review at the end. Minor spoilers only. In French with English subtitles. On in the UK on Fridays on More4/ Four Channel @ 9pm

Series Description:
“A supernatural crime thriller set in a quiet alpine village”.

Nb. I have written about Les Revenants/ The Returned Series One episode by episode here.


The Returned/ Les Revenants

Series Two
Episode One.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

“6 Months later/ 6 mois plus tard”

An orange lozenge shaped light above.
(echoing noise)

(rattling noise)
A gentle voice, in French, speaks..To a patient in the back of an ambulance..

(beeping quickens)

“L’Enfant/ The Child”

(pulse getting louder)

Phew.  It was all a dream. or not as the Priest explains:
“There as a problem, with the ambulance..”
“He brought you here..”

The fantasmagorically beautiful opening credits. Sigh.  What a feast for the eyes.

A handsome man arrives at the top of the dam.  The he looks down.  We get the picture.

I think that (he) is Pierrre. No, but he looks familiar..

Soldier to the handsome man, Berg:
“The people who stayed here, are a little bizarre..”

A reindeer walks through the Plaza.

So Berg is an investigator.  Great stuff.

It’s lovely to hear French again..

The colour palette of the drama sometimes recalls the (French) series Witnesses/ Les Temoins.

So Adele and her daughter is all a bit creepy.
Adele sometimes looks like a man.  A bit like Matt Dillon in the film Drugstore Cowboy.  Or a new romantic singer.

Meanwhile at the Helping Hand Hostel things are seriously cultish.

Aha.  I think it’s Serge.

Adele’s story is like (the films) The Alien met Rosemary’s Baby.

Uh oh.  Things are a happening.  Down in the forest.  With Audrey. A young girl who appears at the top of the dam..

Chloe is the name of Adele’s daughter.  Lena comes to (see) her.  (Chloe)

So Berg, the investigator and Pierre, from the Helping Hand Hostel meet.

So I’m not really sure who some of the people are, like the two young guys who come to see Lena.

Lena’s Dad looks different but then now he is all bearded up!  I realize that I am remembering the people from the American remake  as characters. Not the french series.

I do however, remember Lucy.  This must be her music.  And now with his own special sort of romantic music, is Simon.

Meanwhile Lucy and Audrey are sailing or rather rafting.  On a lake.
Audrey and Lucy arrive.
“Be quiet!”

Chloe to the Priest:
“Will it be like us, or them?”

So Simon is swimming…

So the music is fairly stunning.  As is the scenery.

Chloe prays:
“Hail Mary, full of grace..”

Now here comes a certain handsome somebody down the road.

Lucy to Simon:
“It’s almost finished..”

Victor to Julie:
“Will you always stay with me?”
“Of course”
“Will you always stay with me, no matter what?”
“I promise”.

So this is weird.
We gaze at Victor’s drawings, they are very accurate.

Doctor to Adele:
“Count down from ten”
“Dix, neuf, huit, sept, six, cinq, quatre” / “ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four..”



So Les Revenants/the Returned series two is super spooky.  Seriously creepy. In atmosphere and tone.  The skies are somehow slightly overcast.  There is no real light.  No sunlight.

The colours are all pale, bleached out.  The sound is almost muted.  Within the drama.  The world of the town in The Returned, is all washed out.  Quite literally.

This is a dramatically visual half-word.  Of unsurities.  If that is a word.  Everything is unsure.  Where are they all exactly?  I mean we know the location, the name. But everything else, concrete and definable about the town: is unsettlingly unclear.

It’s almost like the apocalypse.  But exceedingly arty to view.

Thankfully, for me, the sinisterness to the whole drama is leavened and lightened by the magical realism style of some of the scenes.  Such scenes seem magical, impossible in appearance.  But we know that they are real.

These scenes are painted in a a sort of fairly dust of blue and white.  I was reminded of some similar effects in the early series of True Blood.  You know-when Sookie was wondering through the ancient forest at night..

When magic was afoot.



Off the top of my head I am thinking that the scene with the reindeer walking, in the town square or Plaza, was in the series Twin Peaks.

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