Jericho and some UK TV series now on Netflix-Gotham & The Code. Dag and change of Sky Arts 1/HD channel numbers on Virgin Media TV. Update on Residue. Plus New series: The Last Man On Earth-Dave Channel- number 128 on Virgin Media TV

Quick note to my readers

For Virgin Media TV users:

Dag and change in Channel numbers for Sky Arts 1/HD.
So those of you who were planning to watch Dag on Sky Arts 1/HD might have noticed that the channels on Virgin media have changed for Sky Arts 1.

I lost Sky Arts 2 a little while back.  Dunno why.

Now, today I notice that these channels have moved:
Channel number 281 Sky Arts 1  is now number 122 on Virgin Media Tv.

Sky Arts 1 HD which was channel number 282 is now number 206 on Virgin Media TV.

Jordskott and Virgin Media TV.
I also wish to correct a previous note about channel numbers concerning the series Jordskott: (Sky channel number 123)  From my notes at the time I may have given the mistaken impression that Sky channel number 123 was available on Virgin TV-this was not the case.

Yes, I did have channel number 123, however this is not a Sky channel but a channel called Pick on Virgin Media TV.


Series on Netflix in the UK.

So-being a bit un-enthralled generally with some new TV series at the moment I am trying out a series called Jericho on Netflix.  In short I would describe it as Between-lite.

However Jericho has Lennie James in it from The Walking Dead and British series such as The Line Of Duty plus the series Oz.  Jericho also has Skeete Ulrich and many other fine actors and actresses in it and is looking good if fairly unremarkable so far.  I am up to episode three now.

Description of Jericho.
Netflix-Two seasons
“Jake returns to his Kansas town to collect an inheritance, but a nuclear blast cuts off the outside world and makes him a reluctant leader amid chaos”

Episode One-“Pilot”
“In the wake of a nuclear attack, Jake Green returns to his home-town of Jericho, Kansas..after a mysterious five year absence”.


UK TV Series now on Netflix: (as of today, 5th August 2015)

Nb.  The American series Gotham Series One is now on Netflix in the UK-hurray!
Write-ups here from Series one through to end of three.  Gotham was on Channel Five in the UK.

The Code.
An Australian series. The Code was on BBC Four in the UK.   I really liked The Code. Brilliant stuff. An ultimately deep and emotional story of two brothers and their fight for justice against shadowy dark government forces…

Plus spectacularly beautiful shots of Australian scenery and architecture.   Write-ups here on this blog.

The Code is Australian-noir.


Nb.  Residue Season/Series one is only three episodes long.  As I discovered.

Update on the British Netflix series-Residue-(see recent write-up)
As I am sure most people have figured out by now-Residue Season One was in fact, as my research tells me:
“An extended Pilot”
There will be a Residue Season Two.  Great stuff.

Plus according to some comments I read, Residue is filmed in London and also possibly, Leeds, Which makes sense to me on considering some of the old and cavernous buildings we see.  The underground club for example..

I have gone back and given this series five stars. Hoping that will help to bring it back..


New Series:
The Last Man On Earth
Dave Channel number 128 on Virgin Media TV.

This is a “sit-com” or situational comedy in full.
To be aired on Monday, 10th August @9pm with a second episode @9:30pm.

Virgin Media TV. Preview:
“Episode One Series One:
“Phil Miler thinks he is the sole survivor of a deadly virus until he stumbles on a shrill female companion!”

Episode Two:
“Phil adjusts back to normality after meeting fellow survivor Carol.”


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