Jericho-Season One. A one-off Review up to Episode Eight. Some notes and dialogue on Episodes One, Two and Three with snippets of notes on episodes Six, Seven and Eight. With a review after episodes Two and Three. Minor Spoilers Only. On in the UK on Netflix.

Description of Jericho.
Netflix-Two seasons
“Jake returns to his Kansas town to collect an inheritance, but a nuclear blast cuts off the outside world and makes him a reluctant leader amid chaos”

Episode One-“Pilot”
“In the wake of a nuclear attack, Jake Green returns to his home-town of Jericho, Kansas..after a mysterious five year absence”.



Episode One
“Pilot” Episode.

Some (short) notes and dialogue on first watching.

Lennie James is in it.

People keep asking him:-well the Police Officer anyway:
“Are you sure you’re not the science teacher?”

So Jake is the eponymous ex-military guy come back to his home town for a flying visit..

There are quite syrupy bits in the drama.  Even syrupier music plays.  However surprisingly: the drama withstands these emotional piano playing scenes.

Oh yes and Lennie James has an oh so Southern accent.
You gotta love a Southern accent.

Then a dark ballad will play with an almost jolly tune.
And someone will sing some sinister words.
Not that those words in the song were sinister at all.

Now that the song is set against the dsystopian back drop of background of the drama: the song becomes sombre.


Episode Two.

Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

So I have a bad feeing about those/these two Cops/ Policemen.

Lennie James says he is a Saint Louis Policeman.  But he knows how to do everything.

So I am really getting into Jericho.

Skeete Ulrich is Jake the hero.

There is an enjoyable side plot with Jake the hero’s ex-girlfriend, Emily Sullivan.

Sheete.  Things are going down.  Like almighty down.

We just know Lennie James is a mysterious ex- or current Special Ops/Operations veteran.

(thunder booming)
It rains.
But rain is not good.

So right at the end of the episode.  Well what did I say about Mr. Hawkins.

One of those crazy ballads ensues.

Robert Hawkins continues his task.

(musical notes)

Review of First Two Episodes

Jericho I found myself thinking during the watching of it: could be called or described as (the series) Between-lite.  As in the drama is so far fairly similar in premise.  A small town.  an end of the world scenario of dark dystopian drama.

Two episodes is not very much to call Jericho yet.  Particularly as the episodes are experienced as quite short.  Hey- they might be short.  That speed of the drama might be due to it being quite action heavy and exciting.  Dramatically speaking.  After a slow start.

We are introduced to all the characters in the first episode.  On that eponymously normal first day.  when everything is normal in the small town.  I will get the name.

The slow and meandering start to Jericho is buoyed along and held above water  so to speak: by the solid and excellent performances of all the actors and actresses involved.

Skeete Ulrich as Jake, the maverick/ prodigal son returning to his home town is interesting and appealing as a a character. He is the classic black sheep of the family hoping to make good.  To maybe become that prodigal son.  Take his place, back (one day) in the oh so perfect family.  Who- as this sort of theme in dramas goes: are not perfect at all.  Of course.  Like in the series Bloodline.


Episode Three
“Four Horsemen”

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

So what is Lennie James aka/ also known as Robert Hawkins up to.
(static hissing)
(syncopated beeping)

I like the glittery effect on the name of Jericho at the beginning.

The Internal Revenue Service/IRS Agent to the barmaid: (both looking at the handsome officially good son):
“”I don’t like him”
The Barmaid:
“Me neither..”

(rainfall stops)

The blond son goes outside:
Tick, tick, tick..

The IRS Agent to the Barmaid:
“What’s this black stuff?”
“That’s Denver!”

There is a regretful amount of piano playing in Jericho.

Woops.  I thought that might happen.

A man to the hero, Jake:
North, south, east and west”
“Like the four horsemen of the apocalypse”!

Then the TV/ television comes on.

The teacher is a cool character.

The young boy comes back to the shop.

So Stanley and the IRS lady are sweet together.

Wow.  So that was a surprising move from Dear Dad.

So they guy (called) Grey is heavy.

The hero comes to a stop in his car.  There are two large and unusual objects in the road.

So another jolly indie song ensues.

The Dad to the Mother :
“Just taking it all in, it might be a long time before we see Jericho like this again..”

Robert Hawkins is getting busy down in the basement.


Nb. Didn’t do episode notes for four and five.


Review of Episodes Three to Five.

So I am really enjoying Jericho now.  If enjoying is really the right word.  If I did not qualify my original review description of Jericho as unremarkable with- so far: then I should have.

Since Jericho is a creeper.  The story builds slowly and realistically.  Yes, there are some regretfully long musically accompanied emotional moments.

However the drama withstands these piano sometimes violin filled moments.  Where a character is actualising an emotion.  Or making a connection.  With or without somebody.  Sometimes that somebody is new. You see- the world is changing.

The quality of the acting of all involved raises this drama in my opinion: above any possible generic sentimental moments.

Anyway: we or me anyway, are all secretly waiting for the cast of characters to go all The Walking Dead on us.  The survivors, that is.  How long this transformation will take the townsfolk remains to be seen.

Because things ain’t looking too pretty in the future methinks.


Episodes Six, Seven and Eight: short snippets of notes and dialogue.

Episode Six.

Robert Hawkin’s daughter to him:
“Is he a good man, or a bad man Daddy?”
Baby, there’s no such  thing..”


Episode Seven.
“Long Live The Mayor”

Teacher to Jake:
“Look out for giant, irradiated hands out there?”

So now they, Jake and Eric his brother, are on the way to Rogue River.  In a fast blue car.  Jake’s old car.

Twangy guitar music plays along with a soulful country song.

Jericho just gets better and better.


Episode Eight.
“Rogue River”

Episode eight says:
One Month After the Bombs.

Eric and Jake are speeding down the road to Rogue River, ninety miles away..

Episode Eight was the clincher for me really in Jericho.



Lennie James as the mysterious  Mr./ Mister Hawkins is as electrically incandescent on screen as ever.

Yep.  The town was called Jericho..

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