Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries-An Australian Series-Some notes and dialogue Series One and some notes on Episode Five, Series Two. Final Review to follow. (Final Review was posted on 11th October 2015). Series One and Two are on Netflix and Alibi Channel numbers 130 & 200 HD on Virgin media TV or Sky Channel number 132 in the UK. Nb. If you are on Virgin Media TV plan that includes a TIVO box-then Netflix is on Channel number 204. There is also a TIVO App.

Re-posted My First Preview of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Series One & Two from posting dated 18th June 2015.   Also mentioned in notes 20th July and 26th September 2015.

The Murder Mysteries of Miss Fisher
Set in the 1920’s.  Really rather good. Think  the (1920’s) Italian series Inspector de Luca in terms of style and quality.  Then perhaps the Honourable Peter Whimsey of Dorothy Parker fame.  Mixed with the Lord Linley mysteries.

With a good dash of Puck in (the Swedish series) Crimes of Passion in terms of verve, style and sass. Plus of course that insatiable and incisively intelligent interest in murder and crime. Possessed by Phryne Fisher.

The Right Honourable Phyrne Fisher, Lady Detective is an an  English aristocratic “flapper” in the 1920’s.  Who goes to Australia to..
Well that would be telling.

Netflix description of the Murder Mysteries of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries:
“Get ready to  immerse yourself in the opulent exciting and sometimes dangerous world of Australia’s leading lady Detective, Phryne Fisher”

end of Preview.

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
New Series Three coming soon on Alibi channel in October 2015.
The series is made by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

A First Review of Series One-the early episodes-with a snippet of Episode Five of Series Two at the end. Final Review of Series One to be posted separately.

Some (random) notes and dialogue on the first few episodes on first watching.
Series/ Season One

Episode One.
So I kept on rewinding to make sure I had not missed the beginning.  However the drama begins with the incident of death.  Then come the credits.

Here comes Miss Phrynne Fisher.
“It seems the Police think that death had a helping hand..”

I’m finding it hard to concentrate on anything other than the tiles and the white marble wash basin.

Miss Fisher: to the dishy Detective Inspector Jack Robinson.
“Do you have a card?”
“I might need to call the Police..”
A woman, alone…”
New, in a dangerous town..”

Miss Fisher’s pink dress is just gorgeous.

The famous British Actress Miriam Margoyles is Aunt Prudence.

Phrynne’s outfits are, each one, gorgeous and incredible.

Aunt Prudent to Phyrnne:
“Why do you think you can just run off on your own?!”
Phyrnne: (holding it up)
Because I’ve got a gun!”

Best dialogue:
“Phrynne to Doctor McMillan:
“My guess is, it’s cocaine.”
Dr. McMillan:
“Are you sure?”
 licks her finger,
“Let’s try..”
“One more try..”


So Phrynne’s gun is gold.

Phrynne is good at climbing and leaping onto balconies in a long skirt, with hat..Be hanging off the balcony with one hand..Use the other to adjust her hat from crooked to straight. And still look cool.

I have to mention the simply wonderful steam train.

There is the fact that Phyrnne is fearless and fond of saying how she has climbed Mount Kilamanjaro.

She goes to a speak-easy in the third episode and has the most stunning dresses and kimonos you have ever seen.

Miss Fisher takes possession of the most incredibly pretty house.  With the red wrought iron railing on balconies all around the house.

There is an incredible scene in which Phyrnne and the dishy Detective both stand on top of a train. The steam train. and have a casual chat.  And she has on her Mary Jane heels.

Oh yes.  and there is the most spiffing yellow Bi-plane.  And guess what Phyynne can do?

Dot to God: (in her prayers)
She prays for the orphans..
“Those who are ill, the zebra in the zoo with a gammy leg”
“And, if you have time..”
“Could you send Mister Collins a sign.”
“And let him know..”
“You’re Catholic?”

Nesrine sings over the prison wall:
“My Momma says I’m reckless”
“My Daddy says I am wild..”
“That I’m the Devil’s child..”

Phrynne to the Butler (Alfred):
“You’re an angel incarnate!”

There is a simply splendid steam train.  OK I said that.  Phrynne has this gorgeous red car in red and silver called a Hispano Suiza.


Episode Two onwards.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Bert: (Theatre Producer)
“She hangs upon the cheek of night”
“Like a rich jewel in an Ethiop’s ear”

Bert: (to Miss Phrynne  Fisher)
“You are looking as ravishing as ever my dear, “
“You never change!”

Phrynne to Lin:
“I do like a man who can fight”
“and still maintain his sartorial elegance!”

“Age cannot wither her nor…”

There are excellent parts for the men characters too.

Detective Inspector Jack Robinson.
(eats snails)
“Not bad, like India rubber”!

Dot to Phrynne:
“Miss Lavender has died”
“Oh dear”.
“Now we’ll never know if Hilda and the Blue Fairies were rescued from Marvin..”
“Marvin who?”
“Marvin the malevolent wizard..”

Lin to Phyrnne:
“I’ve missed you, silver lady..”

Lin has the most incredible suits you would not believe.

Inspector jack Robinson to Phyrne:
“If you’re going to demand a denouement, you had better be on time.”

Phrynne to Inspector Jack:
“Perhaps we could allow ourselves..”
“Just one candle..”
“What do you think?”

Young girl Imogen, to Detective Inspector Jack:
“The black ocean called her..”

Inspector Jack: (to Phyrne)
“I hope you’re not concealing a dangerous weapon in there..”


This is Episode Ten now.  

I like it when they do undercover work.

Phyrnne to Dot:
“Put another pin in our hat Dot you’re in for a bumpy ride!”


Episode Thirteen-Final episode-I think so

Not the best episode to  watch with dinner.

Words you don’t often hear very often, in a drama..
Inspector Jack Robinson to Phyrnne:
“So, all he needs now he has his three goddesses..”
“..to ascend into the afterlife..”
“Is you!”

So Episode thirteen is probably my best and favourite episode.

“My fourth Goddess..”
“They will serve me faithfully again, in the afterlife..”
“When we drank from these sacred cups..”

“Say good bye to sorrow..”
“I’m chasing the blues away..”


Series Two 
Some notes only from Episode Five.

A Quote from season Two: Episode Five.  (end scene)
Inspector Jack Robinson & Phyrne Fisher
“Perhaps another time..”
“At a less dangerous hour….”
“In a less fatal dress..”!
(Phyrne smirks)

Their comedic timing is impeccable.  Phyrnne and Jack’s wordplay with each other is full of double entendres wittily punned.They flirt (with each other) with words.  Great stuff.


See link below for information on Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.  However there is no set date yet on the Alibi Channel for Series Three in the UK. My information from Virgin TV did state it was premièring in October 2015.  We shall see. “October” is looking like the very end of October now..

 It does seem as if the new series Three is now on Netflix in America.  But not in the UK-Boo hoo..

Link to Information on alibi channel and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries:


Link showing details of Episodes of Series Three:


Nb.  Miss Fisher’s name, Phyrne is pronounced “Phyr/ Fry-nee”.  I could have sworn it was written with two ‘n’s. But it appears I was wrong.  So the spelling varies in my write-ups that I have not spotted and corrected.

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