Quick note to my readers-change in write-up to Dag and update on the dates for: The Walking Dead Series Six, Battle Creek, The Returned/ Les Revenants Series Two and Homeland Series Five. Dates to be aired in the UK & U.S.A for The Walking Dead.

Quick Note to my readers-

Dag-posted 6th October 2015.
Nb. Please note-I have changed the formation of the write-up of Dag.  The words are the same they are just in a different order.  With an extra line of explanation after: “I dunno” in notes on episode Four.

Update on:
 The Walking Dead Series Six

This new series Six starts on 12th October in the UK, Monday @9pm on FOX Channel.  not the 13th as originally posted in note to my readers 26th September 2015.  This must mean the premiere of  the new series is on 11th October in America.

Episode One description from TV:
“Rick and the group are still having trouble assimilating into Alexandria.  Will a new threat bring them closer together or drive them further apart?”


Battle Creek  Universal Channel-Number 137 on Virgin Media TV. Tuesday, 6th October 2015 @10pm.
I see that Battle Creek is advertised as being written by:
“The creator of Breaking Bad, Vince Gilligan”.

I previewed this American Series a while back now. It was only on a channel called either PBS or CBS America then.   It sounded interesting.  However, I have now seen a trailer for it and Battle Creek looked like it was meant to be funny.  Oh no.  I might be wrong.

Description of Battle Creek:
“Two law enforcement officers with opposing views of the world work together in Battle Creek, Mich.” (Michigan I think)

Episode One.
“A jaded Detective, reluctantly teams up with a charming F.B.I Agent to solve a drug related Homicide”.

Battle Creek has the excellent actor who played Olivia Benson’s dishy but long suffering boyfriend from the series Special Victims Unit.  In it.  I presume that he is the jaded one..

Date for The Returned/ Les Revenants-Series Two-The French original.
Starts on 16th October, Friday @9pm.  On More4 Channel in the UK.  Channel number 203 is More4 HD on Virgin Media TV.

Preview of The Returned/ Les Revenants
Episode one description is too spoilery if you have not seen the first series.  Even I didn’t realise that had happened and I have seen series one.  Oops.

I have written about Les Revenants/The Returned as in the French series here, episode by episode I believe.

I also wrote about the excellent and very enjoyable, if that is the right word-remake of The Returned The American series.  I described the drama here as The Returned (remake).

The original series is mostly famous for it’s soundtrack by Mogwai and for being seriously creepy. Well-for me/ in my book anyway.  The soundtrack enhancing that atmosphere a thousand fold.  I swear I got the shivers..


Homeland Series Five.  Channel Four or 104 or 142 HD on Virgin Media TV.
To be first aired on Sunday, 11th October @9pm.

Episode One:
“Separation anxiety” 
“While Carrie tries to build a new life in Berlin, a request from her boss forces her back into the world she abandoned.”

postcript/ p.s.
I am really enjoying the Netflix Sci-fi series Continuum so far..

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