Quick note to my readers of some new series coming later this year in the UK and the return of Orphan Black Series Three-Sunday 27th September 2015 on BBC Three. A mention of The Bridge Series Three on BBC Four, Line Of Duty Series One and Continuum on Netflix. Plus Secrets and Lies (remake)

Note to my readers of some new series and the return of Orphan Black!

Some new and returning series in the UK coming later this year:

New series of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. 
Series One & Two being on Netflix.
Series Three will be in October 2015.
On alibi Channel which is channel number 200 for HD on Virgin Media TV.

Also Tyrant Series Two is coming to FOX Channel in December 2015 channel number 199 is HD on Virgin.  In December 2015.
I wrote about Tyrant episode by episode here on this blog.

New series of Luther “in Autumn” BBC One-yey!
Luther, various series write-ups, here on this blog.

New Sherlock Holmes series:
 on BBC One in December 2015-this will be set in Victorian times.
Sherlock Holmes and Watson in top hats!  Looking very Victorian.

The Bridge-Series Three due in “Autumn”.of 2015. Which I think will be on BBC Four.
I know.  I have been saying this for a long time now-due in Autumn/ Fall- as we now know can mean anything really.

The Bridge Series One and Two have been written about here on this blog.

Update on The Bridge Series Three-this will be in November 2015 on BBC Four.


Netflix in the UK
Line Of Duty Series One:
is now on Netflix in the UK with Lennie James and many other excellent actors.

I have not seen this series although I have written about Series Two here on the blog.

Series One description
“An anti-corruption unit investigates a mistaken shooting during a counter-terrorist operation”

Plus-the return of Orphan Black! Series Three.

Orphan Black Series Three 
BBC Three or Channel number 106 on Virgin Media TV.
The Canadian series Orphan Black is an Original BBC America Production.

Hurray.  This series has already been out in America I understand.

So Orphan Black Series Three is on BBC Three at 2:10 am and 2:50 am on Sunday 27th September 2015.  Repeated on Monday morning at 1:25am up to 3am.
Correction-Monday morning episodes are in fact the next two episodes-not a repeat.

Update: Orphan Black is being shown three early mornings in a row on BBC Three:
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday.

Next week Orphan Black will be shown on Sunday  (Episodes 7 &8)
and Monday (episodes 9 & 10) With 10 being the final episode of Series Three,

There are two episodes back to back.  Catch-up on BBC i-player. Or on-demand.

Orphan Black has been written about here on the blog.


So Dark Matter has now sadly ended.  And who would have thought/ thunk that  it was that person who carried out the mind-wipe?!

Then I remembered that I had put the series Continuum behind my metaphorical ear.  For later possible watching.

So Continuum, One episode in, is looking good.  Could even be good.  Not sure yet.  But interesting nonetheless.  Has a recognisable actor in it from the series Jericho I believe.

All quite daft of course.  But enjoyable so far.

Oh yes- Continuum also has an actor in it from the Canadian Sci-fi series Dark Matter.  Who very interestingly, has a story arc in Continuum which could easily lead into Dark Matter.  If you get my drift.


Secrets and Lies (Remake) Watch Channel.  Wednesdays @ 9pm.  Channel numbers 124 & 191 on Virgin Media TV.  With 191 being HD.

The American remake of the Australian original series, Secrets and Lies, is shaping up very nicely I think.  Getting rather sinister in fact..

The Walking Dead Series Six
The Walking dead series Six is returning as already mentioned in previous note to my readers: on October 12th in America and 13th in the UK-on FOX Channel.


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