Wayward Pines-Episodes Seven, Eight and Nine-Some notes and dialogue. Minor spoilers only. Was on in the UK on FOX Channel.

Wayward Pines

Episodes Seven, Eight and Nine

Episode notes and dialogue only


Episode Seven.

Voice-over/ announcer:
“Warning, contains scenes some viewers might find disturbing”

(it growls)

Ethan explains the latest happenings to/ with Theresa and explains the latest plot developments.

Theresa to Ethan:
“Four thousand twenty eight”
“What does it mean”
And Ethan finds something odd in the engine of his jeep”..

The sinister nurse is even more sinister now she is all smiley.  Plus she has hideously blood red purple lipstick.

Nb.  Can’t say too much.  too spoilery.
Theresa goes to check out Lot number: four hundred and eight.

The creepy Teacher:
“Procreation is a beautiful, blessed thing”

The creepy teacher to Kim:
It’s so fulfilling for a teacher when a project is fulfilled!”

Ethan Burke has this husky way of talking.


Episode Eight.
“The Friendliest Place On Earth”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Voice-over/ announcer:
“Hope you’re ready for this, there’s just these (episodes) to go!”

Ethan Burke to Theresa:
“This fake little town is all that’s left..”

Creepy teacher to Ethan:
“How’s that going by the way?”..

Ethan shouts for help.

Sinister nurse to Ethan:
“You know the children our our most precious resources”.

Ethan to sinister nurse:
“Is he a real Doctor?”
Are you a real nurse.  I wonder.

Sinister nurse to her brother Doctor Pilcher:
“We’ll have a  celebration, of life in Wayward Pines..”
“Remind people how blessed they are!”

Horrific flashback to Kate’s first period of time in the town.

Sinister nurse:
“Poor Katie, not feeling so well eh?”
“Don’t worry, we’ll get you all fixed up ..”

The ‘phone rings.
Reply: (on the phone)
“A Fellowship gathering, mandatory attendance”

Ethan Burke continues to intone huskily.

Here comes the really smiley teacher.
To Ben:
“I believe in clear laws, and severe punishments..”

Surveillance man Reggie to sinister Nurse:
“It’ just human nature to ask question..”
“Yes, Reggie”

Then two guys find a great big mother-fucking truck.  It has the Wayward Pines logo on the insignia.

Ethan and Theresa make a gruesome discovery.
Not gruesome as  in gory.  But horrific.

Flashback for Ethan.  Ethan to Theresa:
“I could never yell you..”

Theresa and the smiley teacher:
“Theresa “What would be helpful right now would be for you to stay very far away from my family”

Ethan to man:
“What kind of truck was it?”
“A thirty foot dump truck..”

Flashback to Kate and Doctor Jenkins.
Now Kate is wearing a cardigan and smiling blissfully.
“Thank you, Doctor Jenkins..”
Dr. Jenkins:
“Thank you Kate..”

Kate and David Pilcher.
David Pilcher:
“Only a fanatic could be so callous..”
“And who anointed you?”!

Interesting that a story about two guys trying to do something with a certain something in a truck is actually light relief.

Harold to Ethan Burke:
“You’re too late..”

David Pilcher to his team:
“Stay alert, stay vigilant, report anything suspicious”

Blimey.  Told you that was some big arse truck.
(he groans) (he laughs)
“We made it buddy!”
“We made it!”


Next week-(trailer)
Surely not?


Episode Nine
“A Reckoning”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.
“The following programme contains scenes of strong violence..”

Too much to mention.

Phones ring.  Phones ring.  Lights go on in all the houses in Wayward Pines.

This is the bit that I saw in the trailer last week.  And said surely not?
Ethan moves-to do which action we do not know.

However Ethan is getting hot and heavy with a massive shotgun: right now.

So here comes The Children of the Damned.  Or like they were from the film. They are seriously creepy.  They manage to out creep the sheriff’s receptionist. which is saying something.

I am enjoying seeing the actor from the Canadian series Intelligence.  As Franklin.

Ethan to Richard:
“You don’t have to believe me..”

Now even the sinister nurse is getting soppy.
So what’s up with the sinister nurse.

Guy at The Beer Garden:
(on reply to the phone)
“Beer Garden”..
He listens  and goes over top the other side of the bar.  He looks.  Down into the bottom of a glass.

Sinister nurse to Ben:
“She’s had an epidural haemorrhage!”
(no-she didn’t)

Meanwhile Theresa is on a mission.  Theresa is so beautiful.  She is like she is really in a French Series, which is just how beautifully filmed Wayward Pines is.

Smiley teacher to Ben:
“You are a leader now..”
“Not me, not your father,.”

Things are getting heavy.  And interesting at the same time.

(Tyres Screeching)

Teenage guy:
“Everybody, after me..”
“Work hard, be happy..”
“Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines..”
(they repeat it)
“Be happy, be happy..”
“Enjoy your life in Wayward Pines”..
(High pitched tone rings out)
Kate sobs.

“Drop em!”
“Down on the ground, now!”

Things just went from bad to even worse in Wayward Pines.  And Wayward Pines just jumped up, down or across some other notch.

Ethan and Kate.
“If you really want to protect them, you need to stop protecting me!”

Arlene is the name of the Sheriff’s receptionist.

Theresa to Ethan:
“There’s something I have to show you..”
“I think Kate should see it too..”

I dunno.  I’m still not completely buying this.

Nb.  From earlier.
Could the sinister nurse be subversive?

Ethan has a stylish and rather symbolic somehow-Sheriff’s badge.  Of gold.  It is attached to his dark donkey jacket.

Ethan and Doctor Pilcher.
“I’ll need everybody here..”
“That’s all I want, an end to the violence, a new beginning.!”..

Then Ethan gives a speech to the town folk.
The smiley or not so smiley teacher interrupts.
Theresa does something surprising.

Then the lights go off.

Oh dear.  David Pilcher is playing with the keyboard.  With an evil glint in his eyes.
A hand appears.
It said that.


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