Witnesses/ Les Temoins Episode Four-some notes and dialogue with review at the end. Minor spoilers only. In French with English subtitles. On in the UK on Channel Four or number 104 on Virgin Media TV with 142 being HD. Wednesdays @ 10pm.

Les Temoins/ Witnesses

Episode Four

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Voice-over/ announcer:
“Disturbing and violent scenes..”
“You’ll need your fog lights for this one”!
Did he really say that.

Back to the beautiful house.  Possibly my favourite bit of Witnesses so far.  The outside of that house.

Well things are a-happening.  Wolf stuff you might call it.

Then back to the prologue/ credits.
Wolves in beach hut.  More wolf stuff.

Sandra comes to meet Paul.  At the top of the stairs whilst he gazes at pictures.  In another murder scene.

Paul Maisoneuvve to the Detective:
“A big, new house…”
“New cutlery, new furniture, new bedding.”
“Like a show home?”

Little boy to Paul Maisoneuvve:
“”Are you Paul Masioneuvve?”

Sandra splashes water over her face and ties to wake up.  Generally.

The drama fairly scoots along without Sandra and Paul appearing in the scene.

Clara-ex-victim (of mad murderer):
“He told me about the women he killed”
“He wanted to live in a big house with all of them..”

Sandra & Paul Maisonevuve:
“Did he describe it?”
“A big house!”
Yep.  A big house.

Beautiful night shots of the city.

Yey.  Sandra found a clue.

Another dramatic interlude.  the most realistic yet.
Sandra’s Detective partner howls.  No, actually howls.

Sandra is on a roll.

The Detectives don’t tend to have much luck in the detecting department.  For the life of me I just can’t get interested in the plot.  Or the investigation for that matter.

Oh wait.  Paul Maisoneuvve is doing what he does best.  Silently staring.

Oh no.  Piano music.
Then out with the damn lipstick again..  Sandra ruffles her hair.  so we are going to meet the infamous Laurence ..(Vanderbilt)

Sandra and Vanderbilt.
“But we both have the same lipstick!”

Paul goes back to the beautiful house.

Paul to Sandra’s Detective partner:
“What if I’m wrong?”
“What if he’s chose a small, modest house?”

Paul goes to see the young woman.  Who has a face like a Botticelli painting.  Who presumably reminds him, Yes she reminds him of..I forgot.  Oh wait. (I remember)  I better not say.  Not that it’s that important.

Sandra’s Detective partner sings to a woman in English.
Then the woman say:
“There’s a man over there, watching us..”
She’s toast  then.

Oh no.
Something is going down.

Paul.  (his) Mobile rings.
The voice of Gorbier:
“Your tree, your favourite tree..”

Ah, the double rows of Cypress trees.

Justin is the name of Sandra’s Detective partner.

Ominous music plays.  Some timpanic drums.

“Come with me Paul”
Paul Maisoneuvve:
Agreed Paul.  You’re not supposed to get in the car with strange men Paul.

I had a flashback to a film called Vanishing then.  The Dutch original film.

The discordant music makes Witnesses seem almost good and atmospheric.

Sandra weeps: in the corner of the balcony of her flat.  A giant teddy bear sits on in the foreground, on a chair.

Max (The Police Chief) is an excellent character.  Max adds a much needed touch of realism to the drama.  Dramatic realism.

Oo.  Lovely night blue shots of the sea.  Next to Normandy.

(thunder rumbles)
C’mon Sandra.

Paul Maisoneuvve to Gorbier:
“”Why all the drama?  What drama.
“All this stuff about digging up and show homes..”

Well I’ve had my suspicions who the mad murderer is from the beginning.  And it wasn’t him.
Uh oh.



So again it seems I have been doodling away.  Rather than watching really.  Writing instead.  ‘Cause there is nowt much else to do really.  Except dutifully note the progression of the drama on the screen.

This watching almost seems like a chore.  Now that can’t be right.  Other reviewers seem to like Witnesses.  Is it just me then.

Yes, the drama has coalesced somewhat into something vaguely resembling a coherent story.  All the right pieces are there, being slowly, achingly slowly, put together.

But if this was a jigsaw I still feel the whole picture to be a bit blurred.  along with every piece.  Like the jigsaw was left out in the rain.  And the pieces faded.

Or maybe it is the speed at which those pieces of the drama itself are being put together that is the problem.  I just don’t know..

Witnesses seems full of superficial slicks of clichés.  Like rainbow coloured oil.  That lies, gloss slick, on a heaving sea.  The familiar colours catch our eye, we Put together the rainbow by association as well sight.

Each cliché’ signals to us a piece of faded jigsaw.  Upon which we hang our associations.

The whole heaving mess, like the sea gels together well enough.  But there is no real substance beneath.  Just like the watery sea.

Witnesses is like some spaced out dream.  A French Midsomers Murders perhaps.  Or Robert De Niro, dreaming (forwards in time) in the opium den in (the film) Once Upon A Time In America.

If Robert De Niro was likely to dream about French lady Detectives in twenty first century Normandy that is.

I suppose I’m stuck now: in that no man’s land of deciding whether to continue.  I have come thus far. and all that.

Kind of like sitting in Casualty/ The Emergency room for umpteen hours whilst unwittingly affixed to the Healthcare Ads/ Advertisements on a giant screen.  Sometimes the symptoms of an interesting disease flashes up.  To scare everybody.  For not doing something right. Smoking probably.
Still, I digress.

A series, or Witnesses doesn’t have to be Chekhov or all serious and intellectual. Even arty.  (OK I like arty) For me to take it seriously.  Believe in the drama.

I guess I’m nearly there with Witnesses. The process of buying into a believable drama just seems to be going slowly.  Real slowly.

Who exactly was it who got murdered again?  Does it matter.  I dunno. I don’t care.

Plus I have a horrible feeling that there maybe some dreadful scenario with the little girl.  Her Impending danger or doom mostly based on being the daughter of the Detective-seems possible to me.

Well that Detective dramatic trope and the whole make-up scene in the beginning.  You know.  The weird, slightly surrealistic scene in the beginning of a drama that pre-shadows some dreadful mad murderer made/created replica.  Later.

No, a drama don’t need to be Chekhov. Hey-I believed in the drama series Dark Matter implicitly. Right  from the beginning scene.

Dark Matter is set in the future. On a spaceship. And all the cast have there are some nice black trousers, a studio set with some neon tubing, a stainless steel table and some stainless steel cups.  The sort of cups you take camping.

Oh wait. Don’t forget the model or CGI/computer generated image spaceship.  Covered in wavy blue light.


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