The Legacy/ Arvingerne-Series Two-Episodes Five and six some notes and dialogue with review after episode five. Minor spoilers only. In Danish with English subtitles. Was on in the UK on Sky Arts 1/HD.

Arvingerne/ The Legacy

Episode Five

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Previously/ Tidligere..
Signe gets a surprising visit.  From one of the (Detective) guys from the series Arne Dahl.

Calamitous and terrible happenings.

You know things are bad when you have to get your duvet out from somebody sitting on it.   As Signe does with Thomas.

What did I tell you.  Kim makes his play.

Ha ha.  Emile makes fun of Gro’s giant head with sticks.

Solveig and Frederick-truly awkward.  Awful.

Gro and Henrik lock swords.  This should be interesting.

Poor Lon.

Isa and Thomas
“You’re so cool Thomas..”
But he’s not so cool about that.

Signe really need to get tough.
Like in when the going gets tough the tough get going.

So Gro and Signe go head to head like two bull elephants.
Boy I hate to see Signe cry.  She is just as tough as Gro.  And strong.  She just doesn’t know it.  Signe is too kind.  For now.

Uh oh. Frederik with his chainsaw.  With his daughter there. Not great.

Frederk’s daughter, Hannah, to Frederik:
“That’s where they get in..”
“The earwigs..

Not the best thing to happen to someone in his state.  Being told that he had an earwig on him.  But not being able to find it.

Uh oh.  I can’t look.  For two particular scenes.

The family member swap matriarchal and patriarchal roles.  Except for Emile.  Who just sucks up all the shouting.

Emile comes to visit Frederik.
Frederik has chopped down a lot of trees and now is doing things with nets like he was becoming a fisherman.

Signe to a guy:
“Don’t eat my food”!

Signe to the family:
“You’ll have to use the other entrance”
(hammer hammer)

Isa to Signe:
“You’re great!”

Hannah really is the spitting image of Solveig.
Hannah comes to see Gro.  Did she walk all the way to Copenhagen?

Nb.  Best bit of dialogue.
Emile to Gro:
“What was that, her Schnapps period?”!



So the good news is that I thought Signe was going to mistakenly accelerate her truck into the harbour.  And slowly sink below the surface.  As the man nearby jumped in, frantically trying to save her.  Pull her out from the truck.  Before it is too late.  This whole scenario flashed through my head.

However yes, the good news is that none of this happened.  At all.  It was just that sort of episode.  An edgy episode.  probably all related, come to think of it, to me worrying.  Every time Frederik picks up his gigantic power tool.  A circular saw I believe.

Mon Pauvre Frederik/ my poor Frederik.  What are we to do.  This is all much as I predicted.  From the beginning.

It was all rather odd, was it not..that nobody mentioned the situation of Hannah there much.  Particularly Emile, when he visited.  Strange, very strange.  How old is Hannah?  it is unclear.

So the family continue to implode.  And explode.  Metaphorically.  On each other.  Like supra-nova exploding stars.  Such is the force and strength of the different, various energies, the individual inner forces of the family members.  Some of them seen to be playing out unconsciously hurts and tragedies from their childhood.  Certainly Frederik, for me.

They are seemingly stuck in their roles in the family, held since childhood.  Yet are forever shifting from role to role and responsibility or not.

It would seem it is Signe, not Gro who is the strong one.  Or rather- the mother.

She, Signe, sure must have unconditional love for her new family.  To have stuck it out with them this far.  Her patience being signified in one scene at night where they all unwittingly conspire to either keep her awake, invade her (living) space and generally create jolly mayhem.

But then that’s what happens when anyone intersects their lives with the family.  All merry hell breaks loose.  As their own ever evolving driving forces change: on contact with another’s.  Like for example, Signe. (who is) A kind of mothering solution

Signe is the catalyst and the solution.  Viktøria chose wisely and well.


Episode Six

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Tidldigere/ Previously..

The family stand and stare at Signe.

Hurray! (for Signe)

Asker is back.  Yey.

Isa and the baby and Signe.
Isa looks at her watch.  Looks confused.
“She should have had her nap ten minutes ago!”
“Shall I take her for a walk?”

Isa is so out of it.

Gro is a great Aunty.
Kim comes along.  Mr. Hands On.
Oops.  Gro forgot the name of the work of Art.

So they go swimming: (Emile, Isa and Thomas)
“Shall I make Troll’s hair?”
“What’s that?”
“It’s  roasted seaweed!”
“What plonk!”
“It tastes terrible!”. (the seaweed)

Emile and Thomas shout in the back seat.

Thing just go from bad to worse.

Isa.  Oh Isa.  Sheeete.

I’m getting a bad feeling about Thomas like he might be going to do a Lenny Bruce on us.

That music is playing.

Things just don’t get bad in Arvingerne.  They go that extra helping or other side of bad.  The bad that’s so worse you couldn’t think it would get any worse/ bad.  But it does.

Varg Veum/ Robert and Frederik.
A wonderful face off.

Finally Robert tells Solveig.

Isa is like her own horror movie.
I’m not sure she should be alone with that baby really.

Frederk, as beautiful as ever (even when mad) reads his book by the sea.  We can see him in the reflection.

Gro beckons to Signe.

(Guess who’s gonna be in the caravan)

So the family are continually mounting yet another attack .  Yet again.

Asker to Signe:
“At least you have your family under control!”

Thomas to Isa:
“It suits me just fine to laze about here..”

“That fish is amazing!”
“No, it isn’t”.
Ha ha.  The fish.

Oh dear.
Gro slaps down Robert.
Robert talks sense again.
“Weren’t you on your way to Hamburg?”
“Then that’s where you should go..”

Gro, it’s Varg Veum-you’re mad!..

Isa and Signe and the baby, Melody.
Can you take her?”
“I’ll take her”
And Signe tells it like it is to Isa in the forest.

Solveig and Frederik meet.  Heavy.

(Gro and Henrik)
I was just thinking that Gro is just dying to get her hands on that baby.  Then she says:
“We could take her to Copenhagen!”

Signe to Isa’s father, Henrik:
“I think she needed some air..”
That was a close one.

Then.  Someone comes to Grønnegard.  It’s Frederik.  Alone and standing there.  With his bike.  Just like when he was little.



My references to Robert  in Arvingerne/ The Legacy as Varg Veum is the name of his character in the Norwegian Private Detective Series in which he stars: called Varg Veum.


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