Secrets and Lies-the American remake-Episodes One to Three some notes and dialogue on Episodes Two and Three with Part ONE review after Episodes Two & Three. Minor spoilers only. NB. Secrets and Lies previewed in Note to my readers on 18th September 2015. On in the UK on Wednesdays @ 9pm on Watch Channel numbers 124 and 191 on Virgin Media TV with 191 being HD.

Secrets And Lies

TV Series description:
“When a man finds a boy’s remains in the woods, the ensuing investigation turns his life upside down.”

TV Description of Episode One

The Trail”
“A family man’s unremarkable life is turned upside down when he stumbles across the body of a small boy during his morning run.  When suspicion falls on him, he quickly finds that friends and neighbours…”


Quick notes on first two episodes.
So Secrets and Lies is looking good.  Have seen two episodes now.  This is an American remake of the original, Australian series.  I wrote about Secrets and Lies here.

The original was really rather good with a cracking ending.  A slow burner in the beginning, mainly memorable for the main character, the husband, jogging a round a lot.  Looking sweaty and frequently taking his shirt off.  Possibly this will not happen as much in America.  Being colder.

Although I noted that they already inveigled Kadee Strickland into disrobing.  His shirt.  But just around the corner instead.  Still, I digress.

Yes, I don’t often watch something again.  But then this is different.  Or is it?  I am operating on the premise that a remake can very possibly sometimes have a completely different killer.  If not-then the remake is still good I am thinking.  I will carry on with it.

Putting aside my knowledge of who-dunnit and admiring just how horribly guilty and suspicious absolutely everybody looks..

Nb. Did not do notes for Episode One.

Episode Two.
Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Lawyer to Ben:
“Corneille is exceptional at what she does.”
“She’s all over you like flies on crap”
“That is what the Police do”
“Once they suspect someone, they’ll try and prove they did it!”
“And if they find the murder weapon, and it’s yours..”
“You’re screwed!”

Now Ben is walking around in the rain with a hoodie on.  Feeling hunted.  But on a mission..


Review of Episodes One and Two.

Secrets and Lies is the American remake of the Australian series of the same name.  I wrote about the original series here.  This is an odd thing to encompass logically: a remake of the same series in the same language.  This used to only happen for subtitled series.   Whence came the change I do not know.

There has certainly been American series of The Bridge.  Which was remade as the English series the Tunnel. And so on.  So this remake of a same language series is a thing now I guess.

We know that an American remake of several series I could name have been excellent-American series particularly excelling at thrillers.  Often containing a twist or two.   Meaning it may not always necessarily be the same killer.  Hmmm.  Interesting.  Since Secrets and Lies is looking good.

So the whole of the family of Ben are all beautiful.  It’s like the Next Top Model house.  Except for that things going down right now don’t usually happen on America’s Next Top Model.

So here we have the perfect classic dramatic family: who are not so perfect at all.

But then something larger comes along: to further puncture that deflating tyre.  And really throw you off the tracks.  How will that character cope?  Will they crack.  This is the essence of the story of the hero or suspect: and their struggle against adversity.

This series being set in some unknown but classically wooded and half wild small suburban town. The same set up to be found in all the best thrillers I suggest.  American series excel so well at the thriller set in the supposedly innocent: suburban small town.

I am probably thinking of Twin Peaks, but in the history of classic horror it was probably always thus.  Plus such horror.  When it’s good that is-is often timeless in feel.

So the setting for Secrets and Lies is the suburban street,.  Where Ben and his family live.  Along with all their now suspecting neighbours.  Suspecting Ben that is.  When all he did was find the body. But that action is his/Ben’s downfall,  As far as the granite faced gimlet eyed Detective Corneille is concerned.


Episode Three
Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Ben’s friend/brother, Dave:
“Fear the bogeyman, you become the bogeyman!”
“Deep, huh?”

So Secrets and Lies is beautifully filmed.

But I’m not sure why I would watch the series again: if it’s gonna be exactly the same.

However things unless I am  mistaken but I don’t think I am-have already taken another turn..

There is an unfortunate amount of psycho-babble that goes on between the husband Ben and his wife.

However things have been getting a bit sinister for a while now.  And I know who did it (or do I?)  So that really is sinister then.


Review after Episode Three
So yes, Secrets and Lies is shaping up very nicely indeed.  As a sinisterly tinged thriller.  The drama is a slow burner, assembling the pieces slowly.  Of the story that is.  Much as we might imagine this scenario happening in real life.  In real time.

This successful creation of suburban reality is aided by the presence of the News crews.  That camp out and surround the family home.  Of Ben and his wife and two daughters.

Ben does appear to look much younger than his wife.  At times almost like her teenage son. He, as a character,struggles to look like the father of a seventeen year old.  In my opinion.

This slight bump in believability in Ben’s character does dissipate over time.  I encompassed him as a slightly younger husband perhaps or maybe he just has one of those baby faces.  That looks younger than your age.

Later, Ben does look older in stubble and a baseball hat.

I did wonder if Ben’s wife was meant to look more harried and worn, as part of her role as main breadwinner at that time. Since suddenly, business isn’t going to well for Ben..

Plus Ben’s bosom buddy is suddenly looking shady.  Now all the characters are suspect pretty much but in this case Ben has just confided something really rather important to his mate.

As the ancient reptilian-like beady glare of Detective Inspector Corneille alights with satisfaction on her new prey. As she takes him away.



Oh yes and Juliette Lewis is brilliant as the gimlet eyed and granite faced Detective Inspector Corneille.


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