Humans-Episode Seven-Some notes and dialogue with short review at the end. There will be a review after the final episode eight. Minor spoilers only. On in the UK on Channel Four. Or number 104 with 142 being HD on Virgin Media TV. Sundays @ 9pm.


Episode Seven
Some short notes and dialogue on first watching.

Rather a lot.

Karen Ross stands, silently on a bridge.  Having a flashback.

Laura (to herself)
“Now how do you  make coffee again?”
Can’t say too much about the family.  (For fear of spoilers)

So Detective Pete Drummond does some detecting..

At Doctor Millican’s house.
Vera the Healthcare synthetic human to Dr. Millican:
Doctor Millican, the defunct synthetic human is in the wardrobe, upstairs..”

Odi and Doctor Millican.
“Mary is in the next room George, cooking eggs Benedict..”

Laura to Mia:
“Why is everyone so scared of you?”
“They think it’s our plan to take over the planet and make humanity our slaves”!
 Mia turns and smiles.
“That was a joke!”
“So you can do deadpan!”
“That’s good to know.”

Toby asks Fred to play football.
“Is your garden overlooked?”
“Can I play?”!

And Detective Pete is still Detecting..

Leo to Mattie:
“We need to be able to forget!”

Tom, Fred and Toby.
Tom to Toby:
“Has he?”
“Has he..”
“You’re so nineties!”

Nitksa learns how to play.  With dolls.
But then numerically, as she herself explained to Doctor Millican previously, is only a child herself.
About eight years old as we learnt.

Nitska to her gathered family:
“We’re five freaks, we’re fine!”
“We’re a novelty”
“But five thousand?”
“Five million?”

So the drama escalates, Along with the tension.

Leo to Karen Ross:
No, you’re not her….”


Short Review.

So I think episode eight is the final episode.  Noo!  Plus I happen to know that the title given of the last episode is:
“Meet Me Upstairs In A Minute”.
Since when did the episodes have titles?

Whatever the case about titles (and I will investigate) I like this description.  For its classic British understatement.

The words: spoken by Laura are the family’s reaction to pretty much all hell breaking loose.  In their home.  But Laura is thinking.  And thinking. With that/ a far-away look in her eye.  Then she gets an idea…


To be continued.


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