Quick note to my readers of a new series-The American remake of Secrets and Lies

Secrets and Lies is an American remake of the Australian original series of the same name.

Secrets and Lies is on Wednesdays on Watch channel.
Watch channel is number 124 or 191 HD on Virgin Media TV.

Secrets And Lies-the remake.
First aired on 9th September 2011.
With Ryan Phillipe, Juliette Lewis, Kadee Strickland.

I wrote about Secrets and Lies here on this Blog
(posted on 27th September 2014-original series aired on 23rd September 2014)
It was very enjoyable and with a stonking/ cracking ending I seem to remember.

Also most fabulously filmed, in suburban, tropical Australia like Desperate Housewives went South.

So the remake of Secrets and Lies is looking good.  Have seen two episodes now.  Juliette Lewis is the “exceptional at what she does”, Detective Cornelle..

TV Description of Episode One
The Trail”
“A family man’s unremarkable life is turned upside down when he stumbles across the body of a small boy during his morning run.  When suspicion falls on him, he quickly finds that friends and neighbours…”

TV Series description:
“When a man finds a boy’s remains in the woods, the ensuing investigation turns his life upside down.”


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