Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Final Review of Series One only. This Review follows posting dated 8th October 2015. An Australian Series. Minor spoilers Only. Series One & Two are on in the UK on Netflix and Alibi Channel number 131 or 200HD on Virgin Media TV or Sky Channel number 132. Series Three may be out in the U.S.A on Netflix and is expected approximately 26th October on Alibi channel in the UK.

Nb. apart from a quote from Series two-Episode five (in previous write-up) I left series two unwritten.  Series Two directly follows on from series one. They are a good length- each series.


Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Series One.  Final Review.
So I really enjoyed Miss Fisher’s Murder mysteries.  Once I stopped gawping at the fabulous interiors, dresses, tiles, wallpaper.  OK everything really.  Yes, once I stopped gawping at nineteen twenties/ 1920’s style-surely the coolest post-Victorian style of all.

I also give you the sumptuous style to be seen in the Inspector De Luca Series.  Especially the early episodes: as an example of 1920’s style.  I know.  I said that already.  But the roaring twenties was super-cool to see.  For me.

Of course it may be a lot more fun being an aristocrat than poor.  or not as the case maybe.  Since of course suffering is universal and we learn about the dark side of the period which is that this is only just post war.  The First World War.

Without giving too  much away: some indeed many of the characters we come across have been in the war.  In some way.  This described aspect of the series opened up a new way of looking at the 1920’s for me.

I had never realised that the nineteen twenties/1920’s was post war.  Well yes, historically.  But not in how the people afterwards were affected.  Plus I guess I learnt that there were two post war periods.

So all this is sounding quite serious.  Which it is.  Because you find yourself dwelling on just how many men were lost in the Great War.  Things like that.

Plus you see how the war links some of the characters as mentioned.  Flying a plane perhaps. Although I have a feeling that Miss Phyrnne Fisher could already do that.

Miss Fisher’s abilities are multifarious and many.  She can drive for example.  Which although Phryne makes it look normal, like with everything she does-driving, along with even her involvement in murder crimes:is all very rare for women in the 1920’s.

Phryne carries off everything she does with alacrity and flair.  She is tough, good with a gun, great at climbing up buildings with crampons or without.  A lot of these climbing feats Phyrne accomplishes in a skirt.  A long skirt at that.  Plus always a hat.  An extremely stylish hat.

As mentioned previously, Phyrne’s hat whilst climbing is barely even askew.  One time she hangs one-handed off a balcony, casually straightening her hat. That is how the Honourable Miss Phryne Fisher rolls.

Phryne carries out all these acrobatic and daredevil feats, not to mention multiple dangerous missions: with aplomb.  And supreme style.  She is also an extremely good Detective.

Phyrne infers clues from crime scenes and organises detecting techniques that are advanced for that time period. She is years ahead of her time.

The other thing you have in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is the wonderfully witty wordplay. Mostly between Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson.

Inspector Robinson-who it has to be said plays an incredible role as the taciturn buttoned up Detective.  At first.

The verbal and otherwise interplay between Miss Fisher and Detective Inspector Jack Robinson is like watching a Noël Coward play.  In amidst or amongst the death and degradation.  Not to mention a helping of old-fashioned horror.

All of the characters are played excellently I feel.  Not only separately but together in ensemble.  Like (in) a play.

Although Miss Fisher is the star of the play she is a humble person really.  Although daring and brave of course.  Most of all she is inspired by reasoning, deduction and objectivity.  Plus observation of course: in the solving of the crimes of murder most horrid.  In the investigations she undertakes.

Then you have the 1920’s.  Surely the coolest decade ever.  In terms of style.


I like Miss Fishers Egyptian style wallpaper.  And her feathery coat.


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