Dag-Series Three-Episodes One, Two, Three and Four-Episode notes and dialogue only. Minor spoilers only. In Norwegian with English subtitles. On in the UK on Sky Arts Channel @ 9pm on Fridays.


Series Three.
Episode one.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Graphic with text:
So you do love me a little!
Maybe, or else..”

Dag and Malin: (now they are discussing cases at the end of the day)
“Even swans split up when they’re feeling bored”
“Experiencing love has made you meaner!”

Ernst quotes the Hemingway code.

Earlier.  Eva is already moaning like a wife.

Woman to Dag:
“I’ve become this function  that nobody notices.
“I do all this work, nobody notices”
“It makes me feel worthless..”
“What is the positive?”

Really tired husband to his wife:
“You always think you know everything to do with the kids”.
“You shout at me all the time”
“I’m going to do something I never usually do..”

Ah! (Malin Screams)
Dag to his clients:
“It’s OK, my secretary is writing an epic and sometimes her head explodes”

Dag to Malin:
“Vidkin Quisling?”
“He keeps taking on different  roles, creeping into the story..”

Dag to Eva:
“Christmas in July? Is it even legal?”


Episode Two.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Graphic and text:
The nicest gift  I could give her was to blame me for everything.

I hadn’t wanted to say so earlier because it sounds mean but Eva is a bit of a basket case.  Get a grip woman.

Oh no.  I did wonder about Trine.


Episode Three.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Benedikt to Dag:
“Into the inner sanctum..”

“I have absolutely nothing..”
“So OK, on the bright side, it couldn’t possibly get any worse!”

Graphic with text:
We can thank animals for some of our best memories.

So that chicken is enormous.

How many dead animals have passed through here?”
She is such a misery guts.

Dag to Benedkit:
“Can you take it easy,, I want this to  go well..”
“We’ve been going through a rough patch..”

Knock, knock.  Just who could this be a come a-knocking?
Benedikt to the visitor: (Juanita)
“It’s Norwegian liquor, you may not be used to..”
“Yes, please!”

Dag to his guests:
“Time for some more wine..”

So.  A big moment there.  For Dag.
And then the door bell rings.

(All) Much as I predicted.  And expected.

Dag to Marianne:
“So is that Oompa Loompa your guru now?”

So Marianne’s boyfriend is well funny.

And it’s all going down.
A dark ballad ensues.


Episode Four.
Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

It’s the morning after the night before.

Graphic with text:
Everything in life is difficult, being old, being young.

Ernst to Dag:
“He with the most soul and intelligence lives the greatest tragedies.”
He continues:
“Who said that?”
“It looks like life has declared war on you..”

A sad ballad, sombre sounding, ensues.

Eva to Dag:
“Bla bla bla..but I want you to be sure..
“Not that you know what you want..”

Eva continues:
“I don’t feel that you have lived the same as me..”
“You don’t know how to relate to me, you have no frame of reference..”
“For me/mei”
Like I said: Bla Bla Bla.

Dag pauses:
I don’t care where you came from.”
“I want you to chose us, me and Leon when you have seen the alternative..”
“This is insane”.

“I don’t want you to blame me and Leon in ten years time..”
“I was never afraid of missing out on anything..”
“Before I met you.”
“Have fun”..

Dag to Benedikt:
“Someone’s gonna regret handing Adam that apple..”


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