Continuum-Series One-Netflix. First Few Episodes-A One-Off Review containing Preview and Review with introductory dialogue to Episode One. On Netflix in the UK.


So I am quite liking Continuum so far.  I had put this drama in my Netflix list of things to metaphorically put behind my ear.  Like a spare cigarette.  Or roll-up.  Don’t think people do that any more do they.  But I digress.

Yes, I like to try out dramas I’v never heard of on Netflix just on the basis of them sounding a bit interesting.  For whatever reason.  That something new.

This is the way I found Taxi Brooklyn, Bloodline, The River and Residue.   Just off the top of my head.  I must have heard or read about the other (TV) dramas: such as Between.  And the Returned(remake).

Then there was Wayward Pines on TV, Extanct and then Dark Matter on Syfy channel.  Boy there has been some heavy hitting series this year.  (or roughly this year)  The American series in particular from this list.

Then of course I loved Residue and Dark Matter, a Canadian Series.  Still, I reminisce.

The point of all this was to describe my random pick and mix (from Netflix) like throwing down and picking up sticks.  I felt like a Syfy series that was slightly silly.  Rather than serious.

Sometimes the series is really taking itself seriously and sometimes I am I’m not so sure.  Of course this is just the way I am seeing it.  After some generically horrible happening, I usually have to relent. Well to at least half-way taking the drama seriously.

Sometimes the drama really does turn out all serious.  And was probably meant to be from the beginning.  Oh well.

All this is to explain why I decided to try Continuum.


Episode One.
Agent Kiera Cameron.
Her/ voice-over:

“Twenty seventy seven”
“My time, my city, my family”
“When terrorists killed thousands of innocents”
They were condemned to death,”
“But they had other plans..”

She continues:
“A time device sent us all back sixty five years..”
“I want to get back home..”
“But I can’t be sure what I will return to if history is changed..”
“Their plan: to corrupt and destroy the present in order to control the future.”
“The only problem is, they didn’t think of- me!


So Continuum is kind of fun.  Well I thought so.  But then just around Episode Five the drama started getting seriously.  Or rather-I started taking Continuum  more seriously.

Funnily enough I had been thinking I might ditch on continuum.  If it continued to be so computer heavy. Not in the whole checking things/ finds on the computer spiel. I guess I am resigned to that in dramas now.

However when a drama seems to centre around the computer screen as a visual object it does get tiresome.  But I digress.

In this case Agent Kiera Cameron continually talks into the magic wristband of her super-duper space Detective who is really from 2077-suit.  Which suit is also handily bullet proof including machine guns too.

However due to aforesaid bullet hole damage and at least one sort of electrocution generally, the space suit is damaged.  Requiring repair.

So the Detective/ Agent Kiera Cameron is required to go with her gut instead of her rather spectacular array of equipment embedded in her space Detective suit.  Not to mention the micro-chip..

Without her regular twenty seventy seven/2077 hi-tech extreme-the Detective suddenly appears all softened, more two thousand and twelve/ 2012.

Did I mention, that the Protector (which is Agent Kiera Cameron’s real name in 2077) and all the terrorists have all jumped back in time together.  The terrorists, the prisoners, are all clad in red jump suits.  Not that much has changed in the future.

So despite the relaxation of all things computer-ish signified by the terminator-vision-style squares filling the screen: Agent Kiera Cameron is still in touch with her contact via Bluetooth.  I think . Before that she communicates through the electronic gadgets on the wrist of her suit.

These chats between Agent Cameron  and her contact (who I shall not reveal) are clunky and tiresome to watch.  Plus a bit hard to swallow in the drama.

Carlos, the handsome indeed smouldering twenty twelve/ 2012 Detective, seems strangely accepting of Agent Kiera Cameron’s frequent outbursts of conversation into thin air.  Not everywhere has Bluetooth.

Agent Cameron brushes these instances off expertly.  She sometimes remembers to pretend to phone. Then talk into a dead phone.  Which is weird to watch.  I know.

So somehow the year two thousand and twelve/ 2012 is painted to look almost nineteen nineties/ 1990’s.  In Continuum.

However 2012 is all quiet refreshing after 2077. As seem from the future people’s eyes.  The characters that is.

We are helped in this visual juxtaposition of the  two different times: by imagery of the future buildings filling up the 2012 sparsely built sky-line.

Detective/ Agent Kiera Cameron has frequent flashbacks.  Oops-sorry.  Is it flash forwards?
Only to us.  It would seem.  To her they are flashbacks.  Must be.  But I digress.

Me, I tend to prefer the story in the future.  But then I always do.

Oh yes and there are some madcap crazy fights.  There was some up close scenes of murder which I wasn’t expecting.  Since I had come to Continuum thinking that it would be a slightly silly science fiction/ sci-fi series.  Just what I was in the mood for.

Clearly, Continuum isn’t going to be silly at all. OK maybe slightly.

Still, I can brush off these reservations above because Continuum retains some atmospheric bite. Call this dramatic bounce.  As the drama fairly bundles along, often surprising us.  Continuum is unpredictable and different.  I like that.

Plus I like the whole feel of the Starman in a Motel room with a mysterious background which is being lived in real time.  But another time. It’s all quite intriguing.

Oh wait. ( here comes) Detective Starlady/ Starwoman.  It sounds good.  Homicide.  Well sort of.  As a Detective Agent Kiera Cameron is stern of face.  With variably twinkling eyes. Which every now and then cry.  Because Kiera is missing her family-in the future.


Continuum is raised up from the ordinary by the very excellent actors within it I feel. Kagame, for example (as the terrorist mastermind) is a sinister presence on screen.

Inspector Jack Dillon as the 2012 Police Chief, and Kellog, a rogue terrorist from the future are also solid performances.

Carlos Fonnegra, as Agent Kiera Cameron’s new Police partner is a solid presence as an early Elvis look-alike who wears enormous sunglasses (for the time) which he hooks, in an old-fashioned way, on the neck of his T-shirts.  Underneath his black leather bomber jacket.  Of course.

On checking I find that Continuum is a Canadian Series which is filmed in location in Vancouver. Spectacularly, Vancouver easily passes for circa 2077..


Trying to figure out whether a variation in the course of history has been caused in Continuum reminded me of the explanation and deconstruction of the timelines in the film Back To The Future. By Sheldon, Leonard, Howard and Raj in the The Big Bang Theory.


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