Witnesses/Les Temoins. Episode Five-some notes and dialogue on first watching with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. In French with English subtitles. Was on in the UK on Channel Four or 104 on Virgin Media TV with 142 being HD.

Les Temoins

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Sandra is in the pouring rain.  She falls to her knees.  Where is her sidekick.

So now we get some information about who is digging up the bodies..

Sandra says something,
Max the Police Chief answers back.
Max looks back at Sandra.
Sandra looks back at Max.  Meaningfully.
That is it.

Back to the proper beginning.
Wolf stuff and beach huts.

Gorbier and his son is somewhat creepy. Gorbier looks like a handsome pop star.

This is all very strange.  But somehow fails to be menacing.  Dunno why.

Gorbier to Paul:
“I want you to watch me dance, OK?”!

(we see) Pretty scenery, new houses all in rows.

The crime scene.  A bowl of oranges.  Sandra looks for something banal.  Then sees a key  Hanging on a mug rack.

Max the Police Chief to the Detectives:
“We have to start again, from scratch, the murders and the victims, everything!”

So again.  we are finding out more background you could call it.  And it’s all satisfyingly creepy.  But a bit daft at the same time.

Gorbier to his wife:
“”We won’t do anything tonight, just get to know each other again”..
“Bodies, reuniting..”
Oo err.

So Paul Maisonneuve manages to look ordinarily suave in an underground place..

So the whole Gorbier storyline is sinister yet un-scary.

Sandra stares through the window at the smoking guy.

Laura to Sandra:
“Will you succeed?!”

C’mon Sandra, time is running out.  I’m feeling all sympathetic to Paul Maisonneve now.  Poor Paul.

Sandra re-enacts the crime.
Great stuff.

Oh no.
Gorbier sits chatting with Paul.  Underground.

So Gorbier could do with a few make-up tips unless that is the look he is going for.
Creepy just got creepier.

Oh no.
Quite suspenseful all in all really.
Plus urgent and atmospheric music has been playing for a while now.

Wow-that was thunderous sounding music then.

So in the official aftermath (of the action) gentle piano music plays.  Stony faced Paul is smiling.
Now he’s not.

Now it’s back to the plot.  The one I had forgotten about.

Sandra comes down to the basement interview room to interview the mysterious Henri Norbert.

Sandra to Henri Norbert:
“I found your balls, they were hard to find”..
“But now I have them in my dainty little hand”!

But wait.  Paul is gazing at a photo.
“The key!”
“I know what it fits..”

We see the red haired girl, Laura, walk out to the beach.  She sits on the pebbles and stares at an unusual half submerged object..



So basically in this episode Sandra runs around some, Paul appears (oddly) to be in only minor peril whilst achieving his own near miraculous..well I had better not say..

Still, even when underground Paul Maisonneuvve still managed to look entirely un-bothered. Chillaxed even.  Almost like he was in the chill-out room of an extra cool basement club .  In Berlin.

OK I made all that bit up-he wasn’t. (in Berlin)  Paul just looked like he was.  Or could be.  Due to looking impossibly urbane and stonily cool.

If not quite as menacing as Clint Eastwood, then Paul Maisonneuvve is nearly there.  Perhaps Paul Maisonneuve, in his handsomeness is distracting.  I always find myself wondering how anybody can hold the muscles of their face still for that long with out moving.



So there’s only one more episode to get through.

Gorbier reminded me of a Sting the pop star look-alike checking on his organic artichokes for dinner. Just with a penchant for wearing combat gear.


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