Humans-Episode Eight-Final episode. Some notes and dialogue with short final review at the end. Minor Spoilers only. Was on in the UK on Channel Four.


Episode Eight
Final Episode

Some notes and dialogue on first watching.

Tom to Laura:
“But if new ones can be made that changes everything!”
Does it?”

Professor Hobbs synthetic scientist: (previously described as the Synth hunter/ scientist)
“If it can be done for the few, it can be done for the more”..
“Do you think they would still want to be slaves?!”

Leo to Mattie:
“Most of my memories are all digital”

Man at (We are People) Rally:
“In every area of human activity-they are coming between us!”

Karen Ross stands staring.  At the scene in the family house.

Leo is breathing.
Leo to Professor Hobbs:
But Hobbs doesn’t return.
Then Leo looks around him.

The family home.
They have to give up all their electronic devices.

Newsreader (on TV):
“The We Are People marches”..

Karen Ross watches through the window (at the laboratory)
“What about Leo?”
Professor Hobbs:
“Tricky one that..”

Nb. The full name of Profesor Hobbs is Professor Edwin Hobbs.

Posh speaking chief of Police to the family:
“You’ve got a nice life here, just let it go..”
Detective Pete Drummond listens in..

So the family plan.

Mia to the others:
“Hobbs is trying to link our minds”..
“Don’t you want to find out?”
“I do”..

 Man to Professor Hobbs:
“What kind of language is this?”
An executable file”!

Professor Hobbs:
“Imagine a synthetic who can feel and love!”
“But are obedient”
Hobbs continues:
“He is continually loyal to me!”
“Go on, put your hands around my throat!”
“You would trap us in our own minds..”
“Take away our free will..”

Woman Politician to Hobbs:
“What will happen to the other four?”

Lots is happening. all over the place.  Humans is all getting really rather good..

Professor Hobbs to Leo:
“I’ll bring you some soup..”
“I hear it’s very good..”

Leo to Karen Ross:
“Max is a machine, but he has more humanity than anyone I know!”

Leo to Karen:
“I see a bit of them in all of you..”

I am liking Detective Pete Drummond’s story: C’mon Pete..

Leo to Karen Ross:
“The crypt at Mary Magdalene..”
Go Pete.

Tom to Laura:
“Look, they are all safe, we’re all OK”
“Why is it your job to save them?”

And Laura follows some of Mia’s earlier advice.

Celestial but faint music played briefly in the Crypt.

Detective Karen Ross to Leo:
“If I help you..”

Now things are really getting interesting.

Then visions.
Something tells me this ain’t necessarily gonna turn out good.
Music plays.
It’s all getting dreamy again.
“We’re all together.”

Karen Ross floats away upstairs.

“You’re right, we have to know more”
“Before we act, we’ll give him to someone we trust..”

Nitska to Max:
“It’s not the end Max, he knows how to survive better than any of us”

So it’s all quite moving.  Solemn music plays. Amazing that so much can be conveyed in a scene. with no one hardly saying anything.

Mia to Sophie:
“Goodbye little mouse..”

Yey.  Pete found Karen.
Pete looks in Karen’s eye.
Ah.  Told you those two were hilarious.

A beautiful red train snakes through the countryside.
Nitska gazes, blue eyed, out of the train window.


Final Review

So Humans is/ was ultimately sweet and affecting as a drama.  By the end.  As described, I did enjoy the still scenes at the end.  Where no one spoke for ages and you don’t notice.

This scene and probably the success of the drama as a believable and humane story: is evidence of the excellent acting abilities of all involved.  Humans and those humans being synthetic human characters.

The shocking chrysalis-like transformation of one synthetic human in the story is just one example of those wonderful acting performances I felt.

Humans may have taken a while to grab hold of me as a drama: yet somehow it creeps up on you silently and inexorably.  Pulling you in.  Then you’re hooked.


So if this did not really seem like the end of Humans: that maybe because it is not.  The end that is. This ending to me, felt more like a mid-season break.  Than the end.

Although I’m not really sure what more you can make of the story.  We shall see.  Since there will be a series two.  Plus the end credits said:
To be continued..


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